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  1. squad freeze

    i got an half fix i deleted the audio.pak now i can run the game with sound on but sometimes i can hear random sound like lmg or tank reloading.. but its worth at least now i can play listen to my teammate and hear enemy shot.. i think some file inside audio.pak will make the game freeze but is crypted so cannot edit it.. but like i said its worth
  2. squad freeze

  3. squad freeze

    don't worry men work is more important of a game thx anyway for your time
  4. squad freeze

    i'ts ok the link can you get it?
  5. squad freeze

    ok find a way https://nofile.io/f/2sCS9sP9j0y/Squad.rar thats my latest log
  6. squad freeze

    how i can send the log? ( already found it idk how to send it )
  7. squad freeze

    CPU: amdfx8320E octacoreGPU: nvidia geforce GTX750TiRam: 8gb ddr3Window 7 ultimateno ssd i know is not the best pc but i can't explain why without sound the game will run great but if i just set 1% of sound effect will freeze i have a video too if you want
  8. squad freeze

    hello i have a question my squad keep freezing and making audio stuttering but when i go in the setting and disable audio effect the game run without problem with 60 fps with no drop.. i tried everything, reinstalling the game, steam overlay disabled, audio effect on low, but problem still here :\ any ideas on why with audio active the game freeze?
  9. Squad sfreeze and make some buzzy sound

    yo i got news.. i just discovered if i put all the audio parameters on 0 the game runs like god.. any ideas?
  10. Squad sfreeze and make some buzzy sound

    new patch problem still here :\
  11. Squad sfreeze and make some buzzy sound

    first my game was on my secondy HDD then i install on the primary.. btw cpu usage was max on 70%max GPU usage 85% max but the physic memory was total 7423 cache 2000 avaible 3000 free 0-65
  12. Squad sfreeze and make some buzzy sound

    i have no ssd but i think im gonna buy one on black friday sale,, is already low with all graphic parameters on low and radio filter.. the funny thing is 1 patch i can play this game the other one no i have to wait to the next patch and for the ssd
  13. Squad sfreeze and make some buzzy sound

    the problem still here
  14. Squad sfreeze and make some buzzy sound

    im gonna try it see ya to 4 hours
  15. Squad sfreeze and make some buzzy sound

    this is the video of my problem i have to say the rec cut the freeze moment the video should be long 6 or 7 minutes..