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  1. So i was Squad Leading the other day on Yehorivka and my squad was walking through a small wooded area. I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be great if for, no supply cost, we could dig some hasty firing positions? Sure, riflemen have sandbags and razorwire, but why not be able to dig a quick 2 man foxhole? I know it is an ambitious thought because they'd have to make all maps with dirt into a dig-gable map. But seriously, a foxhole could be used so diversely. Imagine your entire squad in these foxholes in the woods between objectives. Your GPMG and Auto-Rifleman set up and ready to go. Staggered foxholes in the ground with only their chest visible. This would change defense tactics incredibly. Of course, there would need to be restrictions like the SL can only set up so many. If it costs no resources, maybe the SL can only set up X many in X distance from each other? Kinda like the FOB system. So only 4 can be dug in this radius, and that "home" radius point can be determined with some sort of physical object, like a rally point?
  2. Queens Fighting Force (QFF) - UK/EU

    Alright, appreciate it i guess. Where would i dispute the ban at?
  3. Queens Fighting Force (QFF) - UK/EU

    Hello so i have an issue. A while back when i first got squad i was dicking around and ****ed up and TKd a lot of people. I am bamnned from the QFF servers. If it would be at all possible to like be unbanned i would appreciate it. I am a very serious player who often is SL. I realize this sounds stupid and like i am a di**, but i really would like to play on QFF servers. The ping is always good and there is always a few slots open. I know i fkd up but i am actually a good player. My buddy and i had just got the game and treated it like a normal FPS and were dicking around and TKd like 6 people. I apologize and would like to be unbanned please, it would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, ARKSH7R. (My Steam name is also ARKSH7R)