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  1. Should Finland be added to Squad?

    So far, USA - UK - Russia - Eastern Europe (rebel) and Middle eastern (rebel) are represented. Would make sense if we get China next (after release), we got no asian counterpart.
  2. Should mortars be lethal?

    It's mostly a area denial and aim-punch machine now. Smoke is nice, but overall HE won't inflict alot of damage on enemy infantry except when caught completely in the open with accurate mortar fire. Wich almost never happens. Useful for pushing a marked HAB or flag for giving friendly infantry better odds at closing the distance.
  3. Mic not working in game

    Have you tried your mic in discord? It has a listen to self option.
  4. Man, those distance HAT kills are yummy. Good choice of music and solid editing too.
  5. Squad crash upon startup

    Try manually clearing cache. https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002768887-How-to-manually-clear-your-user-settings-cache
  6. Introduction

    @RichardM There is a whole thread dedicated to new player introductions here : http://forums.joinsquad.com/forum/47-introductions-new-players/ Might have better luck there.
  7. Jump over wall bug after using ammo pouch..

    Same, didn't realize it was linked to the ammo bag though. Never made the connection.
  8. Redeploy From Main Base

    Thank you.
  9. January 2019 Recap

    @Rainmaker - Snipers are not coming due to the dev's decision due to the fact that they'll just be used for lone wolfing. (Just like 9/10 marksmen do now.) - Chora and Gorodok are perfectly fine maps, try Kamdesh and Mestia. I've seen entire servers dry up when Kamdesh is live. - US army does not use humvees anymore. - Jets will come in form of Commander air support. - You're correct on the terrain physmat problems, this has only added frustration for almost no benefit. - 18v18 0o. No thanks. - If AAS/RAAS was so predictable, you'd be winning evry game.
  10. Big and Chunky

    Welcome to Squad.
  11. Ranking System?

    Has been suggested multiple times, in multiple formats and in multiple forum posts by a wide variety of people. It was a no from the devs, try to search the forum first before you post. Inbe4 this gets locked.
  12. @SamWise knows more of it than me, i never needed it for myself. Just saw it floating around the forums.
  13. Redeploy From Main Base

    How about, instead of leaving to logi in main, you get supplies with it and then leave it at an active fob??? You're back at the frontline, the logi is easily picked up by someone else and you've got supplies. Solves evry problem without the need for unrealistic redeploy features.
  14. January 2019 Recap

    I hope they do something about the terrain in the near future, it's bloody horrible driving now with tracked vehicles or even with normal one's. Some maps where the main bases are on hills, they've actually have to resort to placing repair stations at the bottom of the hill since the logi can't make it back up... Also, all the hitboxes of rocks, logs and small trees wich obstruct vehicles weighing several tons.
  15. commander?

    No idea, could be that it doesn't require you to spawn in, but just take the kit and gives you access to a special map screen. Or if they go for the Post Scriptum model, sit at main base or a command vehicle.
  16. There is some kind of page file tweak that fixes this, but i'm not too familiar with it. Might be worth a forum search.
  17. Probably not. Even disregarding the license issues, humvees have been replaced in the US army too.
  18. squad lead is MEH

    What community is that? I meet alot more decent people here than in any game.

    BTR's are 10 tickets, same as IFV's. Light vehicles (Like jeeps, trucks, scout car) are 5. APC/IFV are 10. Tanks are 20. Check the ingame info on the map screen.
  20. RU is still relatively underpowered.

    In the current balance, the stryker is actually my biggest annoyance. The Warrior is soo loud that you can hear it coming from miles away, still doesn't justify 30MM rounds bouncing off it at evry angle but that's atleast one drawback. This is on squad gamepedia, outdated possibly. "The vehicle's armor is the strongest at the very front, where HEAT/TOW rockets are the only weapon to consistently pierce its heavy slope . The side armor and rear armor is much weaker, with the side armor protecting against small arms and HMGs only, and the rear armor protecting only against small arms fire. " So a 30MM to the side of a warrior should make quick work of it, but it doens't. But they're both IFV's atleast. (or the 30MM is a mix of both). But the stryker is an APC , and it still shrugs off 30MM rounds like nothing. From gamepedia 'The Stryker's armour is quite strong, it is immune to HMG fire from the front, and its side armour, while weaker, is still powerful. Its armour is stronger than any variant of the BTR that the enemy can field. " So it can shrug off HMG but not 30MM , yet you'll never win face to face with BTR-82A to a stryker ingame. So TLDR, don't use BTR's for AV currently, they're a waste of tickets. Even more now they're on the same ticket count as IFV's for some reason. Go shoot up some inf or play taxi untill you're found by evry other armoured vehicle that's superior to you.
  21. RU is still relatively underpowered.

    I've only recently noticed how sh*/t btr's are now, the normal one being useful for nothing but anti infantry duty or armoured transport. Can't beat a stryker if its life depended on it. 30MM is only marginally better. I've had fights where i caught a stryker from behind and emptied 2 mags into it and it still ran away. It hits us a few rounds and the engine is gone... Not too mention the fact that the normal BTR's gun also overheats while being mag fed, wich limits it even more.