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  1. Armored Warfare

    Iirc there is an experimental tank layer for Talil. But it leads to horrible gameplay and was removed from the server lineup it was on. Tanks can't cap points, and too many people want to sit in one, wich leads to the team with more inf to just cap evrything.
  2. Please tell me Arty isn't final.

    Yeah, i was SL and the commander got the TK. He didn't get how i got hit while being out of the circle by a clear margin.
  3. Please tell me Arty isn't final.

    Yet i still managed to catch shrapnel to the face from 150m out. Just my luck i guess.
  4. 8gb ddr3 ??

    Stop describing my pc reeee. I actually build that exactly in the start of this year, 860 euro total in belgium. https://pcpartpicker.com/b/rfcYcf Switched the 1050 Ti for a RX 580 Aorus 8GB later down the road, 200 euro.
  5. Game keeps crashing

    Might be running out of vram, have you changed anything of your page file size? Have you tried running at 1080p, if that fixes that problem. Not a solution, but it would narrow it down.
  6. I've not had any issues (or not more as normal) with v1.7 on the preformance side. Barely notice a difference between v1.6 and 1.7 except for some minor lighting. I do reset my cache manually evrytime there is a major or minor update.
  7. Beta 17 Released

    UAV button dissapears sometimes after it has arrived, making it unable to enter the uav camera. Pls fix.
  8. Game keeps crashing

    My bad. Have you checked your temps? Playing on 1440p will be taxing on your 970.
  9. Game keeps crashing

    There is a problem with the screenshots you posted, cannot view them.
  10. Insurgent Team UAV need help!

    Isn't it bound to the same controls as air vehicles? Or is it not listed in the right top corner with the little control scheme. Or it just doesn't work properly, wouldn't surprise me. The coventional UAV's button also dissapeared for me when it arrived and i could not enter the camera. Did work in firing range, not in live server.
  11. Called in a UAV as commander and the green extra button came up with the time before it came active. As soon as it arrived the button dissapeared and i couldn't enter my UAV ;/. Great first encounter. Franticly clicking my screen in hope of getting in.
  12. mic doesn't work

    Eh, the mysteries of life. Atleast it's fixed.
  13. mic doesn't work

    What kind of mic do you have? Squad has known problems with usb models. The buttons for chat ingame are also not double bound?
  14. Squad keeps freezing my computer

    @neilJ80 Also, at what temps do your cpu and gpu run under load?
  15. Some New Nations Idea

    Still waiting for an eastern based coventional or another unconventional. Prefferably with other weaponary.