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    About Us We are a german multi gaming community that has been founded in 2014 and since our members started out with Squad we have decided to set up a dedicated server for the game. We have picket a quiet strong machine to ensure minimal latency when you need it most. Teamwork is encuraged and demanded from the players on our server. Veteran and new players of the game are welcome to our community and we are looking forward to see you again on our server and our TeamSpeak. Website: emk-clan.de TeamSpeak: ts3.emk-clan.de ServerName: [EU]EMK All Modes Dedicated 24/7 Server Info Maps: All GameModes: All Slots: 80 CPU: i7 - 3770k RAM: 32GB DDR3 Storage: 512GB SSD Server Rules Squad Leaders have to use a headset. Trolling, teamkilling and spamming is not allowed (Ban). You'll have to speak german or english. Lone wolf's will not be tolerated. We are following the general server rules. Dumping vehicles and resources is not allowed. All players have to be in a Squad. Ban An admin will warn a player before a ban if he is reachable. If a warned player continues his behaivour or does not accept an admins decision we will decide a ban time between 1 to 6 Months in case of a minor misbehaivour (teamkill, spam) and permanent ban in case of a major misbehaivour (teamkill, spam, trolling). If you want to make a appeal to your ban you can login at our forums and post a ban appeal in the Squad ban appeal section of the forums.