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  1. Release - Alpha 9.13

    This is awesome!!!
  2. 3 Days into Squad looking to Team Up!!!

    We are looking for people to play tonight we do decent sized Ops every Wed + Sat.
  3. MID-WEST COAST TACTICAL NEW SERVER IN TOWN.(Coming Soon) MUCH PING. FAIR PLAY. ??? PROFIT. I really hope I can bridge the gap for the large number of people who want to play this game correctly but don't want to feel like they joined a Cult Clan. Just well organized, consistent, and most of all, FUN. I know there are also people out there who just haven't had THE experience with squad that makes this game so good. When your Squad leads are working together and you setting up good FOB's. My main goal is to deliver that to as many people as possible. I am currently looking for mods/admin to join my team. I have bought a server with a group of dedicated and great group of friends and we are looking to grow. Message me for discord info and lets get going. -Trisanity