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  1. disconnected from queue

    I don't think DNS will help since I always used the Google DNS. Just to make sure, I tested OpenDNS and also didn't work. About my ISP: its a really small regional provider called wbt internet.
  2. disconnected from queue

    just find out what it was... My ISP on my last shoot I tried to play using a VPN connection and it worked just fine now idk how I should proceed, I don't think I will be capable of solving it if it is actualy my provider
  3. disconnected from queue

    Hey, thank you Nop. I have a Gigabyte (B85M-D3H)
  4. disconnected from queue

    Anticheat installed; Files integrity verified; Firewall and AntiVirus disabled; IPv6 disabled; Didn't work
  5. disconnected from queue

    This is the second free weekend I try to play the game and again I cant join any server. Always getting: disconnected from queue! I tried everything I could imagine, even reinstalled the windows. Followed every single step I found here, reddit and every where. Here is my log: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=06048359920264916392 Hope someone can help in time. I really enjoy this game and would like to try it