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  1. Hello my name is bdboy92701 and I own a competitive squad team with semi realistic military stradegy and tactics. I would liek you to join. all you gotta do is join our steam chat and there all the info. we just whipe the team and looking for new memebr so invite your friends. their is a ranking system and job system. were looking for 60 total to join the offical team, 45 to join potetnial and back up slots, and accepting 60 more recruits after that. Limited slot but lots of fun in general. Discord in steam group. this is just the minimum we will be accpeting more memebrs for our offical teama s we grow. Where looking for all positions including Squad Leaders. There are tryouts, and trainings for perm slots and the offical squad groups. for he final official comp team we need 24 people but are accepting 45 rest for back up and replacements but we also need members for our community so come join. Our Squad Offical Name Isn't Decided Yet This is a United States and European Comp. Squad we accept anyone but you must have a microphone and speak English. INFO: Our Discord: https://discord.gg/KGuu8Rm Our Game Group ( Must Join ) : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SpecsSquadgroup