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  1. The Devs have already confirmed that they will add the choice of the single item to be rearmed. The point is when? I totally agree with the introduction of the new persistent ammo system. The problem that without the specific choice of the item to be rearmed, the system is totally "broken". You will create different problems with the ammo bag on who has to rearm or not. Or classic example: I stay with a mag ... and maybe for a smoke nade I can not re-arm from a bag for 2-3 points ... understand that this is a system "broken" and a lot (too) confused and casual. I am the first to want everything and immediately ... but I think the persistent ammo system had to be inserted ABSOLUTELY TOGETHER with the choice of the item to be rearmed. (A little as if with the tank I can drive, use secondary weapons, but not the main cannon). I hope that the Devs consider this characteristic one of their PRIORITIES as soon as they release the v12 (which I love !!!!)
  2. Happy to hear your words Gatzby! I can go back to sleep peacefully waiting for the next playtest
  3. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    The ak's family has improved, on the M4 I do not agree. I much preferred the sharpest and most metallic sound of v11.
  4. I can also agree with your reasoning ... however apart from the proning speed, I just do not know what to say ... since nobody else had this impression of speed increase in general of the soldier and no Devs for now denies or confirms , it will have been my "placebo" effect or I'll be going crazy
  5. v12 new M4 sound..

    I much prefer the sound of the M4 in v11. More recognizable, clear, sharp and metallic. In v12 it seems to me much more "generic". Which one do you prefer??? Ps. instead, the sound of ak's seems to me much improved
  6. In the Firing Range, I also did not notice any changes. But as soon as I joined the game (Belaya), I had the sharp feeling of the soldier's movement much faster. As if the soldier had returned (v9) to "have less weight", in changes of direction, lean, sprint etc. Everything seemed faster. Besides, I just can not understand why they have speeded up the prone again when you are sprinting ... in fact facilitating the "dolphin tactic" so hated in v9. Is it possible to have from the Devs (Fuzzhead ??) a word about my feelings? Have you changed-speeded some animation-transition ??? (apart from the prone sprinting that is obvious) Thank you!
  7. Is it my feeling, or the movement (like the sprint with low stamina) and the soldier's transitions in general(“dolphine” prone?!?!), are much faster than v10 - v11? I seem to be back at v9 ... where the pg "had no weight" and moved too fast (like the usual Battlefield, CSGO etc.). I hope it's just my feeling ... but it would be absurd ... the Devs want to lower the pace of the game with the changes to the spawn etc ... and then they increase x5 the movements and transitions of the soldier ??? I played only half an hour, but the impression was to be back to v9 and for me it would be a horrible thing!
  8. Regarding V.12

    wait, w what?? thx god
  9. Regarding V.12

    So in a few days we will have new info??? mmm sounds good
  10. Losing Patience

    New info end of this week? https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/9mf2q0/hey_owi_hows_the_bugsmashing_going/
  11. September 2018 Recap

    Everything nice. Unfortunately, but I think all this beauty (last 4 recaps), we'll see around the end of the year. For the first time Merlin has no longer guaranteed 1.0 by the end of the year (impossible now). After v12, the v13 will be missing with helo and 50v50 (and Territory Control Mode ??). I'm afraid we'll have to wait several weeks for v12
  12. What is really going on with Squad?

    Exactly my feelings. I understand that giving a precise date is impossible from the Devs, but at least have some indication a little more precise. I am one of those (as many others believe) who almost certainly expected the v12 in September and instead the feeling is what will come in late October - early November.
  13. Regarding V.12

    The v11 has arrived in 3 months, but in fact has added very little (my hipe for the v11 was really low ...), a new faction and two new vehicles ... in short, beautiful things, but nothing that "changed " the game. The v12 will instead completely change the game mechanics and my hipe is huge now. Unfortunately I have the feeling that we will see the v12 in many weeks still ..