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  1. Can I run squad?

    Yeah, it ranges from 45 to 85 depending. Like 80-85% of the time, it will maintain over 60fps but on maps like Belaya it really tanks down to just under 60 fro me. Ryzen 5 2600 16 gb DDR4 3000mhz (clocked at 2933) MSI GTX 1050 Ti GT OC W10 pro
  2. Any chance of putting up a 2nd EU server? I can see 2 Montreal servers but only 1 EU based one.
  3. Marksman Changes.

    @ScatteredSkulls It won't have the same effect. A mg will be obvious and easily taken out. And as you say, accuracy degrades of distance. By the time the mg gets good fire on it, Ivan has run off and found a new position. (Unless you zip him instantly.) All considering we're talking about long range fire. @Supreme Chairman Assuming you see him first, range it correctly and find a good position for your bipod. Then volume of fire will give you the edge, wich is what mg's are made for. Idk if you'll kill him though, unless he's running out in the open. Mg fire spreads alot.
  4. It is. But yeah +1 for disabling your own fob.
  5. Marksman Changes.

    MG's need to deployed to be able to provide good long range fire, a marksman doesn't. It's though currently finding a good underground for your bipod. They also lack bino's for longer range target acquisition. MG's also don't fare well past close range combat while being on the move. Give marksman a bipod and they'll have all the advantages of deployed fire + being able to be mobile and be effective at most ranges without any special effort.
  6. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    When i'm squad leading and someone starts throwing grids at me, i don't even bother with it. Takes too long, just give me a "NW of the cap, 100m out" or whatever landmark and go from there. Will miss the ping.
  7. Marksman Changes.

    ---> Pube gets it. I've seen some people do very well with Marksman and some being absolute trash. It's not the class under preforming, it's the man playing it. I got the same with mgs, i cannot play mg for the life of it while some of my clan mates are killing machines with it. Not the class fault, my own fault. The reason that most SL's rather not have it, is because the whole class has turned into a meme due to people playing it and being lone wolves/bad at it. The class itself can't help that.
  8. Marksman Changes.

    Judging from your second line; You're not being kicked for PICKING marksman, but for REFUSING to change after your SL asks to to switch to a role he needs to fill like a HAT, while taking up the spot that is needed for someone else to fill the role. Play Marksman on low armor maps or when the other roles are filled (Medic and LAT) and you won't be kicked. This is typical Marksman behavior, bouncing in a squad and straight up going Marksman not wanting to change and then being surprised you get kicked.
  9. Can I run squad?

    It should, do please tell me wich cpu you have so i can be sure. Just go to system info, should be listed there. Keep in mind that a 1050 Ti is almost the bare minimum to keep squad over 60fps @1080p at the lowest settings. (Trust me, i'm using one myself and Squad looks like sh*t).
  10. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    What happend to the EU servers last night? Only saw Montreal and later Vancouver.
  11. @Boldtaar If you have an extension cable or plug, you could use that to fix the problem. As long as the plug does not leave the port, you'll be able to replug. Bit of a DIY fix but it works.
  12. If mac is ever supported, it will be only after release, as stated by Gatzby here. Always cool to posts your specs before you ask a question, since nobody of us in here seems to play on a mac, we have no idea.
  13. Mic not working

    I'm not too familiar with a dac, but is there a way to plug the headset directly into the pc? Maybe try a different port? I got a simple hyperX cloud and never had a problem with it, except for the front audio ports of my mobo being worse quality than the back. Does that headset also come with drivers, since it's not a simple plug into audio port type of headset.
  14. freezing

    Your gpu is good, but i still agree with @Smee that your problem is the cpu. It's below the min. req and Squad is known not to like pre ryzen gen AMD chips.
  15. freezing

    Yeah like smee says, outdated cpu. What's your gpu?
  16. Vehicle ticket count

    Bradley/warrior is not 25. Don't trust the squad wiki, it's hopelessly behind. You can check the ingame tab for ticket counts. (If they'd just add a tab with the vehicles each team gets on the layer, that would be a good second addition) We just need a seperate bracket for APC & IFV's , doesn't really make sense for them to be in the same category. Light vehicles 5 APC 10 IFV 15 TANKS 20 If they then fix the damage values on the stryker (wich is way too beefy atm) and fix the 30mm cannon damage / ROF, we should be good. Btw: A logi truck is way more dangerous than a mrap
  17. Not exactly new......

    Welcome, if you need any help, i made a guide for new players. If you have any questions, you can comment on it and i'll try to help you asap. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1326437214
  18. Simple solution, get a cord adapter, like my cloud core. The main cord never leaves the pc.
  19. Computer specs

    Not for a laptop sadly. If it was a desktop pc, it would be simple. If you bought it on steam, you can always refund it with less than 2hours of playtime and within 2 weeks. (If i recall correctly) Lookout for a gaming system and then buy it again on a sale or something.
  20. Computer specs

    Solid no. Assuming you have the most expensive version, your gpu won't cut it. https://www.dell.com/en-uk/shop/cty/pdp/spd/inspiron-15-7586-2-in-1-laptop/cn58607
  21. Exactly, a stryker is rated for 14.5mm front and 7.62 for the other side, but i've had 2 full btr mags into side+back and it still smoked and drove away. Also, what's up with all the overheating. Even on the box fed btr mg's.
  22. No audio in Squad

    Have you checked your ingame and windows volume?
  23. Please let me join some teams

    Helps alot if you have a mic.
  24. Pomoc w nauce gry

    I actually wrote an entire guide for new players, if you're interested in learning about squad. Tried to keep it as simple as possible but if something isn't clear, just comment your question on the guide and i'll try to help you out. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1326437214