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  1. Yet another FPS topic (low fps)

    https://imgur.com/a/f9LmJ here is my numbers
  2. Yet another FPS topic (low fps)

    I will do this! is there a console to type it in? I think theres something in the settings I can enable this its called debug mode or something im not sure but it shows a bunch of numbers on the top right thanks! Also Inexpensive is like ~$50-200 Update: I disabled Steam overlay and downloaded razor game booster and ended up at a steady 40-60fps even with a lot of action going on, since game booster I haven't dropped below 40. This was all on a high pop server of 78 people on numerous maps. Also added steam launch options: -nomansky -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -sm4 -d3d10 ^dont know what they do or if they work but seems to help
  3. Yet another FPS topic (low fps)

    Yea im almost afraid to buy it and i get the same FPS... Prob should just save the money for a new MB I think you may be right its only one step up from my current CPU Lol yea im a noob at this stuff I see your point Can anyone recommend a Mother Board and CPU thats inexpensive that could handle squad? Would prefer Intel im done with AMD.... I APPRECIATE THE HELP!!!! thanks for your time
  4. Yet another FPS topic (low fps)

    So my motherboard is Asrock FM2A58M-HD+ Do you guys know what CPU is compatible that would run squad better than what im getting now? Intel Core i5-7600K? Intel Core i7-7700K? I dont know even if these are work with it >< sorry im a noob to building PC's im just winging it Or is this a garbage motherboard?
  5. Yet another FPS topic (low fps)

    Ill have to look into that I dont know how to check what its running at and ill find out how to overclock it thanks. Yea Im happy that I can even run squad I would love to be able to run it well. You are right Ill have to get a new MB and CPU to get 60. I was just trying to avoid that and play with the crappy fps I have in the meantime until I can afford new hardware. I was hoping there was a way I could play the game with ''bare bones settings'' like Potato Mode that disables mostly everything thats taking my CPU. Maybe in the future they will make a setting thats lower than low but I doubt the devs will anytime soon. The chances of me getting new hardware in a year or so is probably sooner than they will apply a fix for FPS. When I purchased Squad I went on the website ''can i run it'' to see if my PC qualifys to play squad and it showed that my rig met all requirements. Was bummed out to have 30 fps at times I really enjoy the game its a buzz kill to have low fps. Ive searched the ends of the internet for tweaks they helped a lot but they were all so outdated threads from 2015 , 2016 so I was wondering if theres any new tweaks for 2017 version of squad.
  6. Hello Squaders, I know there are tons of FPS topics already and I searched through a bunch I'm wondering is there any NEW way to increase FPS? This is NOT a discussion about getting new hardware or disputes between Intel and AMD I simply would like suggestions or help. Currently getting 40-45 fps on almost every map however in heavy combat I drop to about 30-40. My rig: Athlon x4 860K Quad Core 4.0 GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4096 MB 16GB ddr3 ram windows 10 Things ive tried: lowered maxaudiothing to 96 from default all settings preset LOW Ingame Ive gone in the INI files and changed things to 0 based on forum posts ive read turned audio to low quality and filtering off drivers updated Any ideas on how to increase FPS besides buying a new processor (i know i need a better one) I dont care how the game looks i just want to be able to play with 50-60 fps at least!