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  1. Community Feedback Roundtable

    The devs will have to find a middle ground between (perhaps) the excessive RNG of the v10 and the boredom and total ease of the v9. The gunplay of the v9 bored me after a few weeks ... with the v9 the feeling of the weapons was all the same, the weapons were without "weight", just like the usual FPS arcade. So no thanks. With the v10 there was a huge step forward. Only a few small adjustments of the RNG and the gunplay is perfect. Ps regarding the slight decline of players after the v10? But what gunplay ... the decline is due to the loss of performance and optimization problems. Many who played at 35-45 fps, now play 25 ... so unplayable for thousands of players ... not for the change to the gunplay
  2. For me it would be great to have a suppression like in RS Vietnam. Definitely less invasive than PR and HLL, but more effective than the current one.
  3. Works pretty well? In fact it does not work neither good nor bad ... because the suppression does not exist at present. In fact the Devs know it and they are working on it. So, as you say, increasing the suppression is not a stupid idea ... maybe yours is a stupid idea of wanting to leave it like this
  4. Community Feedback Roundtable

    "Some of the upcoming changes include prone to stand speed adjustments, addressing gun wobble, examining sway (Yep, the m4 needed love.), recoil patterns, as well as changes to ADS timing. We’re also aware of the slight desync between first and third person views and will be tightening that up. Hopefully, this will increase responsiveness in hitting your target, especially when your target is peeking around corners." I really hope that you (Devs) do not want to go back to the gunplay and the super arcade movement with very fast CoD style transitions of the v9. Just to listen to the usual people who want the usual casual and immediate FPS (like a thousand others). It would be absurd for you Devs (and for us) to "ruins" all the fantastic work done with v10 ... speeding up the game again ...
  5. Totally agree. And I would like to see less optics in general. For me the optics must have only SL, the scout (with binoculars), an LMG and of course the Spiner. Stop. With this setup the teams would be much more united and would fight a lot more together.
  6. Concerned

    I bought the game just a few months ago (409 hours in game) and I keep having a lot of fun. The only thing I hear from time to time and the repetitiveness of AAS (I look forward to TC and AAS randomized). For the rest I love the game and the situations that are created are always new (despite the linearity of the current AAS). Squad's gameplay is unique in the FPS scene, unless you return to PR or wait months / years for a mature Post Scriptum, and the idea of returning to a classic "run and gun" FPS, with large 10mx10m maps such as Risin Storm 2, it would make me horrified. So long life to Squad ... it will be a very interesting year! Ps. As others have written, I think the disappointment of the last few months mainly concerns the performance deteriorated by the v10. From this point of view I'm lucky owner of a 1080ti ... so no problem even losing the FPS.
  7. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    I do not care much PS (ww2..other years of waiting for development etc.). I really only hope that Squad will not lose too many players in the coming months ... Anyway excellent news for those interested in another "era"
  8. A small summary?
  9. March 2018 Recap

    Same thing that I wrote yesterday on Reddit ... I was hoping a lot in some info from the Devs, since they are in full development of the Territory Control and the only information we have is a screenshot of ... seven months ago! The AAS will improve (perhaps with randomization), but it remains in my opinion (and much of the community) a mode without a future ... too linear, without strategy, boring, where the FoB and supply lines are only marginal ... instead they should be the main part of the game. Since even in this Recap no one says anything ... is it possible to know something about the state of development of Territory Control? What ideas do you have about it?
  10. A10.2 Released

  11. Hey what happened to 50 v 50??

    Bigger maps? We have only 3 big maps...
  12. Medic progression in Squad

    I was hoping a lot in dragging ... but the Devs said during the AMA that we will hardly see it with the 1.0. So not before 2019.
  13. Front Line Game Mode

    Good idea. The Teritory Control is the thing that I expect most in Squad and I hope they can really give importance to FoB and supply lines.

    From AMA: "An evaluation of the basics of FOB rules, rally points, and spawning machanics (with the possibility of serious change)" I am very confident in rebalancing these mechanics. I think it's the first things to change to make the game more tactical and less run and gun / deathmatch style. And the Devs are aware of it and will certainly change these game mechanics to make their product as they always wanted it to be ... that is not the usual action run and gun Fps. (and I'm very happy about this)