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    Name: FKGaming (you might know us from a different name) Tag: [FK] Link: www.fkgaming.eu Language: English Description: FKGaming is a massive ARMA 3 community that was founded in 2016. After being heavily featured as main ARMA 3 playground for big YouTubers/streamers such as SovietWomble and ZF Cyanide, FK has grown into a household name when it comes to ARMA 3 Zeus missions. We play dynamic Zeus missions every day, and we'll be hosting our own Squad server soon. A perfect addition to our community mindset: focused on milsim, but not really that serious at all times. We're expecting to launch our server soon, so feel free to join us on our TS/Discord already! All info can be found on our website. Members: 6000+ registered website users, about 500 monthly active members. We also play: ARMA3, DayZ, Warframe, HOI4, CSGO, War Thunder, Minecraft, ...