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  1. So I've been having a issue recently where mid match my game crashes due to it trying to allocate a texutre and it doesnt have enough memory. I asked some people and they listed the following possible fixes: -Turn preload texture off (Mine was already off) -Verify game cache (did that nothing missing) -Not enough memory. (I have 12 gigs and a 1060. This only became a problem in the past few days. I got back into Squad roughly 5 days ago and already put 30 some hours into it. These problems came up in the past two hours. ) I also reinstalled the game once and that did not fix the issue. I also have nothing else in my launch options as that tends to make some textures flicker for some reason. However that is a unrelated issue I am pretty sure. I was told that I wasn't the only person having this issue, so I wanted to ask if anyone was experiencing this and if anyone had any suggestions for a fix. Thanks for taking a look, any and all help is apperciated. Panda Repost from Steam discussion.
  2. So I fixed the issue. My virtual memory/paging file was set to a number that I think I messed with a long time ago. Checking the option to automatically manage paging file size on all drives fixed it. Haven't had a crash since. (Other than when I tab out on map change) Thanks none the less