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  1. I agree, probably one for ‘Squad 2’... the ability to takeout strategic walls/treelines/props with explosives or just flatten whole areas of the map with arty would be amazing.. (I’m reminded of red faction ) Not sure how clever battletanks will really look without this.. That’s a good idea, and totally feasible
  2. why t72 and no t-90

    The squad community would chew through 350 T-90s in half an hour of gameplay..
  3. Logi Truck and Supply Suggestions

    2. Interesting idea, pretty sure I’d never use it myself but I’d love it if my enemy did 3. I quite like this.. but only at the expense of carrying ammo for its primary weapon. Or mixing like the current logi setup.. this would force some intentional choice.. it would also result in odd use of vics personally i I like the logi driver role.. last night I spend the whole of a game driving a logi into tactical positions for other SLs to use.. I’m sure I had the biggest impact of any player in the game.. I would love binoculars too +1
  4. Separate Tickets Armour

    Maybe a separate topic but I think the game would be enriched massively if players had to achieve profile linked ranks in different roles based on performance.. starting with shooting range onboarding if necessary pretty simply a bad/unranked Player /SL shouldn’t even be able to take out a vehicle/AT/sniper role unless they earn, and maintain the right to do so. This would force a bit more care all round.. and it would fix issues with idiot players influencing games. I’d personally love to feel the link between team/personal performance and losing/gaining rank. What’s the ‘recruit’ role for anyway??? If you argue that this would limit new players.. well only the kind of players that cause game imbalances and these topics.. people who really want to play the game like it was intended surely wouldn’t disagree. Rank/role progression/regression would be a good thing and could clear up many of the issues we have
  5. Separate Tickets Armour

    In a real combat theatre you would start the battle with all of the ground based equipment you have available in your depot/base... yes you might have 1 round of re enforcements available to arrive at a chosen time,, but doubtful/unlikely in a 1-2hr battle... Park it all up in the base at the start (like it’s arranged in the shooting range vehicle area) then let the team spend it as they will during the course of the battle... people are way too reckless with leaving their wagons everywhere and that’s the general teams fault... Edit: the exception maybe air vehicles if they ever appear.
  6. More Map commands for SLs

    Bumping my own post here as I can’t believe we still don’t have this in the game.. squad isn’t a regular FPS and whilst I love all the new content, some simple stuff like this would make the game so much better. Squad differentiates itself still through superior collaborative play... so can we get this prioritized??? Currently collaboration relies a little too much on radio chatter Devs?
  7. More Map commands for SLs

    Well there we go... I was optimistic too Gatzby, thanks for dipping in and confirming though, that cements our optimism.. some good ideas out here on the vine so keep reading I'm very new but I can see its a great game already so real congratulations! Squad hits the nail hard on the head in terms of a strategic team FPS, keep it coming!
  8. Difficult one. Devs need new players. This funds the project. Same time the whole concept of the game relies on the right type of players. I don't have many hours and am not a great SL, but I don't hide the fact, I'm learning, and I communicate well. my teams generally seem to appreciate this. We also generally contribute well to the team, so I wouldn't limit newer players from adopting the SL role. Also - From what ive seen so far it's a different game playing SL since you spend 30-50% of the time looking at the map, thinking, and communicating, many core FPS players don't want to do it. It's common you hear a vet squaddie telling his SL how to do the basics.. he doesn't want the job himself. and there is a lack of SLs. The case of a SL needing to leave a game also sometimes leads to the issue of someone else inheriting the role... no easy solution to that +1 for basic training +1 for a progression system that incentivises good performance - new player can only take rifleman position (and he has to do a basic training first) - this unlocks other roles basic training, completion required to take that role - after that, a ranking system for each role linked to in game performance points doing that specific job. Similar to real life military. E.g. >private (has completed basic training) >2nd lieutenant >lieutenant >sergeant >staff sergeant ....etc.. >Eg. Medic, gains points for reviving, loses points for Poor death/revive ratio. >Eg. AT, gains points for enemy vehicle hits, loses lots of points for friendly vehicle hits. >Eg. SL gains/loses points for overall squad performance, capping/defending objectives. Winning/losing game. - too many negative points results in demotion/ or if a 'private' already necesitares re-doing the basic training. Again i maybe complicating things, (I tend to do that) but I think this would be great and would also provide a needed progression system.. as a SL I could also see who is good at what roles and delegate a bit. If I have a pro medic who wants to learn at AT I'm fine with that. Being a pro at one role probably indicates he's a good team player and will do the job. *trolls/noobs who insist on team killing would forever be getting send back to boot camp. If you make that a 20-30 minute exercise.. they'll quickly piss off
  9. More Map commands for SLs

