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  1. V 18 Update Size

    It's just steam screwing up from time to time. Maybe a verify of files beforehand would have helped but i'm not sure. It's like that one bug where steam randomly starts redl an entire game for nothing.
  2. Buddy Really! REMOVED!! 1.8

    Buddy rally removal is a good thing, but insurgents still have it. Don't understand why they gave it to INS but not to MIL. Both factions don't have heli's or up to date armour + less scopes (like no mg w/ scope etc.) so where does that leave MIL. If they go head to head, INS has a distinct advantage in buddy rally mechanic. Both have same scope variety, same light vehicles and older armour. If they fight conventional, they don't have heli's , equal armor nor optics. And since explosives/mines aren't unique to unconventional, MIL is just a force with only downsides.
  3. Constant Crashing

    Alright, could have been the problem.
  4. V 18 Update Size

    3.3 GB.
  5. Constant Crashing

    Recently done any windows updates?
  6. Thank you devs

    Don't really get why they left it to insurgents but removed it from militia. Both have the same vehicles, slightly different weaponary, so militia got nerfed.
  7. Squad not responding

    I don't have any suggestions left sadly
  8. Squad not responding

    If there is no space, it won't. Have you tried setting an overly large page file size on your C?
  9. Squad not responding

    Between v15 and V16 then. Your main system is on a seperate disk? Because i'd suspect the page file will be run there instead of on the ssd?
  10. Squad not responding

    Ooof, that might actually be the problem then. What was the last version that you played before you took a pause?
  11. Squad not responding

    I have not noticed any worse nor better preformance in the last few patches. They claim optimizations have been made, but nothing noticeable. Try what Ruplay states, setting a manual number that is big enough.
  12. Squad not responding

    Since your page file is automatic and preloading is off, i can only suggest you try to lower a few settings to see if it makes a change. It's a sh/t solution, but its worth a try. - Some other relevant internet digging: *Are you running any external display programs? https://steamcommunity.com/app/578080/discussions/1/2333276539606595911/ *Are both of your memory modules still working?
  13. Squad not responding

    Stable 70fps while looking into the distance during staging phase is different thing than playing with a stable 70fps. Also, on the 2nd screenshot, the preloading option is not visible, it's lower on the screen.
  14. Squad not responding

    I find that hard to believe. In evry benchmark i find, the HD7950 falls just short of a 1050 Ti and somehow you manage to get stable 70fps at medium, while my card would range from 45-65 on low. Old is subjective, but something in your system is running out of memory. Have you check the preloaded textures option?
  15. Squad not responding

    Do you have preloaded textures on? A HD7950 is a 7year old card though, it's basicly on par with my old 1050Ti 4G by a few %. You do play at low settings and 1080p right? I could not handle more with my previous gpu and it would also microstutter. My RX580 8GB is alot smoother.