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  1. How do I appeal a ban?

    Okay I don't know what you mean by that. I was just telling you what happened. but i'm sorry for wasting your time. Have a good night.
  2. How do I appeal a ban?

    I goofed? What do you mean? Thats the admin that is on Desmos Playground. Thats what we are talking about
  3. How do I appeal a ban?

    Yeah my brother was playing and he got into an argument with Vivid (I think that's his name its something like that) and he got himself banned for what he said was a week. I don't know what the argument was about.
  4. How do I appeal a ban?

    Is there any other way to access the Discord? I tried that link and got the same message. I don't know what is causing it
  5. How do I appeal a ban?

    Whenever I try it just says "The instant invite is invalid or has expired". and yeah it was Desmo's Playground on Squad.
  6. How do I appeal a ban?

    How do I appeal a ban? The person said that I was going to be banned for a week but that was about a month ago. I'm not sure what happened.
  7. Ban

    do you know who that is that I would talk to? I couldnt find that Ban page for Desmos
  8. Ban

    Hi, I was wondering if you could help me. I was told I got banned for a week, and its been a week and I still cannot join. what's up with that? this is my tag ZizzyBob and my steam ID is STEAM_0:0:69168748 thanks