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  1. Kickstarter rewards

    I had to launch the game to get it. Thanks a mill. ( sreencap here ). Is game crashing on splash screen a known issue? The only fix I could find was deleting the Squad folder in User>Appdata>Local
  2. Kickstarter rewards

    What am I looking for exactly in Steam Inventory? It's blocked with cards
  3. Kickstarter rewards

    I got in contact with support and got it sorted out - I think ( screenshot of email ). Where should it say founder on the profile page?
  4. Kickstarter rewards

    I've linked my steam account but I don't think it worked. I can send you on any details to help prove my kickstarter backing if needed.
  5. Kickstarter rewards

    I've only just realized I never claimed my rewards for backing the game - or have no idea on how to claim them. How do I claim them?