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  1. New idea for a slower game mode.

    Well that is my intent with this game mode making the logistics a much bigger part of this game instead of just a drop vehicle to place a fob and leave it.
  2. New idea for a slower game mode.

    So I had this idea that a really cool game mode would be that when you cap a point you need minimum supplies for that point to fully secure it. So let's say American capped a point from Russians but to be able to cap the next point they will first need supplies to be able to cap the next point (if you want to give a reason for it say something in the ways of to rebuild or defend the cap you need those supplies.) If you do the game this way this will give the opposite team a better way to plan their attack and/or start building defences on their defence cap in this way you really stop the steamrolling that happens now quite often and gives people a bit more time to think about their next move. I hope you will think about a game mode like this I think it will increase the tactical gameplay a lot. Thanks in advance BleakMaker.