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  1. Raid on Rostov

    Nothing at this point besides the devs wanting to add it, although I have no way of playtesting either so some changes could still be made. I will probably still do polish passes here and there though. It's something I wanted to add but I know very little about 3d modeling and am trying to work as much with the stock assets as possible.
  2. Raid on Rostov

    Welp its been a month and the map is just about done. I have added a bunch of new screenshots that show the new interior of the factory and all the shiny new v9 models that have been added.
  3. Raid on Rostov

    Yes the idea is that Russia gets to occupy the factory every match and the US has to fight to capture it, although I could make more lattices that create a more symmetrical fight.
  4. Raid on Rostov

    Off and on for the last two months, I only started working on it consistently this past week or two.
  5. Well it seems the forum didn't like something in my post even with all text unformatted and containing no odd characters. As a workaround I just made a blank post and edited the real post in. It took the real post fine through the edit.
  6. Raid on Rostov

    THE MAP IS NOW MOSTLY COMPLETE About Raid on Rostov: Raid on Rostov is an infantry focused AAS map that funnels infantry and light vehicles from the dense surrounding forests into a large munitions factory. It is based on the Milsim West event of the same name that took place in 2015. Milsim West is a company that runs simulated wargames using airsoft, blankfire, and pyrotechnics. It follows a fictional war between Nato and Russian forces on the European front. Lore (From the Event): After the NATO offensive and siege of Rostov-on-Don was broken NATO ground forces have been pushed back into the border regions. Despite the lengthy and costly siege of Rostov many pieces of critical Russian defense infrastructure remains in place including the Balakin Munitions Factory. Producing close to 70% of the arms and ammunition used by Russian Southern Military Command, headquartered in Rostov-on-Don, the Balakin Munitions Factory is a critical piece in the Russian militaries defense plan for Southern Russia and any production delays would be incredibly costly to its defense plan. NATO Special Forces, operating under TF Archangel, plan to execute a battalion sized raid on Balakin Munitions Factory in order to starve Russian Southern Command of it's needed munitions and to hopefully bring the ground war in Southern Russia to a close. Hearing rumors of a proposed NATO raid on an industrial factory, Russian Southern Command has deployed units of elite VDV and FSB to reinforce existing militia units guarding these installations. The aftermath of the battle ultimately resulted in Russian forces holding the factory. During the battle however NATO forces destroyed most of manufacturing equipment rendering the factory useless and allowing the main invasion force to enter the region. Map Layout: The maps layout consists of 2 small objectives per team before entering the two large factory objectives. Russians get a 2 flag head start so they can occupy the factory before the US. Screenshots: Old Screenshots: Older screenshot albums can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/7wNRF Media: Not enough media for you? Here is a video driving around the map.(New Video Coming Soon)
  7. Still nothing. Really weird it would let me post here but not there what an anomaly.
  8. Having server 500 while trying to create a thread in the modding forum. I have tried various things, cache, different browsers, etc with no luck. I saw that someone else had issues in the past but no solution was posted in that thread.