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  1. English Speakers in South East Asia

    Cool, I have something like 85 ms to there. Have joined the Steam group : )
  2. English Speakers in South East Asia

    Are you Sergei? Only finding this ID.. http://steamcommunity.com/id/molotov Mine is Supervisor84 after the /id/ part. Still playing btw? I'm in Korea and get decent ping to Chinese and Japanese servers, just missing some English speakers and people who are actually willing to organize in the game! Hell, I could even squad lead-half okay in spoken Korean, but mics aren't that widely used. For US West Coast servers I'm getting 150+ ping which is playable.
  3. The US Soldiers Appear to be Wearing G3 Pants. Is That Accurate?

    They've done their shopping here I guess... https://www.amazon.com/MultiCam-Military-Paintball-Tactical-Trousers/dp/B06XWV4RX2
  4. Smoke animation

    Please elaborate... I'm not sure lowering the speed of the smoke will make it that much easier to see through the smoke. Hehe. He probably wrote 0.425 after some kind of testing on his own. If that's a hassle, they could just as well drop it to 0.5. You agree that "suspension of disbelief" is a part of enjoying a realistic game, though? The speed of the smoke (and how vibrant the colored smoke looks) kind of kills it for me.
  5. Smoke animation

    Oh my god ↑ this↑. Searched the forum to find a topic even mentioning the smoke animation. It's crazy fast, kind of like looking at smoke coming out at double the speed. So that factor sounds quite right.