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  1. November 2017 Recap

    Let's all hope for a pre-christmas release!
  2. From what I remember it wasn't climbable, they're just trying to motivate you to build your own!
  3. It's all starting to come together...
  4. So I was exploring Mestia looking for good SPG spots when I stumbled upon this easter egg. I searched the forums and was surprised to find no mention of this one. Let me know if I'm wrong here. Video of the Easter Egg: Shadowplay no longer records in-game audio for me after v9.13 so have some John Maus I'm quite sure the words are them joking around saying fast ropes are just around the corner, but I'm more interested on whats on the lit up golden pedestal. I'm no farmer, but is it just a piece of wheat? I'm not too sure how deep I should read into this... Edit: Searching youtube reveals this french lad posted it earlier: