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  1. Headset causing me Lag

    Hello Skul. thanks for your reply. I do have a single HDD. What do you mean by by putting a page file right after Squad folder? I don't really understand what you meant by your last paragraph. Cheers
  2. Headset causing me Lag

    Hello All, My USB headset has been causing me mini freezing since 9.8. I only realized it in the past week. Basically, my game freezes with my headset plugged in, but as soon as I remove the cable, the game does not minifreeze anymore, and I can play normally forever. (without sound) My drivers are up to date, (its a Sades headset), but I don't know why this happens. It mainly freezes when I'm driving, shooting or using a gun emplacement. I bought a stereo headset a few days ago, and that seemed to solve the problem, but after a few hours of playing lag free, that started giving me issues as well. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Ps, I have verifed cache dozens of times, and all my drivers are up to date.