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  1. [Guide] Tactical Communication in FPS Games

    Appreciate the support and feedback. I agree that there is a lot more to it then meets the eye. But these days you have to keep it KISS for people to grasp the concepts. Another valuable lesson that shouldn't ever been forgotten is develop common names for things that everyone understands what they are. We named one style of house in PUBG, one of our teammate's moms house, but we always know that style of house which makes for a quick call out. Yes, we are bad I know. LOL
  2. [Guide] Tactical Communication in FPS Games

    There are several other guides on the webpage as well. https://fpsgamers.co/category/guides/
  3. Hola Gents, So squad is an intense game that requires a bunch of teamwork to accomplish goals. One thing that can surely be improved on constantly is your teams' ability to communicate with each other. I wrote this guide in reference to Arma 3 but It applies to any FPS game in the market. I hope you enjoy the information and that you can apply it into your team's dynamics. There are several other guides as well. Feedback is appreciated! TwistedXvs