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  1. Black Screens And Wrong Version

    Thanks for the help - and no it hasn't taken me months to post because the game worked more times that not previously before this. I haven't played squad since May or June. If it needs a clean install that doesn't sound like a hardware issue. As far as I was aware this was a known issue and I have at least 3 friends on my steam friends list who have the same exact issue as I am having. Also I'm not sure how you can say that squad is not an early access game? Last time I played it was in Alpha stage like 4 months ago, and when you view it on the Steam store it alerts you that this is an early access title. Regardless I will reinstall and try again, thanks for the help.
  2. To start off I'll say I love squad that's why I cared to come here and create the following post. Several months ago when I first bought Squad I experienced the black screen issue, that I know several others have experienced as well, then it went away. Now I have time to play games again and was really missing squad. I can't get on the game at all. The game black screens almost every time, it took me over 20 tries last night to finally get it to launch without black screening immediately after the title sequence. Now when it did this I go to server browser and absolutely no servers are showing up unless I check the box for show other versions. Mind you, my game is completely up to date. Pretty frustrating to spend $40 on a game EA or not and not even be able to play it. I tried a complete fresh reinstall of squad and the issue persists. Any help or guidance would be appreciated because I'm pretty pissed at the fact that this EA game was $40 something I would typically not spend on an EA and not I can't even play it.