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  1. Jensens Firing Range bugged?

    No problem, appreciate the communication back! I didn't see anything in the patch notes so I figured might as well ask it on the forums. Thanks for the reply!
  2. Jensens Firing Range bugged?

    Hello, So I was trying out Jensens Range in multiplayer, but a couple things didn't seem to work namely : Kill house popups stay down. Yet others work. In skirmish how ever it works, but vehicles have been despawned so to change maps every time to switch between things is not so smooth. Can't seem to pick any other factions besides US / Militia, which is a let down to get the other vehicles on the map, forntunly we can spawn them in but it's still not the same. If anybody has any solutions I would love to hear them, if this is just the way the game is, so be it but then at least I know. Kind regards, Mystline
  3. Hey there, I`ll start by listing some information about me and then i`ll continue with what i`m looking for. So : Name: Mystline Primary Language(s): Dutch, can speak English but preferably dutch. Age (optional): 22 Timezone or Region: UTC +1 Gaming Background: Arma 2/3, BF2 and Project Reality, COD UO and way more. I`m currently looking for a squad community / clan that is mostly in to scenarios. I understand that there is currently one that is quite big and active, how ever the timezone doesn't match, and everything start way to late to actually enjoy. Now i`m looking for something using more of a EU timezone. I`m not into "real" matches, i`m just looking for the one life per game type of scenario gameplay think of capturing a h.v.t and such. I like squad as a game, but I love those kind of "events". I hope somebody can help, and otherwise it's just back to casual gaming.