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  1. Rally Point

    I tryed geting the community to use vehicles to move around, like a transport squad but they don't care, It just too milsim. Really we are trying to improve game by makeing so it rewards smart plays and not rushing, lonewolf tactics. Here is the reference:
  2. Squad Kickstarter promise not addressed

    Also I would get rid of rally spawning and instantly dieing from a sniper or camper as the squad would go back to the fob (spawn the hab with transport)
  3. Squad Kickstarter promise not addressed

    From the Kickstarter: ”To take you out of this wounded state, we are including a tech structure with FOBs called the Casualty Collection Point (CCP). Players have the option now of falling back to the nearest CCP and be brought back to full strength. The analogy here is that the wounded has been evacuated and a replacement has come to the front, incurring no penalties to the team. Doing this gives the squad with wounded options, whether to press on at half-strength, or call in transport and evacuate the wounded so they can return to the front at full strength. It also gives pause to the squad, and if they are taking this many casualties then a change in strategy or tactics can be thought through.” the CCP system will heavily balance the game, don’t change spawn timers but if medic can not fully heal, the fobs medic station would be more important than endless pushing, and it will make transport more valuable. Dropping off fresh troops and picking up injured ones. Also when the troops are being switched, the squad leader can share intel and make a better assault, makeing the troops get more kills, hence become fun.
  4. Ai mod

    Hello, i was thinking of making an AI mod for squad steam workshop, but with some research I heard that you could not add code to the game; like making a new behavior tree for smart positioning, and scanning of environments. Are you able to add code to the game with its update to steamwork shop?
  5. Where is the promised Casualty Collection Points (CCPs) fob structures? They are very important to make fobs more valuable and rally weaker of haveing to go back to main or fob to get fully healed as medic can not get rid of more weapon sway when injured. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/offworldindustries/squad/posts/1265547