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  1. New player from NZ

    Thanks psyrus, that's reassuring. I had some very positive experiences in the bigd servers over the free weekend, which I imagine it's quite an achievement! Hope I won't let you guys down too much
  2. Hey everyone, I wanted to say hi to the community as from what I've seen so far its very welcoming and friendly over here. I think I might stay a while. I've come from a more casual FPS/strategy gaming background, but have been drawn towards squads emphasis on team work. My main FPS love has been natural selection, so theres ways to go in becoming a competent squaddie I think. But hopefully one day I can contribute and be a squad leader. Looking forward to playing with ya all.
  3. Share Your Free Weekend Experiences Here

    Hey guys, absolutely brand new but logged just to say. I found the game through karmakut and diplex videos. Tried the free weekend and brought the game. Pretty much the main reason I've jumped in is the community. I sucked hard, died a lot and ran long distances only to get shot... overall an awful experience most of the time. But the friendliness of squad leaders, even when getting repeatedly disappointed by our actions, as well as the other squaddies was just mind blowing. So thanks.