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  1. Total War | Chicago

    It's more selfish dropping the sl kit on someone else and then leaving so they have to deal with it. Either someone takes responsibility to be SL or you take it on you to disband the Squad. It's not the random who gets promoted his fault that the original SL decided to just leave without making sure someone would take over. I've seen numerous people getting banned for not having SL kit because they do not want to be SL and they did not die yet since the SL left. i'm not saying to instantly hit the disband button. Ask around and inform them, maybe keep it up for a min or 2 if someone is taking out a vehicle with LAT. Besides, during the whole process, half of the people already leave the messed up Squad due to the lack of rallies or whatevs so you're not dealing with 8, more like 4-6. It's just a sh*t situation all around, whatever you do.
  2. Total War | Chicago

    Disbanding the squad is actually the better thing to do instead of just giving it to someone who does not want it and/or leaving. I've seen squads playing the pass around game for minutes on end while being utterly useless. Dropping the SL on some random player does not help the squad at all. Cycle just starts over.
  3. killhouse course

    No, it should start the moment you walk over the line. Is the time running?
  4. Realtek audio drivers are the most used on motherboards. Might wanna try a reinstall, just be sure to find the right version. Also better go to realtek site, motherboard sites tend to be outdated. (I'm looking at you MSI *glare*) EDIT: Maybe first check you haven't enabled some kind of predefined setting in Realtek.
  5. Have you considered setting a fps limit overall? My gpu is limited to 80 fps since i got a 75hz screen. Would solve your issue.
  6. Out of video memory

    It will not affect the preformance of your HDD. If you're interested in what it does, try this. https://www.howtogeek.com/126430/htg-explains-what-is-the-windows-page-file-and-should-you-disable-it/
  7. Out of video memory

    Check your page file size. https://steamcommunity.com/app/393380/discussions/1/3374780959381085052/
  8. Servers. (Rules/Tags)

    On a more serious note: If you're getting kicked from a server, the problem might be you? Calling the entire EU playerbase simpletons is a big generalisation. We can hardly exclude new players from a game, can we now? And with nothing to draw a conclusion from, i can not tell who is the "bad" player here. Just switch server instead of making a forum post.
  9. Often have this when i open discord/steam overlay. In that case,i just reopen the overlay that's causing it and it fixes the problem.
  10. Need help getting started

    Alright, glad to know you managed to solve it.
  11. Need help getting started

    Sure you didn't double bind something? The numbers on the keypad are also used for talking to SL's. To load the truck, you have to hold the load button on the commo rose btw.
  12. Need help getting started

    I've never played the tutorial to the end, but for the "noob" thing. If you have a mic and you tell your SL that you are new, he will not make a problem of it. Just be sure to have a mic. New + no mic will get you kicked. Don't be afraid to ask squadmates for help but it should be pretty clear. For your keybinds, what seems to be the problem? They bind to another key or...?
  13. Squad Classic

    @paragonid Both have most of the same mechanics. In Squad they are merely a bit better integrated in the radial menu's and such. Some things have been joined etc. But once again, we're all fallen in the pit of comparing Squad to PR once more.
  14. Squad Classic

    @paragonid Well, just an example. In Squad, if you need ammo, you get a nice wheel with options and same if you wanna switch kits (or you do it on respawn). In PR, it took me a while to find out that the button for sec. radio was also shared with the button to request a kit on a crate. Same for the classes, some things you cannot spawn in as, need to requested on a crate.. The spawn map doesn't show movement of your squad, you need to open the squad map for it. The stabilization mechanic on weapons. ...
  15. Squad Classic

    By all means, i'm not saying PR is perfect though. It's a certain niche game, squad is alot more beginner friendly (~) and meant for a broader audience.