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  1. 10th Special Forces Group

    Close to 50 members and growing. If Structure and Teamwork with a laid back group out of game and serious in game is what you're looking for, hop in and check us out. See you soon!
  2. Project Reality vets sign in here

    Name: [10SFG] CPT Smith.J Played Project Reality with 2 different milsim units since 2010. Used to be 4th Special Forces Group and 26th MEU. Decided to bring most of the boys over to squad. Mostly play NA servers Time zone EST
  3. List of active clans and communities

    Name: 10th Special Forces Group Tag: [10SFG] Link: https://10thsf.enjin.com/ Description: We're a Laid back Milsim unit out of game, Serious in game. We use Teamwork, Rank Structure, and Discipline in Game. We have Training's 1 day on the weekend that consist of 1 hour tops. Can't expect to be a good team if you don't train like one. We give real life tactics that only apply to gameplay ran and taught by Veterans from the Military through a verified Veteran program. We offer Basic Training, Advanced Individual Training, Air Assault, and many more. Nature of Interest: Military Simulation Detachments in game within the unit Members: 75th Rangers RRC [Infantry] - 17 SFOD-A 0114 [Special Forces] - 6 160th SOAR [Pilots] - 2 Games We also Play: We do play Squad every night because that's our main game. However we also play, Arma 3: frontline mod, PUBG, Escape from Tarkov, CS:GO, Planetside 2, DayZ, and Others. Discord info: https://discord.gg/zswp84p
  4. 10th Special Forces Group

    infantry growing at a steady rate. BCT this saturday. If you're looking for a competitive milsim type unit that deals with teamwork type gameplay, come on in and check us out. we also do a one week trial period for people to see if the unit is a fit for you.
  5. Server Rules for Midwest Coast Tactical Pro Server

    Glad it says may not be strictly enforced, because my group plays there as our main server to play on. Especially since we help alot gameplay and activity wise. I myself don't have 200+ hours in yet.
  6. 10th Special Forces Group

    constantly growing and getting good recognition in game for what we do. join our infantry today and come in if you have questions.
  7. 10th Special Forces Group

    Infantry side is filling up fast, get a spot while you can before recruitment closes again! Looking for a teamwork orientated unit then come check us out. We play mostly on the Midwest Coast Tactical Server.
  8. 10th Special Forces Group

    Join us in Discord or add me on Steam under CPT Smith.J also go to our forums and fill out recruitment app. We'll go from there to see if this unit is a good fit for you. See you soon.
  9. 10th Special Forces Group

    Still recruiting for our Infantry, Stop on by for details
  10. 10th Special Forces Group

    Yea we're all in Discord I'll give you the discord invite that wont expire. https://discord.gg/XYVuRh8
  11. 10th Special Forces Group

    copy Anthony, we are open for recruitment again for our 75th Rangers Infantry. Come on in to discord and have a chat and we'll see if you're a good fit for the unit. See you soon stop on in our discord bud, we're all mostly on around 6pm est
  12. 10th Special Forces Group

    All slots in our OD-A are closed, We're not recruiting for our Infantry Detachment the 75th Rangers RRC. Jump in Teamspeak for further instructions on how to join. See you soon
  13. 10th Special Forces Group

    All slots are currently filled, we'll be opening our 75th Rangers Infantry Detachment in 3 weeks. If you want a spot in the infantry Join us on Teamspeak to see if this unit is compatible for you.
  14. 10th Special Forces Group

    Copy, we'd love to speak to you Doc about your application to see if you're a fit to the unit. Join Teamspeak when you get a chance and hop down to the 10th channels to have a chat. See you soon
  15. 10th Special Forces Group

    One Spot left open till recruitment is closed till OD-A is situated. When recruitment opens back up when the slot is filled, we'll be filling the ranks for our infantry.