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  1. I like this idea, sorry just saw it`s an old post, even now more so with this new ammo thingy where your ammo is not replenished on re-spawn.
  2. My Fullscreen isn't working.

    Clear Squads cache data,it is at the bottom right in Squad settings, n.b. you will loose your key binds etc.
  3. Fix for graphics not rendering & AA

    Could you post your system specs? I`ll see if I can help.
  4. Update V12

    The page file/virtual memory fix may help some, but I think the main culprit is Video RAM usage in game, a 4 Gig VRam video card is the minimum. Also turning off Anti Aliasing will help with VRam usage.
  5. My Fullscreen isn't working.

    Make sure you select/change the resolution in the drop down section to your monitor`s native resolution.
  6. Hi Lux sorry to hear that it didn't work for ya. May I ask how are you connected to the internet? Wireless or thru Ethernet? Sorry just looked at your system specs, I think it`s time to upgrade RAM to 16 gigs. I was playing V11 with long load times on the following AMD FX 8320 >all core unlocked @ 3.7 GHz 8 Gigs RAM >Have since upgraded to 16 gig Ram GeForce GTX 970 4 Gigs VRAM. Running V12 I now see my video RAM usage going almost over 4 Gigs and my System RAM usage about 6 gigs. I think by the time Squad reaches Beta we will need 32 Gigs RAM and 2 2080 TI`s in SLI So basically what i`m saying is I think it`s time to upgrade Lux. For me thought the new upgrade will be a GTX 1070 Ti which has 8 Gigs of VRAM.
  7. LUX, squad v12 like to launched in windowed mode, in Steam>right click SQUAD> properties> SET LAUNCH OPTIONS type in the following> -windowed then click OK Should work better for you . Let me know if that worked.
  8. Long loading times

    Hi Ulti, I doubt it , I was in the same boat as you with the long load times, but had to go SSD. You can try tweaking your settings, i.e. Make sure Pre Load Textures box is unchecked. But the future and in the end will be SSDs . A decent SSD 500 gigs is about $110.00 here in the US. Best to start saving my friend.
  9. Unable to Connect to Public Servers

    Ok Rubba, please post back when you get it resolved, sorry I couldn`t get it working for ya. Ahh one more thing make sure you have Pre Load Textures box unchecked.
  10. Unable to Connect to Public Servers

    Ok let me know , I hope it works, so you can enjoy this fun game.
  11. Unable to Connect to Public Servers

    Rubba how are you connected to the internet? wireless? if so can you try connecting directly. Also I just realized you are using integrated graphics, make sure you have the latest drivers for your Intel HD 620. I know it will be rough playing on integrated graphics but you were able to play on the Free Weekend so there should be no reason why you cant after purchasing the game. If all else fails Grunt, I would submit a support ticket.
  12. Unable to Connect to Public Servers

    Also try verifying Squad game files in steam > right click SQUAD in steam game library>properties>local files>verify integrity of game files. Maybe this will help you too https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/221442887-Easy-Anti-Cheat-Errors
  13. Turn off pre load texture .. V12 hotfix should have done this automatically. Also clear Squad data cache.
  14. Unable to Connect to Public Servers

    Just a suggestion , try running squad as ADMIN. It may help, also check your firewall settings for squad.
  15. Fourms problem

    Thanks , I will try out and post my findings.