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  1. The Wrench, February 2020

    Hardened mod....love it
  2. Beta 17 Notes from Game Design

    Thanks Fuzz, we appreciate your transparency a lot. For me, without a doubt, the most important part concerns the elimination of the Buddy Rally. Interesting the idea of the "Vehicle Bay" and the "Commander Resource Points". I hope that in the future we will be able to give new importance to the Super Fob or at least Fob of medium size and not just now as in Radio + Hab + Ammo Crates. Negative notes: enough (indeed very) disappointed not to have heard any mention on the infantry gameplay in general. Especially on the suppression (non-existent at present) and on the speed, movementes and precision of the soldier to sprint "all over" and make headshots with a disarming ease. Two fundamental factors (in addition to the Baddy Rally) to create more cohesion among the squad, reduce the lone wolfing and "lengthen" the gunfights. From v13 with the new speed, the almost total absence of the soldier's inertia in moving and turning and subsequently shooting made infantry gameplay much more frenetic and less tactical. I would no longer like to see in the future (as happens above all from v13 to date) that the best tactic is to run, run and still run and shoot and repeat.
  3. Make "suppression" logical again!

    The suppression does not exist in Squad. Unfortunately It is so low as to be unperceivable
  4. Alpha 16 Released

    With helicopters, it's really time to finally eliminate the Buddy Rally. The construction of Fob is much easier now and in these early hours of v16, in every map with Helos, there are always at least 4-5 active Fobs. Also by removing the Buddy Rally, the helicopters would be used more for troop transport (it would be the most tactical and cool thing) and not just like flying Logi Trucks
  5. Alpha 16 Released

    Block the exit from the helicopter when it is still flying please! Or at least when it's almost stopped. Right now there is no need to land, just fly at low altitude and, even at high speed, players can jump out of the helicopter, bandages, medics and all right. You lose a lot in tactics and reality
  6. A15 Survey Review

    However the Momentum has returned practically equal to v15 with the last two Playtest patches. So you can (unfortunately) again avoid the bullets by running in a zig zag pattern. Strange balance by the Devs. The first interaction was excessive (ice skating), now it seems completely absent again. I hope for something in between ...
  7. Alpha 15.4 Released

    Right direction, good. Negative note: it is now clear that the momentum will never return. I see that having movements that are more realistic and less arcade it s really a thing hated by the Devs...sin.
  8. @Dolmaface Will the soldier's movements change too? More momentum inertia and a little less than maximum speed. How do people not understand that the general soldier movement is the basis for making a FPS more tactical and cohesive, with less run and gun, less lone wolfing etc etc ...
  9. new DLC visuals

    lol Sorry, I can't say anything else
  10. Nice! Please ... change the soldier's movements if you can. Add momentum and inertia that the devs have unexplained eliminated by v13! (for me it is the first thing that differentiates a tactical FPS from the usual arcade FPS) And maybe increase the suppression Thank you, I follow your work with great interest!
  11. The Devs with the latest versions are making the game more and more easy and casual (Buddy Rally - Death Death - no Momentum - no Suppression - soldier speed increase etc) ... so, no thanks. Stop make the game more and more casual plz. When you die and spawn at the Rally you have always 3 mags and bandages. And if you remain without ammunition for AT, GL, you will find other alternatives. It is called an APC or one is spawn to the FoB, one rearms oneself and tries an attack again.
  12. Essentially Squad v12 ... which like Rally, Death-Death and Momentum was perfect ... instead they wanted to make it easier and arcade. As if someone had asked to eliminate the momentum-inertia ... infinite sadness