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  1. I wish we could capture vehicles, but only use the driver seat. Drive them back to your own main for tickets/faster respawn of your vehicles of the same type or something. Might be easier to implement then the intel idea. Original idea nonetheless.
  2. New Player from UK

    We can never have enough medics. Welcome
  3. RIP Project Reality

    Nonetheless, nicely made though.
  4. KARMAKUT's Video Thread

    He screams alot, but if evrybody was as good at mortars as him, they might make a difference once in a while.
  5. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    Even though i don't qualify for a key, very nice gesture. +1
  6. Better ingame Maps

    Might also help with planning your approach. Too many times i've had to assault over open plains due to having no idea how the terrain up ahead is. Running around is often a long flank, so i often end up taking the risk. (And ending up with 'bout 17 bullet holes)
  7. Concerned

    Nah, Squad is unique. But i do hope they fix the preformance. I've been only going down in fps since i started playing somewhere in v9. It's not going to be a matter of the game soon, but just the lacking of fps for me.
  8. Audio problems in the game!

    So yesterday it worked great and today it works great.... what's the audio problem then... Are there parts missing of this posts?
  9. Player faction preferences

    In V9 the US were the strongest faction. CQC Full Auto M4's + Optic/Red dot for all and strykers ruled the vehicle warfare. In V10, russia now dominates the vehicle warfare due to the 30MM BTR being able to beat stryker 1:1 easily. The removal of full auto for Medic/LAT/Optics on US means that they no longer have a CQC advantage.
  10. skill and lack of training

    This has been brought up many times, and i repeat myself. I've had sh*tty squad leaders who played 500hrs or more of squad and i've had great SL's who play as little as 40 hours. It all depends on the person, newer SL's tend to listen to advice more often then older one's.
  11. As @samwiseOrigin states, depends from server to server. I guess there were no active admins on duty at your time. Mostly it gets announced in server chat that all AFK/unassingned will be kicked.
  12. A10.1 server performance

    Yeah, i'm noticing alot of servers wich were good quality in the past to now have issues from massive lag spikes (watching btr's drive into eachother etc) to really small one's (not being able to climb a wall repeatedly, pings going up for evryone and then coming back down).
  13. Squad and Reshade Help!

    Guess you're not playing then.
  14. EAC Kicked

    When i get eac kicked, i just restart steam wich fixes it. But your issue seems alot more severe. It just happens to me from time to time, and won't go away untill i reboot steam and join a server again.