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  1. EAC Game Error on Launch

    I recently reinstalled Squad on an SSD, and now I'm getting an error caused by EAC. Error Code: 20006 (Cannot create service(StartService failed: 193)) https://gyazo.com/a29fd5a4e26a7515255a25fa09863501 No idea why this happens. I've tried reinstalling the game, making sure my Windows is up to date, tried to reinstall EAC, etc, with no results. Edit: Here's the error log. GameID: 55 (32bit) Windows Version: 10.0 (Build 16299) Error Code: 20006 Process Exit Code: 0h UUID: f2d14eb1-d9f3-253c-a764-b30c7b12f397 Processes list: adobeupdateservice.exe agsservice.exe applicationframehost.exe audiodg.exe chrome.exe cmd.exe conhost.exe corsairlink4.exe corsairlink4.service.exe csrss.exe ctfmon.exe dashost.exe discord.exe dwm.exe epmd.exe erl.exe explorer.exe fontdrvhost.exe gjagent.exe gystation.exe hamachi-2-ui.exe hamachi-2.exe ipoverusbsvc.exe jucheck.exe jusched.exe lcore.exe lmiguardiansvc.exe logmeinsystray.exe lsass.exe memory compression microsoft.photos.exe msascuil.exe msmpeng.exe netsession_win.exe nissrv.exe nssm.exe nvcontainer.exe nvdisplay.container.exe nvidia share.exe nvidia web helper.exe nvoawrappercache.exe nvsphelper64.exe nvtelemetrycontainer.exe onedrive.exe origin.exe originwebhelperservice.exe pnkbstra.exe qtwebengineprocess.exe ravbg64.exe rtkngui64.exe runtimebroker.exe searchfilterhost.exe searchindexer.exe searchprotocolhost.exe searchui.exe securityhealthservice.exe services.exe settingsynchost.exe shellexperiencehost.exe sihost.exe skypehost.exe smartscreen.exe smss.exe spoolsv.exe spotify.exe spotifywebhelper.exe squad_launcher.exe steam.exe steamservice.exe steamwebhelper.exe svchost.exe systemsettings.exe taskhostw.exe taskmgr.exe twitch.exe twitchui.exe win32sysinfo.exe wininit.exe winlogon.exe wmiprvse.exe wudfhost.exe
  2. On V10, I am getting lag spikes (dropping down to 2 or 3 frames) and sometimes my game crashes. Not sure why exactly, but here is my crash file. Next time I will run it with full crash dump. https://pastebin.com/CFjBenss
  3. Reshade EAC Error

    Whenever I try to startup Squad, I get this error related to Reshade & EAC. https://gyazo.com/d642f34fda986103da8bc201c79f3d7b Is there anyway to solve this?