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  1. Noticed last night that digging down your own radio still yields a 10 point ticket loss? V15 messed this up or has this been going for longer?
  2. Statistics - Personal Progress

    Squad does not keep any stats, evry game is a new beginning. Some servers do keep stats, but only of what you preform on said server. I don't know if it is planned, but personally i'd rather not see them. I used to play planetside for a long time, and if my kd dropped under 2.8 , i'd get annoyed over it and started playing differently. Even though 2.8 was still good, coming down from 3.8 made me feel like shit and eventually lead to me making alot of new accounts. Stats drive me insane. (if you haven't noticed already <.<)
  3. Reduction Construction cost for HESCO walls

    That works too.
  4. Stuttering

    First thing first i guess, clear the cache. But reading your post, this feels more like a memory problem or maybe overheating? Have you set a page file size? At what temp is your cpu after those few rounds?
  5. Reduction Construction cost for HESCO walls

    No problem with the low hesco wall, like the single one but as wide as the normal hesco. But please, don't lower the cost. Don't wanna see more superfob sl's who blindside themselves with a ton of hesco's.
  6. If it's the "you don't own the required symbols for debugging" or whatevs, that''s what i used to get too. (Or still have, been a while). Started after v13/v14 for me.
  7. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    Prone to abuse though. Some troll putting 20 logi's in your main. Either has to have a limit on numbers or a way that not evryone can become commander.
  8. Problem seeing servers

    Even when you disable evry filter?
  9. Any error messages or logs? or just straight to desktop?
  10. New to Squad

    Welcome to squad. Did not know airsoft guns required lube xD. If you need any help, i wrote a beginner guide for squad. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1326437214
  11. Did you clear your cache? Got any mods installed? Tried fixing EAC or reinstalling it?
  12. V16 New map ?

    It's been confirmed on the roadmap, it will be Mutaha.
  13. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    How are they going to check if the vehicle is really abandoned though? No friendlies within x m? Nice, a spawn behind enemy lines. No enemies within x m? Giving away intel on enemy movement. (If it's on a relevant flag or near an enemy fob). Easiest and least exploitable way is a destruction timer. Just not sure about the conditions. Within active fob range it shouldn't expire. Your vehicle expires and you lose tickets. But you do get it back, with a penalty of ticket loss. *I remember a way of vehicle claim expiring from planetside 2, where if you leave your vehicle, even near friendlies it would have a 20m timer and then just be claimable by evry player unless someone got it. Maybe a 10m timer on a vehicle outside fob range where you need to get in and out to reset. Show the timer on the map counting down so you can see wich vehicles are affected.
  14. PR oldie, Squad newbie

    True. If you decide to spawn on a foward fob and leave your rally on defense in a safe spot, you can basicly be on one flag and on another on standby. There is no restriction on the rally except the lack of ammo nearby.