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  1. New V11 name tags?

    Sometimes I'm shooting over the shoulder of troops and at say 200 meters+ I can't see the enemies because of the stupid name tags .. I would really like full options over size delay and to fix the above problem only show when near crosshair and remove when crosshair is over target
  2. I ask for a volunteer before I bark at someone to do a run .. and if no takers i have rules .. medics are immune, everyone else has to do only 1 run maximum and swop generally if you are dead your up
  3. Falling Damage nerf?

    Fall over mechanic would solve this immediately for medium drops and stupid heights should be broken stamina and bleeding out.
  4. What fortifications would you like?

    Draggable/pushable items like garbage crates (the big ones on wheels) ability to create road blocks with general street trash would be lovely for insurgents. Back to the op question "what additinal fortifications" Hmm I would like to be able to use resources to block wall holes in sumari for example instead of having to build 2 stack of sandbags. Not sure how that would look though .. not as if you can board it up. Fox holes that you can only go prone inside .. maybe that would be an unrealistic half way house to true fox holes. Obviously drones are a big thing in modern warfare so maybe a drone placement that auto flies and you have to watch the screen from player perspective rather than from FPS view to add realism and so not to be too strong a tool
  5. Txaa is the only way this is playable at 1080p resolutions ... Otherwise there is too much glistening everywhere .. rehsade with the sharpness turned up made squad look mazing .. they have improved it somewhat though ... TXAA 1.0 sharpness vertical sync and enjoy .. I'm on 2600k 4.4ghz 1060 6gb at stable 60fps 80% .. 45fps 20%
  6. Fob gameplay idea

    I would like to see placable barb on hesco and double stack bags .. this would give a nice buff back to fobs survivability. It's balanced because barb costs. As we all know Medium & super fobs are also out of meta because people are wise to seeing sandbags .. doesn't stop me trying though. Sneaky fobs ftw and big fobs for fun

    My game mode called flag drop is pretty dynamic .. on phone now so can't link easily but just an idea in forums now but I hope to learn to mod it
  8. I have this bug also .. very annoying .. plus my resolution 1920x1200 often goes off screen so I end up having 1080p worth of screen fill the monitor leaving the other 120 pixels below my monitor .. or another thing my screen resolution will be correct but my icons will be 120 below the monitor .. very odd but fixable with changing resolution around in game .. but the map thing always offset.

    Have to admit insurgency is the connoisseurs choice of game mode ... Well in pr it was the best mode .. what was so wrong with it in squad ? I missed the time it was in rotation
  10. Gamemode - Flag Drop

    I would settle for a procedural generation of flags with some balanced logic ill look into territory control now. thanks for the input *update after research* Company of heroes style terrotory control - awsome (yes please!) grid mode terrotory control where you capture land by running a perimeter - meh too cat and mouse run simulator random AAS - either its going to be so random that people complain about their luck of the draw or it will be predetermined locations randomised - lets assume their are 3 spots at the first flag 3 on the middle and 3 on the front line thats 3x3x3 thats quite alot of variation when you also include the opposing sides variation, but still your not gonna be able to use it competitevly because of the luck of the draw whereas my idea tackles dynamic mapplay its completely fair so competition viable and rush meta is also dealt with because the opposing team cant predict where you are going (storage rush mortar timings). basically if squad doesnt do it .. Ill have to learn to how to develop my own game.
  11. Gamemode - Flag Drop

    there are a few ways I thought would help stop batshit crazy designs... 1) there is a minimum and maximum distance to each fob (that will link into a flag). so refering to the above the russians couldnt place fobs closer than 400m to an existing fob (as usual) and i dunno (needs some thought) 800m distance from the last fob/link in the chain (assuming you want it to make a flag). so lets assume 1 2 & 3 are all at minimum 400m apart fob 4 would have a limited placement. this may fix the "flow" of flags on each side but the final flag from each side may be very far apart. 2) you set a maxium angle of attack from last flag. say placement cant fall in a 45' angle towards the previous fob (map could reflect this). 2b) no offside fobs. ie the flag must not be placed behind the previous flag using the enemy base as the direction of play. 3) batshit crazy flows like above could be meta thats the beauty of tactics. redfor could put there fobs all over the place ( +tactical play - hard to logi run) + blufor could put all in a line (+reinforcment - blitzkrieg vulnerable) either way I am desperate for map layers to be dynamic the game is just screaming for it could be crap but worth a shot!
  12. Razor Wire

    It should be hard as nails to dig down unless you are breacher class with bolt cutters .. it could have 3 states Unbuilt Ruined Built When ruined it slows down but no damage .. can be rebuilt without resources. Grenades and infantry touching move it to ruined.
  13. Gamemode - Flag Drop

    A cappable flag is maintained to fight over. If team A only gets one flag down and team B rushes .. then team A must recap first flag to be able to link the next Flag/hab .. Each team can have an unlimited amount of fobs but the first 3 habs that get linked will set the flag position. There are many scenarios that could occur.. Team A could only get one Hab down the whole match while team B only sets 2 habs (team A would have ticket bleed) but can imediately attack team B flags. Therefore 3 flags got placed, 1 for team A and 2 for team B .. team A overuns 1 of team B's flags without building a second one themselves and it's stops ticket bleed... Or they can build a second hab/flag to stop ticket bleed.. or they can keep on attacking the second flag of team B and initiate a ticket bleed on team B .. team B can build a third hab/flag but until they recapture the first 2 it won't link as a flag it will just act as a hab. Would you suggest anything?
  14. Universal Logistical System

    Great idea I like the depth. Personally I would keep everything the same except I would like the ability to create supply dumps. SL can deploy 3 different sized supply zones. 4mx4m 16mx16m 32mx32. The logitrucks can dump a maximum of 2000 on the 4x4 - 8000 on the 16x16 and 16000 on the 32x32. Infantry can move 500 in ammo sized crate which you visibly see yourself moving and must put it down to unleash weapon if there is ammo in the crate it can be used immediately but construction must be in radio range. The supply zones itself would visibly drop crates depending on the amount there so enemy can see it building up and attack it. And sl can see resource values on them from map view. This means that on the larger maps access to supplies doesn't have to be a 10minute round trip ... as one logitrucks can supply the forward dump and another logitruck + smaller vehicles (mrap techies) + infantry can support multiple bases.
  15. Fob gameplay idea

    With the new spawn timer completely stopping when enemies in range it has made habs more vulnerable than ever but if it stops the meat grinder great ! However I already think habs are too vulnerable now that vaulting is a thing and once enemies gets close that's usually game over for a lot of hard work.. I would like to have the time to counter attack and save my hab. One way of doing this would be to implement explosives specific for hab destruction. So enemy can lock down a hab but they must destroy it with a particularly large explosive .. this means a bit more teamwork involved on their behalf and precious minutes for the defenders to reclaim their base. Just a thought