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  1. Medic and Soldier Mechanic

    Don’t quite know if this has been suggested yet but one thing I’ve found to be a nuisance in squad is being tasked as medic and having to run into gunfire to heal someone while receiving rounds, having the ability to drag injured and unconscious players to cover would be both convenient as well as immersive. While it would be a ideal ability for medic based players giving it to everyone would also add to the usefulness of the effect. (I looked through 10pages of suggestions so if someone already suggested it I give them credit for it) There could also be a 3 step system implemented too with one being dragging said injured player, another being to wrap their arm around your shoulder and drag them to saftetly and then the third would be able to lift them and carry them over your shoulder in doing so you can both crouch or run/walk with player on your back till medical attention would be available. I’m still new to the forums but I’m glad to join and hope to fulfill my role as medic!
  2. Medic and Soldier Mechanic

    It’s good to know that they’ve already thought about adding it can’t wait to see what they come up with, and it’s common sense thing to not run head on, though a few times the SL think the best option is to rush in and heal fallen solder or more precisely the SL... Though I just recently got into being sl myself I always have the medics hang back and be our second line of attack or defense because they are the life lines between win and defeat many times.