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  1. [G]uardians EU

    We do have a website, although it's mainly for directing people to our discord, GuardiansEU.com We're always recruiting
  2. [G]uardians EU

    No one is banned from our discord.
  3. [G]uardians EU

    This is the first time anyone has ever complained for being kicked from our server, ever! i'd like to know what problems you had with our admins or server? or why you feel that Guardians is the flagship for admin abuse? because that's news to me
  4. [G]uardians EU

    We're still recruiting new members, we're looking for team players for all roles (SL, Medic, AT etc) Join our discord and speak to us there for more information.
  5. Looking to join a clan..

    You'd probably have more approaching clans rather than trying to get them to approach you. There lots of good NA clans, play on their servers, join their discords and get to know their members, pick one you like the most and play with them regularly. That's pretty much the joining process for most clans. Good luck.
  6. Community Clan Fight Night

    G second squad
  7. [G]uardians EU

    Thanks guys. I'm not sure about Chern being cool though..... :thinking:
  8. [G]uardians EU

    Hello dude. come to our discord and let either Chernarus or myself know you would like to join, and we can take it from there.
  9. [G]uardians EU

    [G]uardians are an EU based competitive clan Although our clan is relatively new, our founders and admin team have been playing squad for years, but we're always open to expanding our team with the right people. [G]uardians offer a relaxed and fun environment, with a competitive approach to games. We play together daily on our server and do weekly clan events, such as CCFN, clan scrims etc. we're also taking part in the up coming squad world championship, in the open league. If you feel that [G]uardians may be for you, we would suggest you join our discord and play with us on our server, before asking one of our admin team about the recruitment process. Basic requirements for joining [G] You are an active squad player You are happy to use discord and be on discord while playing You want to be part of a competitive clan and take part in clan matches Mature If [G] isn't for you, we would still like to invite you to join our server and discord community. [G]uardians Discord We have an official 80 slot server with over 20 admins to keep things running smoothly. please see a list of our server rules below. 1. Be respectful. Absolutely no discrimination of any kind to other players will be tolerated. 2. Team Killing. Deliberate team kills will not be tolerated, this includes revenge/retaliation team kills or team killing in 'self defence'. Apologise for accidental team kills in all chat. 3. Cheating. Cheating of any kind will result in a ban, this includes hacking, glitching and other exploits. 4. Base Camping. Keep your distance from the enemy main base, there is no set distance to what we consider 'base camping' as some objectives are very close to main base. do not place mines or camp outside the protection zone. If an admin thinks you're too close you will be asked to move away or risk being kicked. 5. No recruiting on [G]uardians server. 6. Squad Leaders. All squad leaders must have the squad leader kit at all times, they must have a microphone and be able to communicate in English to other squad leaders. A reasonable effort should be made to play the objective. taking all the vehicles, placing a FOB miles from objectives or sitting at un-capable/defendable objectives is not helping your team. 7. Unassigned. All players must join a squad, if one is not available, create one. No one man locked squads or unassigned players. 8. Spam/Advertising. Do not spam VOIP or text chat (playing music down the mic, etc). Do not advertise on our server, this includes URLs or any kind of advertising in your steam name. 9. Vehicles. All APC's require a minimum 2 man crew at all times. Do not leave vehicles any where on the map except your main base or FOB. 10. Seeding. Seeding rules are in effect at the admins discretion, usually 15/18 player per team depending on map, number of active players etc. Under seeding rules both teams will fight over one objective stated by an admin. no vehicles other than logistic trucks are allowed. no MG/mortar emplacements should be used. no camping enemy HAB's or digging up FOB's is allowed. An admin will broadcast a message when they feel the server is populated enough, and normal rules will apply. See you on the battlefield
  10. List of active clans and communities

    [G]uardians We are a multi-national EU based clan started by two guys who have been playing Squad for years. We play a semi-serious competitive game with lots of banter thrown in. Check us out. Discord.