    That's a smart suggestion! A micro squad or lone SL couldn't really contribute significantly anyway.. other way of protecting this (but I'm complicating again) is a kick function relating to the 'SL/command group' using the said map.
  10. More Map commands for SLs

    That is fair enough and very valid , so these can stay if I were dev I'd add a 'click, hold and drag' to add a travel direction to vehicles at least. Likewise im also optimistic that devs read and collate a few posts to discuss, i assume it's bad dev practice to actually comment on posts for many obvious reasons. This stuff must be easier to implement than an M1
  11. More Map commands for SLs

    Thanks again cptDirty for the input and extra insight. I agree simplicity is a better approach, if an idea is to grows legs it's easier received as a starting point. Maybe I've got carried away. If the Devs don't have eyes on the forums at least a bit then that's a shame and a bigger problem... also trolls.. well they are everywhere unfortunately although I see far fewer in this game than in others (the community seems generally to want to collaborate positively) if i drop the fluff and boil down what I want, then I'll leave it at that. - I want a few more tools for SLs to effectively command their own squad. - i want to draw on the map, only I can draw, and only my own squad can see what I draw. If I'm not SL, no drawing, - no other SLs see what I draw, neither to the general team, just my squad. - I'd make this the rule also with the enemy markers, I don't want my squad seeing an fob marker or a vehicle marker that another SL places... it's only likely to distract my own squad from their own objective. If it affects my squad (like it's in proximity) then that SL can radio it to me and I can inform my team and mark it myself. I often see one of my AT guys wondering off to a redundant vehicle marker placed by someone else 10 minutes before... - if I'm playing as a regular recruit, and my SL is abusing this (drawing dicks or whatever) i simply leave the squad along with everyone else, the SL is likely crap anyway. It affects no other players. If we did have a second 'command map', - only accessible to SLs , (using a different key) I Don't think it would confuse the 4-6 SLs on the team. Again I dont want the content on this map seem by anyone other than the SLs. only downside as you say is anyone can make themselves an SL and *** up the map (although it would only affect the other SLs using the command map) and this one could be restricted to the use of 1 single drag arrow and 1 attack /defend marker . Having got closer to the point ill leave it there as you say it's probably a pipe dream any dev reading this anyway .. comon just tell me you like the concept!
  12. More Map commands for SLs

    Thanks for the replies guys, and the reference to the other post, interesting and good to see it's been discussed before. With regards to map vandalism and clutter, it's also interesting to hear that Has been abused in the past. Although,.. the standard infantryman should only be concerned/able to see markups his own SL is presenting, he/she doesn't need to see anything else, nor does he/she need access to draw on the map. SLs currently seem to treat the map with respect, so giving them extra tools for collaboration can only be good. my suggestion was really this. Two maps/layers - Map 1 - Squad map (the normal map) 1. Markups made by local SL only Visible to the 9 members of the local squad. 2. Only the local SL has rights to markup and erase items. Map 2 - command map (SLs only) 1. Markups only visible to the SLs on that side 2. All SLs have rights to markup and erase items SEPERATE TOPIC MAYBE (each SL and squad could be represented by a different colour - rather than the generic 'not my squad blue' would be much simpler to see the health / togetherness of other squads in your team ) constructive criticism please?
  13. More Map commands for SLs

    Or even just a markup pen and eraser that allows drawing on the map. Would've thought this would be very simple to implement and it would make a big difference
  14. I've not been playing long, love the game, as someone who is not great at FPS I like trying to lead squads, I feel we are missing a few simple basics when it comes to marking up the map to provide strategies/orders. Quite simply SLs should be able to draw a bit more on the map for the squad to view. I'm talking about lines to indicate desired troop movernment paths, no go zones, -attack angles, frieldly artillery zones, defensive lines.. etc. This would greatly compliment the excellent squad voip chat we currently use. Maybe also a seperate layer that just SLs can see would be great, to aid coordination with one another. the ability to provide individual objectives drawn on map for individual squad menbers of the team could be great. the way enemy positions are currently pinned on map could also be improved I think. Dont know what the feeling would be on this but I think it would really assist team planning and strategic collaborative gameplay for SLs, and their team cheers for reading Will