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  1. Well that was unexpected. I was sure that you were toast at the point that one guy came around the corner.
  2. What do you Usually Name Your Squad?

    When i just started playing this game, 2 free weekends back (i think it was 2), i also joined a german server first. When i joined the squad at the start of the map, i didn't know they were german so i just said Hello and waited for the SL to say anything. After hearing me, he just asked who didn't speak english in here and it was only me and one other guy but he still decided that now english was the language of the squad now. Only happend once though, mostly when i notice a different language like spanish/german etc i just leave because it never works well with the language barrier.
  3. Hello from the Philippines!

    First of all, welcome to the game. As a new player, finding a good squad will be a hit&miss process. Wish i could recommend you servers but i'd doubt you'll be playing on EU. A good SL makes all the difference in this game. Just tell your squadmates that you're new and i'm sure the SL or an other member will take you under his wing.
  4. Help?

    Had that once, went away when i spawned in.
  5. What do you Usually Name Your Squad?

    ENG*MIC*LEFTOVERS or ENG*MIC*CANNONFODDER Always the same setup, but the end depends on my mood.
  6. Freezing and randomly closing

    I don't know what fixed it, but it is gone. Perhaps another clear cache did the trick. No idea how it was caused.
  7. Specs; i7 4790 @ 3.6ghz GTX 1050Ti GT OC 12 GB DDR3 1600 Since today, my squad has been experiencing small freezes of 4-6 seconds all the time, even when in menu's. (or a massive drop in fps) I've played 130hrs without problems and i do not see what has changed lately. I've already: Verified game cache(steam) Cleared settings cache Clean install Reinstalled EAC Disabled steam ingame Tried playing windowed (For some reason, when i try to talk, the game just closes itself when windowed)
  8. Do the teams scramble after a map change? Last night on AAS_Al basrah, the US team stomped the insurgents soo hard, that it felt like i was playing Invasion. Next map i see the same people on my team, wich is cool to play together again, but not desirable for a balanced game.
  9. Will it run??

    i7 4790 @ 3.6ghz MSI GTX 1050 Ti GT OC 12 GB DDR3 1600 ram Evryhting but shadows(low) on high, no AA and screen sharpening. 55-95fps
  10. Help! New to PC gaming

    If you have steam, the overlay can display fps too.
  11. Bulletproof Vehicle Windows

    Depending on the model used in squad, i found 2 similiar models on wikipedia. M939 series 5-ton 6x6 truck or the Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR) wich are a series of vehicles too. The MTVR seems to have access to an cabin armored to resist small arms fire and a mine guard kit. ""A small arms fire and mine blast protection kit for the U.K. MoD's MTVR-fronted Wheeled Tanker fleet has been developed and fitted to vehicles used on overseas operations.[9] "" The M939 series, wich looks most like what we have in squad, seems to have been fitted with a similair kit wich was developed by US Army Tank-Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) , wich was to increase protection against small arms fire and explosive fragments. It's called the M939 / M35 Crew Protection Kit. The info on the first model is on wikipedia, the M939/M35 crew protection kit requires some googling but they do seem to have been fitted with kits to specifically increase their resistance to the punishement you and your squad were giving it in the video. Best advice, shoot it with a HMG/30mil or a LAT.
  12. Squad Ops 1 Life Event + Playing with Friend

    1) You can join a server of squad through steam, so i'd assume you can send an invite to a friend too. Do keep in mind, most squad servers are often full and have a queue so it can take a while until you and your friend are in together. Also, autobalance will sometimes not allow you to switch sides. 2) It is a regular event organized by the Squad Ops group.
  13. Squad lead

    I'm still doing it, even though i prefer not to. Mostly when some dude makes the first squad and then rejoins in to not be leader, it ends up with someone random who doesn't want it either.
  14. Squad deployables permission

    <.< maybe next update they can include barbwire fences to keep the plebs away from your mortars.
  15. I'm wondering if there any plans to expand the approval system in squad. Currently it is only used for vehicles, but i'd like to see it expanded onto deployables too. By example; if squad 1 builds a fob with a mortar, only members of squad one can access the mortar. Other players can be granted access by talking to the SL who build said object and can then be granted access. Or a global option to turn deployables squad only or public. Lately, i've seen alot of people just getting on mortars/mg's and fire randomly, wasting ammo for no reason. Sometimes, even after being told by their and our SL, still will not get off and have to be shot off, wich is quite dreadful in a teamgame ;/.