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  1. Weapon Customization

    I don't know why you are so hostile towards this idea. The military and the way we fight is changing. Some progressive leaders recognize this, and encourage what is best for the individual soldier. 15 years ago, it was unheard of for people in the military to not have a SOP for their personal kit. Now, the only things issued to me on my plate carrier are my IFAK and my canteen pouch, which I'll get rid of eventually for a general purpose pouch. As far as the buttstock painting, again, people can buy their own buttstocks and put it on their weapons. With doing this, they can do what they want to personal property (ie:the buttstock) and paint it. Just look at this thread with many real life weapons in the hands of service members in theater, and you can find having things on a rifle that aren't standard issue is far from rare: http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_3_118/569828_Standard_issued_M4_picture_info_thread.html&page=1
  2. Weapon Customization

    Like I've pointed out before, weapon customization for US forces depends entirely on the unit. In mine, as long as the base function isn't changed, you can do whatever you want to your rifle. This includes non-issued optics and rail systems. To showcase everything I've seen people change, in my platoon, people have their own custom foregrips, painted/custom buttstocks (you are allowed to paint weapons, but it has to be stripped upon you leaving the unit), flashlights, optics and some have put their own rail system on. As far as realism/balance is concerned, perhaps an option to choose things like type of magazine(PMAG vs standard issue), foregrips (without changing weapon stats), buttstocks and the colors of those could be considered.
  3. Deploying Bipods for Automatic Rifleman

    I'd rather see the aimpoint replaced with a more common optic, like the M145. Nearly every SAW in my battalion has M145s on them. In many other army units, it's M145s or iron sights, with a rare few ACOGs, eotechs and aimpoints thrown in.
  4. Weapon Squad

    Realistically, gun squads are split into two teams, with each team moving with a separate squad and joining up to form a support by fire when assaulting objectives. It would be more realistic to have them as additional roles within a squad.
  5. Lack of ACOGs?

    Wouldn't it be dependent on the unit though? From the people I've talked to who used to be there, units like the 173rd and 101st airborne have ACOGs for nearly all the M4s in infantry units, and I'm sure those units aren't unique.
  6. The Weapons Thread!

    I don't get what you mean by the first statement. However, what I said as far as optics is true just of my unit. Some units have an ACOG for nearly every solider, like the 173rd. As far as foregrips, they really serve no benefit outside of making it tougher for people to grab onto your weapon in CQC. Most prefer a "C" grip on their guns, and the foregrip doesn't help with it. Foregrips don't make a difference in terms of accuracy or recoil control on an M4. But most people with foregrips will use it as a makeshift monopod or use the built in bipod feature on some of the guns with grippods installed on them. When I was a SAW gunner I had a foregrip on my gun, but that was just because the barrel and heat shield is too thick to wrap a hand around. Also, something else I would like to see is a MK48. They are also only given out overseas, and when my unit went to Afghanistan only 1 guy in the company had one, but other units can have as many as 1 per squad.
  7. The Weapons Thread!

    I just want to see a limited amount of weapon customization. Realistically for this game, in my unit (airborne infantry), every rifle is an M4A1 and each one has a surefire, peq-15 and an optic on it. Lower enlisted get Aimpoint M68s while leadership get 4x32 and TA31 ECOS ACOGs. There is also half a dozen older eotech EXPS spread around my company, and enough foregrips for people to choose if they want one or not (about half opt out of them). There is some limited weapon modification allowed (up to 5.56 caliber upper receivers that are approved, but almost no one goes that far), including pistol grips, buttstocks, grips and even optics. I have an Eotech 553 and a vortex magnifier on my gun, and I've seen people with Leupolds and Elcans. All SAWs and 240s in my company have an Elcan M145, peq-15 and SAWs have surefires, and again, foregrips are optional. Other companies have eotechs/aimpoints on a few of their saws, but most have the M145. On the topic of sniper rifles, M14s go to the squad designated marksman in each squad overseas, while M110s and a few MSRs are used by the battalion's sniper section.
  8. M4A1/320

    Since 2012, the US Army has stopped purchasing M4s (3 round burst mode) and started purchasing M4A1s(fully automatic mode) instead. Being 2015, a majority of US Army combat units are already using the fully automatic M4A1s instead of the M4. As a matter of realism, US Army units should be using M4A1s. Additionally, M320's are the standard issue grenade launcher in most US Army infantry units that I know of, with the M203 eventually being pahsed out entirely. Depending on the unit, some have their soldiers use it as a sidearm and some have them mounted on the M4A1s. This could also be implemented as limited customization, with the option to choose between the m320 as a sidearm and mounted. http://gearscout.militarytimes.com/2012/04/20/us-army-places-order-for-24000-m4-carbines-with-remington/
  9. Custom iron sights

    The type of sight pictured above is standard issue on US M4s, and customization depends entirely on the unit. Some don't allow them to do anything, while a rare few let soldiers put entirely new upper receivers on their rifles, and its anything in between across the board
  10. Grenadier for Cell Leaders? Bad Idea.

    It depends on the unit. Some Team Leader's carry them, some have grenadiers assigned to each team. Then some units make the grenadier carry M320s(current issue launcher for US army, can be mounted under M4 or carried independently) on the M4, and some allow more freedom and let them carry it as its intended, a sidearm. Perhaps an option for the grenadier to choose mounted or carried would be best.