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  1. For me, not only do they have to eliminate the Buddy Rally, but also heavily nerfed the "classic" Rally Point. Helicopters will soon arrive and the transport of troops will be faster and more efficient ... my great regret (now I have lost hope) would have been to see APC and IFV how they should really be used ... transporting troops and supporting them in attacks. Instead there are the usual hundreds of squads locked by 2 that use BTR, Bradley, Warrior etc. like Tank. Here, heavily nerfed the Rally Points, can be a start to see APC used by entire teams.
  2. Alpha 14 Patch Notes

    More than the speed itself, it is the total absence of momentum that allows you to dodge bullets by running in a zig zag pattern. A horrible thing for a game like Squad. I still don't understand why the Devs have changed this from v13. I really hope that from v15, the momentum and inertia return to the game.
  3. Alpha 13 Survey Review

    Interesting clarification, thanks Ross. I know I am in the minority, but if you really want to leave the current increased speed (which I can also understand given the great distances to walk), I sincerely hope at least that the "momentum" returns and a feeling of "physicality" and inertia that with v13 is completely lost.
  4. Alpha 13 Survey Review

    Unfortunately, expected results. If you "speed up" the game in many aspects (movements, spawns, etc.), the majority (used to jumping from one fps to another) no longer wants to go back. I am sure that if the Devs returned to the old recoil and v9 laser gun, they would double the players ... Sin. And to think that the world is full of "generic" fps
  5. Alpha 13.1 Released

    I agree with you. Unfortunately we are few in wanting a more tactical and reasoned game. I'm sure the original idea of the Devs is "close" to ours. The problem is where the market goes and what the mass wants most (and I imagine the Devs is obliged to follow it for obvious reasons of sales, etc.) The speed and transition of the soldier increased is the clear example of what mass wants in today's fps and the Devs has satisfied them. Unfortunately I have the clear feeling that the future of Squad (for us lovers of slower, cohesive and reasoned game flow) will not be exciting. I am reminded of the parable of Red Orchestra ... and Rising Storm Vietnam ... obviously I hope to be wrong.
  6. Alpha 13.1 Released

    The real problem of 10% more speed and feeling SL asking to sprint zigzag when crossing open areas ... these mechanics should not exist in a game like Squad. Now instead with the new speed it has become a must to zigzag sprint avoiding bullets ... I've seen people sprinting in a zigzag and jumping. Obscene. There is nothing to do ... the new speed brings much more Lone Wolfing and less cohesion. And to think that months ago in an AMA there was talk of having reactions to the bullets suffered ... maybe with reduction stamina, speed, more recoil etc.. now, with the v13, we find ourselves in the diametrically opposite direction, where the soldier without inertia runs in all directions instantly. Since the Devs do not give us an explanation on the type of game they want, I personally hope for a reduction in speed (maybe try with 5-7%?) And above all the return to more "real" transitions - inertia - "momentum ".
  7. Alpha 13.1 Released

    No tweak speed/stamina/momentum? Sad
  8. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    Instead for me it has drastically changed the feeling of the game. (worse of course)
  9. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    They are certainly personal tastes. I prefer a slower and tactical game play. The problem that the 10% increase in speed + faster transitions totally changed the infantry game play. In fact it is another product now. And I'm curious to understand why the Devs have made a choice so ... far from their initial vision.
  10. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    Exactly this. From v10 the game has completely changed, according to the original vision of the Devs, towards a more realistic approach (in some aspects maybe too much). Now, months and months later, suddenly, three versions later, we are faced with a completely different product. This thing is unsettling ... I can't understand where they want to go (maybe better not to know ..) Beyond the perma death and buddy rally, the speed and transitions changed are surely the things that will make me move away from Squad. Because Squad was "unique" in its kind, now it is no longer. Suddenly. I hope that the Devs can answer about why a change so decided towards a game more "simple", fast and immediate.
  11. With this v13, Squad is becoming more and more arcade. Infinite sadness
  12. Alpha 13 Video Patch Notes

