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  1. Alpha 12.1

    I agree I prefer the iron sight both at the optics and at the red dot. And when I use US Lat, Hat or Granadier, I would like to be free to choose between iron sight or red dot (without touching the overall balance that the optics create)
  2. Alpha 12.1

    Same for me. [email protected] - 1080Ti - 16 ram - ssd - etc. at 3440x1440 ultrawide. On new (fantastic) Yehorivka map, my fps also drop to 35 ... with SS at 1.25. I keep wondering how it is possible to have certain fps with my configuration in the larger maps ... when will the 50vs50 per server arrive, I will play at 20fps with a 1080Ti? Ps. yes, I have cleaned the chace etc. etc.
  3. I tried a little in shooting range and I must say that I like the new gunplay a lot. It is quite difficult to control the recoil, but in 12.1 the rapid burst is much more manageable and realistic. The weapon that most satisfies me is the m4 with the 3-burst fire and now in v12.1 it is much more effective and usable. In v12 after the first shot, the next two were often "random" and uncontrollable with the mouse. Now the mouse must always check and "use", but in a more rational and effective way. The sway of the weapon is smaller, on the other hand the recoil gives a "kick up" higher, but more controllable. Great job devs!
  4. The important thing is not to go back to the laser-guns-BF-style of v9 ....
  5. Alpha 12.1 on Public Testing

    Good news! No info instead regarding the rearm from the bags? For greater flexibility ... especially for LAT and GL
  6. November 2018 - Squad's Next Phase

    Any words about Territory Control?
  7. What's next?

    Territory Control Mode
  8. FNFAL / G3 for normal rifleman

    Stop scopes plzlzlz! Fal is fantastic in single fire and iron sight
  9. Equipment Selection at Re-arm

    I think it's a priority for the Devs. And they have already confirmed it. Anyway, I agree with you. An automated rearm would not make much sense. If the Devs implement a new rearm, it will have to be very precise and analytical.
  10. Suppression works very well
  11. The M4 feels extremely inferior now.

    Never fired in my life. I can also remove the "realistic" if you want. Played at millions of FPS and Squad's gunplay is among those (very few) that satisfies me fully.
  12. We are talking about balancing too early. It is true that in v11 the vehicles were made of paper (a single shot of LAT to explode a MRAP was ridiculous ... in fact the MRAP were used only as taxis ...) and now in v12 maybe they are too robust. But we must remember that the localized damage is in full development and change. A tank can be invulnerable ... but, if with just one LAT hit , can I disable its main cannon? They would change all the balancing discourses we are doing now.