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  1. [TLR] The Last Rifles

    We're recruiting for v11, the hype starts here!
  2. A link to my playlist of Squad Beginners Guides:
  3. SQUAD uninstalled

    I saw the name of the post and I thought there might be some valid points here I might agree with, then I saw who posted it and I thought 'wow, maybe the first time I will agree with him', then I read OP's post......... "Game is unplayable because the people around me are no good" - wow!
  4. November 2017 Recap

    Great stuff. One question, will the uncappable flag changes mean that double neutrals will no longer be a thing? If the second flag is uncappable does it mean only one of the other team members who have the flag as the attack flag are needed to cap it no matter how many of the opposition remain on it?
  5. With a background of Socom, COD and CSGO, when I started playing during the v9 free weekend I found it had a steep learning curve as it was nothing like anything I've played before. Of course there is loads more the game could do to introduce new players, but I imagine that would be one of the last things a game developer would add, to be sure of not having to re-do it if and when things change / get added. But that said, even in the finished games I've played heavily before there has always been a vast difference between the quality of games in matches and in public, and I've often reached a point when I couldn't be bothered with public games anymore. In a large scale team based shooter like this I think the difference is even more obvious (I can see it already and I'm still woeful at this game). In games I've played competitively before, teams have always been active on competitive ladders. They aren't anywhere near as good as a proper knockout tournament like ISKT, but they are more like adding a bit of weight, competition and excitement of skrims. I don't know if the Squad community would be interested in such things, but I miss them.