    Totaly agree
  13. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    Increased non-ADS standing movement speeds by 10%. Adjusted 3P animation for movement speed. Tweaked how ADS movement speeds work, so no matter which direction you go now you move at the same speed. Shortened acceleration and deceleration speeds to make player movement a bit more responsive. Thank you Devs for totally ruining Squad's soul (and also your vision ...) Many have asked to decrease the speed (maybe trying a middle way? 5%) and go back to the old transitions - inertia - "momentum". But I understand that you have to satisfy the "mass" ... that wants a more frenetic and immediate gameplay. The increase in speed, the fastest transitions and the total lack of inertia of the soldier drastically changed the infantry gameplay. I completely lost the feeling I had with the old speed ... now it seems to me to play one of the thousand FPS that are around ... all the same for another. With super speed inevitably you lose cohesion between the squad , the single skill becomes much more important, the lone wolfing increases and the players dodge the bullets by zig zag sprinting. Playing in city maps, the perception of a more arcade game play is even greater. Sprint, stop, aim and snipe kill (all opts now) in a split second. Infinite sadness about where the Devs want to go with their product ... I have always believed that their vision was the opposite. But sales are sales

    10% more speed only makes the game more arcade And Squad (and the Devs) was not born for this
  15. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    I agree with you. The greater speed inevitably leads to having the team less cohesive and a greater lone wolfing in general I sincerely hope that the Devs return to the old speed and transitions ... or at least reduce the speed by 5%
  16. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    After several hours of play I can say that the direction taken by OWI is disappointing me a lot. Reduction of suppression and optics for all (more and more disparity between optics and iron sight ..) increased speed and reduced transitions (the two things that will make me move away from Squad and increase the lone wolfing out of proportion), reduced stamina consumption, reduced sway , buddy rally, no perma death ... (at this point why not return to the laser guns of v9 and satisfy the mass ???) I seem to be playing Apex with real weapons and uniforms. Sadness
  17. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Played a little last night. Absolutely not necessary the speed increase and also the reduced acceleration and deceleration transition. Now the soldier's movements seem without inertia ... less realistic (exactly the feeling you get when playing Cod, Battlefied etc. And whoever plays Squad ... doesn't want the same experience as Cod!) The speed increase is even more horrible in city maps or restricted areas ... it seems to move and turn around like a flash. It is killing me completely the sense of immersion and reality that Squad must have. Strange choice from the Devs ... it almost seems like it goes against their own ideas about how they want Squad. I sincerely hope that the Devs go back to the v12 movements.
  18. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    "Increased non-ADS standing movement speeds by 10%." Not good for me
  19. Weapon Recoil

    Agree with you. All kits with optics in v13 will be a bad solution. I talk about game balance, not about realism...

    The Russian HAT scope instead is horrible for me. The range finder has a maximum distance of only 150 meters ... all that is beyond, you have to aim virtually at random. So the advantage of being Fire Team Leader in order to put the marker and get the right distance from the target, is thwarted by the HAT range finder
  21. Alpha 12.1

    I agree I prefer the iron sight both at the optics and at the red dot. And when I use US Lat, Hat or Granadier, I would like to be free to choose between iron sight or red dot (without touching the overall balance that the optics create)
  22. Alpha 12.1

    Same for me. [email protected] - 1080Ti - 16 ram - ssd - etc. at 3440x1440 ultrawide. On new (fantastic) Yehorivka map, my fps also drop to 35 ... with SS at 1.25. I keep wondering how it is possible to have certain fps with my configuration in the larger maps ... when will the 50vs50 per server arrive, I will play at 20fps with a 1080Ti? Ps. yes, I have cleaned the chace etc. etc.
  23. I tried a little in shooting range and I must say that I like the new gunplay a lot. It is quite difficult to control the recoil, but in 12.1 the rapid burst is much more manageable and realistic. The weapon that most satisfies me is the m4 with the 3-burst fire and now in v12.1 it is much more effective and usable. In v12 after the first shot, the next two were often "random" and uncontrollable with the mouse. Now the mouse must always check and "use", but in a more rational and effective way. The sway of the weapon is smaller, on the other hand the recoil gives a "kick up" higher, but more controllable. Great job devs!