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  1. Stuttering, need some input!

    Reason I think HDD might be be issue is because I can hear it working very hard while my GPU and CPU don't seem to be under heavy load.
  2. Hi. Just trying game for free weekend and I love it but I have issue with stuttering. No matter what I do with graphical/audio settings stuttering is same. My rig is crap at this point but I think it should be at least be to run on lowest settings possible without this stuttering but I might be wrong here. Any advice on how to fix this or what I could upgrade for reasonable amount of money to get it working properly. Also note that my whole PC slows down to unbearable point. I doubt that this is GPU issue and I think CPU should be able to handle it. My thoughts are on RAM and lack of SSD? My rig: I5 3570K GTX 760 8GB No SSD Thanks for any input you can provide. Cheers