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  1. Good to know, just was posting about it to be sure. I'd rather be corrected than the devs do unnessesary work.
  2. I think they should have options for the server admins to make the server "hardcore". Such as, unlimited ammo at ammo creates vs limited, when helicopters come out, flight model vs complex flight model, and same goes for vehicles and such. So some servers can appeal closer to the PR people and others can appeal more to a MilSim crowd.
  3. Air Vehicles

    I'm just hoping they get someone to council/advise them on the UH-60M. I made a post about it in the suggestions because the current model they have shown is incorrect. My OCD when it comes to proper function and models would have me thrown though a loop if something uncomplicated is totally off. (90% joking)
  4. Air Vehicles

    The rotor blades for the UH-1 are rotating the wrong way haha, not to mention they are poitioned backwards tilting when parked. (About a 30 degree angle down-aft) I get it, it's a mod, but I can really tell when someone hasn't been around U.S. rotary wing assets haha.
  5. Hello Devs, First off, I would like to thank you for working with StackUp.org on the free weekend/50% off for Veteran's Day. I won't lie, it's what I did for some of my free time this weekend and bought the game now. So for the main reason of this post. The UH-60M. I saw the peliminary artwork for it, one thing instantly jumped out at me. It was wrong. I want to give what expertiese I have with this beautiful aircraft to the extent I can. Based on the model these things jumped out at me. 1) Rotor blades: On the model on the website, it has the UH-60 A/L rotor blades on it, the M model has a downward camber on the blade tips. I can explain why, but it will get lengthy. 2) External Wings: They are for mounting weapons when using the DAP configuration (attack) and used for fuel for everyone else. They are not commonly used on Air Assault operations for more lengthy reasons I can get into later. I hope this post comes across as informative and expresses my desire to assist your team in developing and delivering the best possible product to your followers. I thank you all who read this for taking the time to. V/r SixtyM