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  1. Personally, I think the next faction should be China

    Man, when i see these old battlefield style maps, i regret never knowing about PR. Feels like i really missed out on a good thing.
  2. Alright, was just asking since i5 are generally used for gaming. I got an i7 too though, 4years old and still going strong.
  3. Good way to balance iron sights .

    Idk about the whole bino for evryone suggestion, but i'm all for irons getting a small advantage in kit. Maybe 1 extra bandage + ammo to drop, since they're supposed to be frontline infantry. And INS LAT could use an extra HEAT rocket, since they don't have any heavy armour vehicles unlike the militia's BTR.
  4. Light Mortars For INS Faction

    Could be intresting, but i still have nightmares from the japanese knee mortars in Rising Storm. It led to alot of spam and rage. (They were fun to use though :P)
  5. Alright, 8700 is worth it. 20-21% better then the 8750h. Btw, was there no i5 8th gen possibility?
  6. Even better. But we're talking about a 2000 dollar laptop now if i'm not mistaken?
  7. v.11 iluminate fps issue .

    I think it is purely game related. The vehicles are gliding around like they are drifting and i've also noticed that looking to the right causes stuttering for some reason (as infantry). Looking to the left is fluent. This, the random zooming out on deployable optics and the sitting above your turret bug are currently the most pressing issues for me.
  8. Improving RU optics.

    +1 for both options regarding cqc sights. I hate the new ru optic, i prefer the irons. It currently looks like some cheap sight they put on toy guns. Way too thick lines and the triangle blocks view. I've never had a problem with the higher magnification scopes though. Do i hold the RU in lower regard then the ACOG? Yes. But it's still good.
  9. Yes. My rig has i7 4790 @ 3.6ghz, MSI GTX 1050Ti OC GT and 12gb ddr3 1600 Your cpu is slightly less powerful (-13%), your gpu is vastly superior (+72%) and your ram should be ddr4 so that's also superior.
  10. Can the gtx 750ti run this game ?

    12gb ddr3 1600, i7-4790 @3.6ghz and MSI GTX1050Ti GT OC (4gb). Playing on 1080p, on low. 45-80fps.
  11. Gunner shot out of vehicle?

    Have not seen/heard that happen yet. But often the driver switches to the gunner seat in some effort to save his vehicle and get killed by the same bug xP.
  12. Has anyone else noticed the bug where the gunner seems to sit outside of the APC/IFV? I've seen it on the new IFV's but also on the BTR82A.
  13. Gunner shot out of vehicle?

    Yep, that's the one. Must have never noticed it in v10 then.
  14. Desktop, i7-4790 @ 3.6ghz, MSI GTX 1050Ti GT OC, 12gb DDR3 1600. 45-85fps on low 1080p. My cpu is 15% more powerful then yours, GPU is the basicly the same and your ram is vastly superior. So my best guess is, due to the worse cpu, you'll do slightly worse on fps then me. Idk how much the ram will help in a positive way.
  15. Please don't put any more of those god awful ak sights on my rifles, they're sh*t. Iron sights >>>> new ak sight. Evrything else is fine sight wise, but the ak really got the short end of the stick on cqc sight.
  16. I don't know if you are still having the EAC kick issue, but for me restarting steam fixes it. I've tried admin rights on eac, excluding it from my AV, repairing & reinstalling but it kept coming back. V11 seems clear of it for now.
  17. Often trade in cqc, and as @virusman states with the rpg example, i've had that happen to me aswel. Nothing is better then killing a lat and then watching that thing fly right in your face when he panic fires it towards you.
  18. Ehhh my 1050Ti can't get more then 45-85fps on low 1080p, all special options off. And i'm only bottlenecked by gpu. (i7 4790 @ 3.6ghz, 12gb DDR3 1600) 1050Ti is basicly the bare minimum for squad, suggested minimum is gtx770/HD7870. 1050Ti beats the amd card barely but loses to the 770. I would push for a 1060 man.
  19. BTR82A vs Bradley/Warrior

    Since the new update, i've been wondering about the BTR 82A. Is the BTR 82A for the russians what the warrior is for the brits and the bradley for the US? Is the 30mm supposed to go toe to toe with these or will russia get another vehicle?
  20. BTR82A vs Bradley/Warrior

    I've seen a 30MM lay 25 rounds into the front of a warrior and getting taken out by 1 burst in return, so i doubt it. Although, this was after the first v11 patch so it might have been changed.
  21. Unplayable fps Issue

    I don't really know how ryzen is doing is squad, think it is still slightly worse then intel? But it has come far.
  22. BTR82A vs Bradley/Warrior

    Hah, yeah. Guess that this update will be the end of Russia's vehicle dominance. US/Brittain for now, untill the BMP's get added.
  23. BTR82A vs Bradley/Warrior

    Alright, that clears it up. Thanks dubs.