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  1. Ideas For New Roles

    Any One Got A New Idea For New Role Ideas I Got An Idea For A Actual "Combat Engineer" That Is Able To Spawn All The Buildings, Defenses, And Guns.
  2. Required experience for being a SL

    I Feel That As A New Player Gets Use To The Game They Should Use Human Logic And Let Experienced Players Use The SL Roles And When They Feel Confident They Shale Give It A Shot.
  3. Personally I Haven't Bought Any Squad Merch, But If They Added The Squad Roles On The Back Of The Hats I Would Totally Buy It. Example: https://store.joinsquad.com/products/digital-camouflage-hat (Go To The 3rd Image You Will See What I Mean)
  4. No more double neutral flags?

    Iv Been Experiencing Double Neutral Flags Here And There
  5. Ideas For New Roles

    I like the Idea Of Pilot
  6. Free-look Track IR???

    Seems Interesting
  7. Does Anyone Know What The Gun Is Called For The American Faction's Machine Gunner When It Gets Released?
  8. W♥S Mortar Calculator 2.2.1

    Good Job