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  1. Alpha 14 Patch Notes

    Yep, lackluster at best. Stiil problems with the hit reg, ragdoll physics, vehicles are still flipping over small objects or even flat ground.
  2. Game laggy at start.

    It's not as smooth as v12 but i have no difference between the start or during. Maybe it's due to the fact that you're in main base at the beginning of the round.
  3. Game laggy at start.

    AMD Ryzen fixed that poor preformance for single core. Been using the same 2600 myself and no problems.
  4. Alpha 14 Patch Notes

    - Hit registration is still broken - Please give spawn confirmation back - People are still ragdolling around
  5. Building is useless

    Most of the times, they effectively blindside themselves with fortifications and being too occupied with building them.
  6. Alpha 13 Survey Review

    V13 did break the hit reg. It's absolute rubbish now.
  7. I have a ryzen 5 2600 and it works perfectly for squad, but the older amd chips do not due to low single core preformance. I'm currently bottlenecked by my GTX 1050Ti 4gig wich forces me to play at low 1080p, and it's 84% better than your gpu... So TLDR, don't rebuy it unless you want a powerpoint slideshow.
  8. Building is useless

    Out of the deployables for the FOB, the only that make sense to "always" build are the HAB and ammo crate(s). Depending on the location, you might want a TOW/Kornet or maybe a machinegun, but that gives your FOB location away. If there is a reinforced position, mortars but same thing, gives the fob location away. In a normal pub game, only TOW makes sense for me, but i'd rather have a dedicated fob for that position. PS: superfobs are sh*t
  9. They're already removed the foilage setting from the options menu.

    You're not preloading textures ,are you?
  11. Performance issues

  12. Marksman Changes.

    It's a mixed bag, but most of them tend to fill their medic duty to some degree. No less or more than before the optic change.
  13. I prefer to SL myself if i do not see any familiar names as SL. (Regular pub SL's or clanmembers of certain clans). Too often i join a squad and people are running rampant on different obj's with a mute SL or even complete silence in squad comms. No rally to be spotted anywhere. You notice that it bugs other people too when you make a squad and even though there were only few unassigned, it fills up withtin a minute or 2.
  14. Marksman Changes.

    Since the optic change for medic, i always have 1x medic in my squad without having to ask for a medic.