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  1. Weapons of the BAF?

    It's part of the new army 2020 I think, in all fairness, we should just bin off the LMG and L12 and smash a Gympie at platoon level. Ain't nobody going to pop up with that thing chugging rounds.
  2. Weapons of the BAF?

    Well, I know that where I am, there isn't a transition taking place. We still have ample amount of LMG's and few Sharpshooter Rifles. It's a rather costly process to fade out the LMG and switch to a more sophisticated Rifle.
  3. Weapons of the BAF?

    It's been happening since 2015/2016. Everyone I know including me is for the change, I agree with controlled fire on a target rather than an area.
  4. Weapons of the BAF?

    If we want to be completely correct in terms of the army, the standard rifle for infanteers is the L85, along with the platoon weapon which currently stands with the LMG, however that changed when they decided to replace the LMG with the sharpshooter rifle the L12. The L12 offers more accurate fire at targets rather than a flurry of rounds in a general area that the LMG offers. As I stated before, the LSW was the marksman rifle but hasn't been used in a while and you aren't even trained on it anymore. They sit in the armouries collecting dust.
  5. Weapons of the BAF?

    I haven't seen an LSW be used in a very long time, we have very few in the armoury I personally wouldn't see the point in the LSW although I know they are already working on it. The LMG Gunners would have the LMG and so forth. As for the AT, we use the ILAW, LASM, Javelin and the old Milan.