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  1. I agree about SKS. Fall back to AKS or buff SKS (1 chest shot kill - like PS bolt action)
  2. Squad must have less front line style WW2. They are different eras and modern war is fought with "smaller" units coordinated with each other. In Squad I love the possibility of attacking a flag from 3 different points with 3 different teams at the same time. Having only a front line to build Fob and Rally, you risk making the attack less tactical and less imaginative. However, a good idea, although I believe I can be more effective and realistic in PS set in WW2
  3. Current Map Problems

    Totally agree with pigsoup. In fact, the maps that give me the most satisfaction are Gorodok and Yeho, for the synergy that is created between vehicles, troop transport and infantry.
  4. I have been waiting for nine months (since it was announced in the September 2017 Recap) that I await news on Territory Control. In fact we do not know yet ... As for Fob and RP, the Devs have said several times to want to change them to get a slower and more cohesive game flow. Probably already from the next Recap we will have info about it and with the V12 we can try them.
  5. Ammo bags only for Iron Sight Riflemen? I think only one / full squad need to have ammo bags. For balance.
  6. June Free Weekend

    TK incoming
  7. Physics?

  8. May 2018 Recap

    Excellent RAAS, localized damage and turret stabilizer. Although I sincerely wanted to have some news on Territory Control (we are stuck at a screenshot of 9 months ago!) and on the suppression system.
  9. Aim Punch like Post Scriptum

    This is an infinite speech and everyone will remain of their own idea. There are those who prefer a more tactical and slow game (as it should be Squad) and those who prefer to be skilled in 1vs1 with the usual optics. I'm just confident and happy with the words of the Devs (also in this thread) that clearly have a vision of their game much more similar to mine and to that of many. At the end for all those who do not want a system of suppression and aim punch (saying that those who want it are bad players ... lol ... then I imagine that those who use 99% of the time optical easy-mode x4 ), simply, or they will get used to it or ... there is always BF5 coming out ... and the fact that you can show the world your speed in pixel hunting and your personal skill.
  10. Aim Punch like Post Scriptum

    lol change game bro. New suppression incoming
  11. Squad can not avoid a system of aim punch ... even the most arcade games are there. In the Post Scriptum test I had a gun fight against a MG, I had a bolt rifle and the only chance I had was to take shelter behind a wall, wait for the mg to recharge and then respond to the fire. It was really tactical and fun. If I think of the firefights in Squad, without suppression and aim punch .... horrified (and I love Squad much more than Ps). In addition to unbalancing all optical vs iron sight, the gunfights are too fast and not very tactical. I sincerely hope that Squad adopts a similar system .. despite the usual ones that would like the usual run and gun style
  12. jungle map?

    It would have been my dream ... Squad ... in Vietnam ... with helicopters, napal and m16, few optics but "modern" weapons ... instead, Post Scriptum came out
  13. I agree. Invasion is fun for 2-3 rounds (imho). Then is just a big meat grinder
  14. Without Super Sampling right? Same here + 8600 OC 4.9 and with with SS i play with 60-80...on heavy map/situation (Kohat) my fps drops to 40...
  15. Same here. Need to play with Effect Hight. From Hight to Cinematic i lost 15 fps. Again, on Kohat i play (in hard moments) at 35-38. I do not explain it with a 8600 4.9ghz and 1080Ti. If I really want to have fps constant at 60+ in 3440x1440, I should remove the Super Sampling (which I have at 1.25) ... which is the option that makes the game more beautiful graphically. I do not want to imagine when there will be 100ppl servers ... 20 more people with 20 fps less. Should I downgrade my new 34 ultra wilde with a 27 full hd ?? Frustrating situation