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  1. Noob question about servers

    From experience, Al-Basrah is just about the most constantly populated map, I'm surprised there isn't already one that is 24/7. It's the equivalent of operation metro from Battlefield 3. Even the survey on this forum shows Basrah is the most popular map.
  2. I really like Basrah, do any 24/7 Basrah servers exist? Can they even exist? Or do the devs require the servers to loop each map? Could I rent a 24/7 Basrah server?
  3. Thinking of buying, one question

    Thanks! That's what I'm hoping for.
  4. Thinking of buying, one question

    What happens more frequently on free weekends? Communication or lack of communication? Oh I realize that, I'm just saying my experience was one game: hardly any communication, next game, rigid directives from squad leader. I much prefer the latter. I'm asking because some of the guys I played with said that the free weekend is what is causing the lack of communication, which (to me) sounds backwards because you would expect newer people to be talking more (asking questions) not less. I know I asked a bunch of questions every game.
  5. While no free weekend is active, how consistent is the communication? In other words, how often do you join a game and encounter people who communicate vs. people who are dead silent?