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  1. Alpha 15.4 Released

    Right direction, good. Negative note: it is now clear that the momentum will never return. I see that having movements that are more realistic and less arcade it s really a thing hated by the Devs...sin.
  2. @Dolmaface Will the soldier's movements change too? More momentum inertia and a little less than maximum speed. How do people not understand that the general soldier movement is the basis for making a FPS more tactical and cohesive, with less run and gun, less lone wolfing etc etc ...
  3. new DLC visuals

    lol Sorry, I can't say anything else
  4. Nice! Please ... change the soldier's movements if you can. Add momentum and inertia that the devs have unexplained eliminated by v13! (for me it is the first thing that differentiates a tactical FPS from the usual arcade FPS) And maybe increase the suppression Thank you, I follow your work with great interest!
  5. The Devs with the latest versions are making the game more and more easy and casual (Buddy Rally - Death Death - no Momentum - no Suppression - soldier speed increase etc) ... so, no thanks. Stop make the game more and more casual plz. When you die and spawn at the Rally you have always 3 mags and bandages. And if you remain without ammunition for AT, GL, you will find other alternatives. It is called an APC or one is spawn to the FoB, one rearms oneself and tries an attack again.
  6. Essentially Squad v12 ... which like Rally, Death-Death and Momentum was perfect ... instead they wanted to make it easier and arcade. As if someone had asked to eliminate the momentum-inertia ... infinite sadness
  7. Unfortunately I do not believe that movement and suppression will be changed by now ... as it is now, it surely attracts more casual players (who are certainly more than us). The sad thing is that most casual players in a few months will change for the new Battlefield etc. While we (true) lovers of Squad, we will have a game ... "in half"
  8. ty Seen now. Gatzby mentions me on the momentum Anyway, he makes me like Fuzz answers .... he has our ideas about Squad ... but the final decisions can't take him. We love you Fuzz
  9. Did they say that they won't change anything or they haven't talked about it? (I haven't seen videos yet) More than the maximum speed, I continue to hope for a return of the momentum (I find it absurd the choice to totally eliminate the soldier's inertia ... when for months-years nobody had ever complained)
  10. Will the momentum - inertia of the soldiers' movement return? Bullets should not be avoided by running in a zig zag pattern The movement (I'm not talking about maximum speed) in v12 was much more realistic and rewarding
  11. Alpha 15 Released

    There is less grass density, but the visual impact is definitely better and more realistic, especially thanks to the new foliage. Plus I gained about 20 fps in Gorodok. And no, I don't have a potato pc ... 3440x1440 - 8600 4.9ghz - 1080ti
  12. Now Testing Alpha 15

    It is the first time I see a playtest where nobody plays. It is also impossible to test the optimization of the 2-3 "new" maps since at most there are 10-15 people playing. Very strange
  13. Excited for v15

    It would be enough for me to have a "minimum" of momentum-inertia again ... and no longer have the feeling of playing BATTLEFIELD when I run with the soldier ... the v15 will be the THIRD version without changes to the movement (I keep hoping. .. but I doubt they will ever be touched again)
  14. Excited for v15

    Already understood ... movement-momentum-inertia, buddy rally and permadeath will remain so to satisfy the "mass" that wants a faster, easier and more dynamic game. For those who dreamed of a more tactical and slow game (me and many others ... including developers - Fuzz ???), we will have to "settle" for future mods. Sadness the direction the game is taking.