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  1. Russian VDV (Airborne troops) vs USMC, both are separate branches of sevice (sorta), both are non-special force, both are armed to the teeth with everything, provide unique playstyle with unique vehicles and equipment.
  2. Ok, now it's time to add BMP-2.

    Although the BMP-2 is the most 'mass' IFV in the Russian Army, there are still enough BMP-3's to go around. The BMP-3 has a 100mm smoothbore cannon that fire low velocity HE rounds plus ATGM's, it also has a coaxile 30mm cannon and 7.62 PKT(M), so balancing might be an issue, but I think the mix would be enough, like 1x BMP-3 1x BMP-2 vs 2x M2A2 Bradley should be alright.
  3. USMC & M1A1 Abrams tank. When??

    It truely is, T-90's might not be as common as T-72, with around ~350 of these tanks in service, there are a bunch of T-80's but the bulk of their MBT's would be T-72B3's of around ~1300 both obr. 2011 and obr. 2016, although the 2011 mod is more common (~1000). There are sh*t ton of T-72B1's storage however, and I've even heard of a T-62's being used in Georgia, probably more as a mobile gun system rather than a tank.
  4. Remove desert, remove Russian

    What about Battle of Grozniy from PR? That was cool too, right guys? No, nobody liked it? ok MEC, China and NK is fine though, they are not as professional as the NATO guys but they sure dont give a f*ck about casualties, so more tickets and lower respawn times for them compared to the BluFor factions would be nice balance.
  5. The future of localized vehicle damage

    I well aware that modern tanks armour is made of a bunch of different materials ranging from depleted uranium to rubber, and that RHA is just a measurement. When it comes to protection of a M1A1 there are plenty of spots on the side that can be penetrated by an ordinary RPG, the only slat armour piece I've seen or read about was in the rear, and most American Abrams tanks dont have ERA and if they do its only on the side of the hull leaving the Turret unprotected. The Saudis have lost plenty of Abrams tanks to Kornet missiles by simply exposing their sides, even at a high angle.
  6. The future of localized vehicle damage

    70mm of armour? RPG-7V has 500mm(RHS) of penetration with its current HEAT rocket, I am not even talking about the RPG-29 with 900mm of penetration which could disable M1A1 Abrams or a Challenger 2 from the fit in the frontal arc. Any AT weapon that is used today can penetrate an Abrams in the side of the turret unless its equipped with TUSK, same for other tanks without ERA on the sides. There is just isnt enough beef in the Abrams to withstand an RPG shot to the side of the turret, front hull maybe, but not the sides. Modern ATGM's will make a hole in any part of the tank.
  7. The Russian Army arsenal?

    From my research I've learned that both US Army and USMC use M16A4's and M4A1's its just that the M16 is way more common in the Marine Corps while the Army use M4A1's alot more. The recruit kit in Squad should have the M16A4 instead.
  8. I believe Militia are chechen insurgents, i mean they are insurgents and they speak Russian like chechens just dont have beards, they also do look like Eastern-Ukrainian separatists though, but they are fighting Russia (which politically makes no sense). Why not both? Have the old models on maps they fit best and the new ones on maps they fit best.
  9. I think there should be designated insurgency maps tailored for that game mode with bonuses to the Insurgents faction to further the asymmetry of the gameplay which would make the mode more fun and different from all the other, in PR Ramiel, Fallujah West and Kokan Vally were these maps and they were great for the game mode. OWI can do the same.
  10. The End of Humvees? :(

    Maybe OWI can release a FREE mod/dlc adding humvee so you cant say that they are making money on it right?
  11. AK74 vs M4/16 Recoil

    @Dubs VDV is not Spetsnaz, its an entire different branch of service like the USMC as you well know, there is actually a Spetsnaz unit IN the VDV. VDV or Russian Airborne Troops have very similar equipment to the Russian Infantry, major difference being that all guns have folding stocks or weapons that can be quickly assembled, and troop carries like the BMD line are all very lightly armoured. I doubt the Russian forces completely lack any optic as there are combat optics in stock. @Ivorystate There is still a number of contractors in the RGF but not majority, and scopes are more likely to be distributed to the professionals and not some randoms. Combat sights are standard issue though with the Ratnik program which Spetsnaz and VDV have for now. Eventually, and Putin talked about this, Russia will fully abandon conscription and the army will become 100% professional according to Western standards.
  12. Weapons

    @Scarish The Kord HMG has been around since 1998 and has been developed for the sole reason of replacing the NSV, I did however mistakenly called in outdated and shouldn't have as it is perfectly fine HMG and most used 12.7 T-variat(Tankoviy), although newer version of the same MT-LB have been using the Kord, the GAZ Tigr has a Kord, it is the main HMG of the Russian infantry forces along with the NSV. I just thought it would reflect the Russian Ground Forces better in the game if OWI had added it into the game.
  13. US Marines Faction!

    Just camo and clothing difference really, Marines are replacing their M16's with M4A1's, I'll give it to you on AT, vehicles are all the same. I dont know why you brought BF4 into this, you probably never played it anyway.
  14. US Marines Faction!

    There isnt a huge difference anyway
  15. The Russian Army arsenal?

    I remember in Project Reality the US army had M16'a and M4 with burst and semi modes on all guns which made the game alot more balanced when facing the Russians with fully automatic AK's. I only know the USMC only uses fully automatic M4A1's while the US Army i believe still has M16's (not sure what modification though). When it comes to Russian optics, it is true that they dont ever use red dot sights or collimator sights in infantry brigades, only special forces, optics however are a little different. They are not standard issue to every soldier, probably due to conscription, but there are plenty in stock and the mission requires one I am sure they will have one. There are still professional soldiers in RGF and they are more likely to be main fighting force and more likely to have scopes.