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  1. 29th Infantry Division What is the 29th ID? The 29th Infantry Division is a realism unit founded in 2005. We play the games Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm, Darkest Hour '44, Arma 3, Rising Storm 2 and Squad. Particularly for this topic, I would like you to consider joining our Easy Company in which we play Squad. We base our unit off of the US Army during World War II. From there, the rank system, medals and weapons have been based and modified to fit into each game respectively. When you enlist, you start as a Private and enter basic training for a week, where you are trained and pounded into place by drill sergeants as they make you "29th Material". In the 29th Infantry Division we are looking for dedicated, mature soldiers willing to put time and effort in advancing their weapon skills with weapons, teamwork and tactics. If you are looking to enter a new aspect of online gaming, have fun, and learn a lot about the US military system, enlist with the 29th Infantry Division. How do I enlist? Go to http://www.29th.org/enlist/ Simply follow the steps When filled in the enlistment form (http://personnel.29th.org/#enlist) wait for a reply by one of our Enlistment Liaisons. Teamspeak twentyninth.ts.nfoservers.com Password: 29th Forums http://forums.29th.org/ Regards, Cpl. van Dongen Asst. Squad Leader, EP1S1 29th Infantry Division
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    Name: 29th Infantry Division Tag: 29th ID Link: www.29th.org Language: English Description: The 29th Infantry Division is a military simulation unit founded in 2005. We strive to simulate that realism by using a rank structure, following a chain of command, having a professional and disciplined attitude and uphold the core values the military bears. We use modern-day tactics and strategies to achieve victory working together both on and off the battlefield. Members: 300~ We also play: Darkest Hour '44, Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm, Rising Storm 2 and Arma 3