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  1. Need help getting started

    Alright, glad to know you managed to solve it.
  2. Need help getting started

    Sure you didn't double bind something? The numbers on the keypad are also used for talking to SL's. To load the truck, you have to hold the load button on the commo rose btw.
  3. Need help getting started

    I've never played the tutorial to the end, but for the "noob" thing. If you have a mic and you tell your SL that you are new, he will not make a problem of it. Just be sure to have a mic. New + no mic will get you kicked. Don't be afraid to ask squadmates for help but it should be pretty clear. For your keybinds, what seems to be the problem? They bind to another key or...?
  4. Squad Classic

    @paragonid Both have most of the same mechanics. In Squad they are merely a bit better integrated in the radial menu's and such. Some things have been joined etc. But once again, we're all fallen in the pit of comparing Squad to PR once more.
  5. Squad Classic

    @paragonid Well, just an example. In Squad, if you need ammo, you get a nice wheel with options and same if you wanna switch kits (or you do it on respawn). In PR, it took me a while to find out that the button for sec. radio was also shared with the button to request a kit on a crate. Same for the classes, some things you cannot spawn in as, need to requested on a crate.. The spawn map doesn't show movement of your squad, you need to open the squad map for it. The stabilization mechanic on weapons. ...
  6. Squad Classic

    By all means, i'm not saying PR is perfect though. It's a certain niche game, squad is alot more beginner friendly (~) and meant for a broader audience.
  7. server

    You need to get a license from OWI to appear under the normal server browser.
  8. Squad Classic

    I played 3 matches of PR long ago just to see where squad came from. People kept bringing it up so i wanted to take a look for myself. If only i knew of PR before Squad, i wouldn't have been playing trash planetside 2 for thousand of hours but PR instead. The last few days i've made the u-turn from squad and went back to PR. The game is held back by the engine limits of BF2 but it gives me more of a team feeling game than squad. Maybe it will wear off when i'm actually playing anything more than a rifleman but for now, i'll stick to it. Squad has kept me busy for 1200+ hours but since v13 it's been going downhill for me :/.

    For the looks. In PR you could, but this is not PR :l.
  10. squad freeze

    Ryzen 2nd gen does the job well too. Got one myself. Just don't get an AMD gpu. The drivers are shite and i had to undervolt my rx580 just so it wouldn't ramp up to 3000rpm to get rid of the heat. Not to mention the fact i had to turn off fast boot and sleepmode in windows because it kept reverting my undervolt settings.

    They were removed because the company asked too much money for the license to feature them in Squad.
  12. Gameplay Chaos (FOB's)

    Yes, this is indeed what you see in Squad, can't argue with that. If a SL doesn't realize he's doing something useless or doesn't keep an eye on the people in the squad, you'll get things like you describe. But enabling spawning on flags would just remove the need for FOB's completely. Rallies are already way better and flexible than FOB's. All going to depend on the squad leaders in the server. In Squad, if you make a mistake, you pay in cash. Atleast it used to be like this, untill they added buddy rally...
  13. Removed

    [ S I C K ]
  14. I've seen similiar old threads were a network adapter update fixed the problem, but since your pc works fine on a normal connection, i don't see how that would help. Do you use a seperate program for wireless? Also:
  15. Wait, i might have misunderstood. You get disconnected while in the queue, not while joining?
  16. Do you have squad installed on a ssd or hdd?
  17. Where Did You Hear About Squad?

    To this day, it still dreads me that i wrote it in my profile... SUPERFOBS LOSE GAMES
  18. No Servers Showing/Connection Server issue

    First of all, just turn all your filters off in squad. If that does not fix it: https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/234684847-No-servers-in-server-browser Let me know if any of these work.
  19. help please

    No chance, gpu way to weak.
  20. Another VRAM crash

    Well the training mission is alot different than a mp match. Both your cpu and gpu are below minimum, but have you checked your page file size?
  21. CRASH

    Is it evrytime you play a game of squad? I get a similiar text message crash since v13, mostly on map change and sometimes mid game. Sometimes go days without. Try to manually clear your cache and see if it helps. https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002768887-How-to-manually-clear-your-user-settings-cache
  22. Can I run well squad?

    If it is indeed this one: https://support.hp.com/lv-en/document/c06063414 i5-8300h 8GB DDR4 2400 GTX 1050 4GB 265GB Nvme M2 SSD I would say yes, but it will be at low settings 1080p. I hope your 8gb will suffice so it does not get stuttery. Source: I used to play the game with an i7-4790 + 12gb ddr3 1600 + MSI GTX 1050 Ti GT OC (4gb). At low settings, it did sometimes drop to 40ish fps in high intensity scenes, but overall it ran 45-75fps. This was pre V13 though.
  23. Battle Cry

    Don't think this is in their line of thought since they also removed the voice command wheel. Not sure if it will come back.
  24. PC shuts down

    85° is quite high though. My cpu goes to 60 ish and gpu to 75. Both AMD. What are your specs?