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  1. Error help solution pls

    the error was because my pc was only using 3gb of ram, then another day I was using 4gb ram to stop the error setting up my computer intel core i5 2310 4gb ram amd rx 550 2gb ddr5 font 550w windows 7 ultimate Other than that, the game is going to be a bit slower than a ram? https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/placa_de_video-png--8
  2. Error help solution pls

  3. Error help solution pls

    Does anyone have a solution for how to handle this error? I do not know if it's exactly a bug or a bug Anyone else can help me pls: https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/error1-png--5
  4. sQuad hangs on the load screen

    When I enter the game and go to the loading screen it simply hangs, and it is very difficult to close it and when I close it leaves the steam Can someone help me https://imgur.com/a/aDDev config my pc Intel core i5 3330 3.00 Ghz amd rx 550 2gb 128 bits 4 gb ram windows 10
  5. Are you going to have all the helicopters and armor?

    Hopefully, if it is the same as the reality project, the game will look very good: it puts Apache helicopters, war tank and other armored vehicles.
  6. Are you going to have other armies?

    Are you going to have the army of all countries? same as the reality project? Ex : israeli defende forcer,Hamas german forcer. And also wanted to know if you will have all the map of the reality project. My doubts answer please
  7. Are you going to have an attack helicopter? and all the blinds that ta no project reality?