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  1. And rx 570/580

    Pretty much the same set-up! I7-3770K Radeon RX 580 8gb Gigabyte ga-Z77x Generally 50-60 FPS but currently getting wrecked by sound stuttering the most. Looking to upgrade my ram and sound drivers to hopefully alleviate. Happily trots at 110 FPS on jensens though. Settings are mostly medium with some high.
  2. Almost every sound causes lag

    Just want to throw in that I experience a similar issue. Getting 100 FPS on jensens for example normally, then as soon as I do anything which involves sound I get massive drops - pressing to fire, running, vehicle engines, the worst is when mortars start hitting. intel i7 3770k 3.5ghz clocked to 4.4 Ram: 8gb Radeon Rx580 8gb I'll try some of the above steps and the linked benchmark.
  3. Pretty much this. Suppression should increase the longer range (and hence less likely you are to know where the shots are coming from). Right now, shooting skill is largely determined by how good your PC set-up is. My ability to get kills skyrocketed just from upgrading my PC. With most weapons, with only a little practice, if I can see you, you are dead. I don't think suppression should be massive amounts of gun sway, but it should make getting hits at anything over 100m significantly more difficult than it is right now. Gunplay at close range is pretty good.
  4. No more reshade, Any AA update?

    I just want to chip in and say that since reshade got banned the visuals have deteriorated to such a point that a couple hours of game time will give me an eye strain related migraine
  5. I Like this as really, you're pretty unlikely to be able to (or often need to) talk to people out of the vehicle in local chat. So just switch local to in-vehicle only local comm when mounted.
  6. Ridiculous accuracy.

    After reading this thread I jumped on the range. I haven't actually used the M110 before and yeah... standing 1000m shots 1 second after bringing the scope up, it was actually easy peasy. That is ridiculous. I mean I'm all for the game's shooting mechanics to be intuitive and pick up. But damn man, a noob shouldn't be making those shots first time.
  7. How to slow the gameplay

    I find that hard to believe (pr games being less than 1 hr). A squad game currently takes between 40 - 90 mins. Slowing down the game play won't speed up rounds... Edit. Aaaaand a quick Google search shows several discussion on round length being 1.5 hour average for pr and people wanting it to be shorter, and other people wanting it longer.
  8. How to slow the gameplay

    Honestly, I agree the RP needs to be tweaked. Its too much of a crutch, but the devs have already said they will tweak it when more features (like helicopters) are in. But I don't want it to be PR. I don't have the time to play PR and I wont have the time to play squad-PR. I get you guys want HARDCORE(TM). But lets be realistic about slowing the game down to a 3-4 hour grindfest, you'l have fun... but a large majority of players will pull the chute, and the people that play PR might still feel PR is better. Honestly, if they're still playing PR they're probably not interested in something "like" PR but with better graphics, they want a remastered exact copy. Let squad be squad, and lets talk about suggestions which don't just revolve around "Lets make it like PR".
  9. I think this is the point though. Your average squad player isn't doing much to avoid getting shot. I learned really quickly that just running willy nilly resulted in being shot quickly and repeatedly. If we exercise caution more akin to what real soldiers who don't want to die do, you might find long range shooting is much much less effective. Movement = death. The guy not moving is always more likely to win a ranged engagement as they will get eyes on first. Scoring hits after that shouldn't be a chore. Scoring hits on people in cover should be tricky, and I think V10 does this. I've found sticking to cover leads to death far less often in V10 versus v9, where if the top of your head poked above a parapet against US you were dead.... I much prefer V10 shooting personally.
  10. Optics ballance

    I did find the iron sights significantly better as well. Overall shooting was more intuitive in v10
  11. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    Without ticket bleed there is literally no reason to cap points. You missed a third crucial behaviour - camp or build super forts.
  12. New player from NZ

    Thanks psyrus, that's reassuring. I had some very positive experiences in the bigd servers over the free weekend, which I imagine it's quite an achievement! Hope I won't let you guys down too much
  13. Hey everyone, I wanted to say hi to the community as from what I've seen so far its very welcoming and friendly over here. I think I might stay a while. I've come from a more casual FPS/strategy gaming background, but have been drawn towards squads emphasis on team work. My main FPS love has been natural selection, so theres ways to go in becoming a competent squaddie I think. But hopefully one day I can contribute and be a squad leader. Looking forward to playing with ya all.
  14. Share Your Free Weekend Experiences Here

    Hey guys, absolutely brand new but logged just to say. I found the game through karmakut and diplex videos. Tried the free weekend and brought the game. Pretty much the main reason I've jumped in is the community. I sucked hard, died a lot and ran long distances only to get shot... overall an awful experience most of the time. But the friendliness of squad leaders, even when getting repeatedly disappointed by our actions, as well as the other squaddies was just mind blowing. So thanks.