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  1. FREE WEEKEND´s are out of control

    A real life example of how you are wrong is Americas Army. All my friends that were kickstarter backers have grown disdain for what devs have done to the community and everyone stopped playing. We all tried the other night, guess what free weekend again!!
  2. FREE WEEKEND´s are out of control

    We didnt buy and back this development to be ingame tutors and babysitters. Their kickstarter campaign quote " We want nothing less than to reclaim the genre of tactical shooters for the creators, modders and players who have waited a generation to get back to intelligent, satisfying gameplay. " My friends and I have given them literally thousands of dollars from day one and this is what we get? Them wanting to be EA.
  3. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    It exists brother. I havnt even open the game since mid August (Came on the website to see updates and community, came across this post). Im a kickstart backer, experienced all of what you are talking about. I raised the issues with OWI and got stock standard PR responses and "the game wasnt made for military sim or a core fan base, it was made to fill in a spot between PR and the BF series so a wider range of people will enjoy it" When their kickstarter claims it was built around the PR simulation battle style to reclaim the war sim genre... Last I tried to play it was server after server of what I can only describe as COD players. The dynamics have changed. Post is going the same way. Im just going to try their updates and leave it again. The people who know what you speak of know what you are saying dont worry about the blissful ignorance. Moderator Edit : Removed a part of your post. Please keep drama off of these forums.
  4. Why is there "free weekends"

    For the people who paid and waited for early access flooding it with trolls and morons is just a spit in the face. Id say approaching people like Dyslexi or devildoggamer to make content rather then OWI themselves would be more effective since they have audiences in tactical gaming. " We want nothing less than to reclaim the genre of tactical shooters for the creators, modders and players who have waited a generation to get back to intelligent, satisfying gameplay. " - Squad kickstarter. Once full saturation and exposure is achieved perhaps it will be a generation before the game gets back to intelligent and satisfying game play? Maybe ill just be pushed towards clan vs clan Or if they implement some ranked server system with server options for a minimum rank. Then some servers could be filled with your "exposure" to slowly learn the game together then once they rank enough to play with others who dont screw around it will feel like an accomplishment and they will participate more so as their experience will increase too. Even a mandatory 'Americans Army' style boot camp before online playing is unlocked would help more then what is done. I'm totally a pessimist I know this.... I just feel there is a better way to cultivate and grow the community as the game develops.
  5. Why is there "free weekends"

    Exposure money, money exposure. Same same to me. But I understand, you guys want to take some of those AAA titles player base as an upgrade to more arcade style fps shooters. My 2 cents is perhaps approaching some more serious/analytical gaming or game review channels on youtube with viewer demos in a mature or at least late teenage and give them a couple keys just so they make a video review of the game after sometime playing it. Perhaps ask said people to make an instructional video for their viewers how to play properly as a team or something. I would imagine the quality of people joining our community would be far above the leaflet drop over fluoridated area give away. (excuse my dry wit.) After all steam offer their money back. Ive played over 1000 hours now, so I love this game I want to see it developed to its full potential I can just not help but notice the changes in gameplay and how long it takes to recover. I guess I just see this compounding with exposure. I play with a group of people, we hate it what happens to the game hence my making of this thread. We have ended up playing more other games, perhaps you notice this in your analytics since ive heard many others say the same over comms. None the less thanks for your response Dubs.
  6. Why is there "free weekends"

    I agree with this. The Australian servers are currently unplayable, its like the game was handed out in a special needs program. zero coordination, heaps of trolls, Rambos everywhere and on and on. As I originally pointed out, we gave them multiple times the amount they asked to make the game.... At least being able to enjoy it before the floodgates of kids and arcade shooters fill the servers.. Dislike people pissing in the well.
  7. No Sound Problem After 11.2

    Fair enough bud. Thanks for the response. Im trying a full reinstall, if it happen again afterwards ill drop an email. Matt
  8. Why is there "free weekends"

    I just have a question for the owners from a kickstarter contributor. We gave you over twice the amount of money asked to make the game, I just wanted to know why you guys keep giving it away for free weekends. The whole community and game experience takes a massive dive during and for a period of time after each free weekend. I understand you want people thus more money, I was under the impression this game was built around the PR/ARMA community. I dont mean to offend or trigger anyone, just a genuine question.
  9. No Sound Problem After 11.2

    I would have thought help would come through this so others can find the solution too since quiet a few have had the issue. Thanks though. Ill make another post here with any fix i guess..
  10. No Sound Problem After 11.2

    Are we meant to be speaking to someone else or posting this else where to get help? Like the dev team or something? I see other threads popping up with the same issue.
  11. No Sound Problem After 11.2

    Anything else to try? It seems to be the exact same thing that happens when you go deaf from an explosion without the ringing. Just rapid fade down but never comes back without restarting the game sometimes also verifying cache. Its game breaking for me, start a squad 30 minutes pass and have to restart and wait in que again.
  12. No Sound Problem After 11.2

    Shweeeet. No other headsets for me but speakers do the same. Headsets function perfectly can even play music while in game and it happens too.
  13. No Sound Problem After 11.2

    Does the person who creates a thread only get a response or something?
  14. No Sound Problem After 11.2

    Its not that the headset isn't working its at a random point, could be 5 minutes could be 1 hour the sound will strip out of the game rapidly most of the time leaving ambient sounds still going. If someone is using the mic while the sound disappears their mic sound still comes through until they stop communication then nothing else until the game is restarted sometimes needed to verify game data to fix. This is all while my headset has been functional and can play audio and record on mic fine. windows is updated, drivers are updated.
  15. No Sound Problem After 11.2

    I dont believe the issue is hardware side. It seems the some if not all the files needed to play sounds fail. Sometimes you can still get the environment sounds like water and chirps. Been happening since the update.