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  1. *FIXED* Problems with running game

    I fixed the game; I updated the AMD driver, deleted the folder with .ini files and it seems to work now.
  2. *FIXED* Problems with running game

    It is 15GB, I forgot how it was set up though in order to get 15.
  3. *FIXED* Problems with running game

    It is not the problem; I tried running with and without.
  4. *FIXED* Problems with running game

    RAM is 15GB, Processor is Intel(R) Core i7 CPU 920 2.67 GHz, settings are on lowest possible, how do you want me to check ping?
  5. I have an AMD R7 240 2GB video card, which is not the best card to run this game on, I know. Every time I launch the game, I have a black screen that does not change until I Alt+Tab or press the windows key. The frames in the application only change when I press the hot keys. My monitor is 1920x1080, however I run the game on 1366x768 for better performance. I tried many things, such as reinstalling, verifying cache, and going into the notepads and changing resolutions to different 16:9 ratios. There are three things that interest me about this problem. First, I had the same problem with Dead by Daylight, another UE4 game. Second, I use Razer Cortex to tell me the FPS in-game, which is, surprisingly, high. Razer Cortex does not recognize my problem in terms of FPS, and shows high FPS in loading screens. Sometimes, however, the Razer UI is cut out on top of my screen, just like my cursor. Third thing is that I actually got the game to run once at 25-30 FPS yesterday (the day I got the game), but then decided to change my settings for slightly better performance and had the same problem I have today. If I could run the game once at somewhat acceptable FPS, I think I could do it again, but I do not know how. I tried doing the same things I did to get it running last time, but they don't work. Any ideas?