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  1. Founder package items

    I remember playing on the day, I think something ****ed up
  2. Founder package items

    looked there too, just my desert m4 and tribal ak. no LAW
  3. Founder package items

    Just checked, nothing.
  4. Founder package items

    i played on the veterans day but I didn't get the skin for the LAW, how am I supposed to claim it
  5. I'm just stating why the game isn't more popular than it could be. good response
  6. I'm sorry but the current gameplay state of squad is poor. The gunplay doesn't feel satisfying at all, even compared to PR, and the movement system is a clunky mess worse than ARMA and the game is not well optimized. again, why spend 50 dollars on Squad when I could pick up R6S, BF1, ArmA, CSGO, RS2 or just play PR for free.
  7. it's not new and shiny things, the game isn't developed enough, why would someone pick squad over a multitude of developed FPS games that are currently out? yes it may offer more to it's niche genre but there are still other choices in that same niche, why play squad when PR, battlefield and ARMA are available? All of these have a **** ton of content and stuff to do. My personal qualms lay with the movement system, it's put me off playing and I haven't launched squad since May.
  8. theres a content drought, people are waiting for V10 and are bored of the game in its current state.
  9. deal with what you get, the lack of optics on RU makes the game way more unique.
  10. no, helmet and vest are wrong
  11. U.S. Army Anti-Tank

    javelin makes more sense. its the weapon that would be used in the case of a conventional conflict, which squad represents. no carl g pls
  12. could just make it so you can "capture" downed enemies, meaning they cant be revived anymore. and you cant just shoot at bodies from 2 miles away still
  13. rally points are way OP now, they work better than FOBs and you have them pretty much whenever you need them. would like to see some input from the devs if they are going to change this system
  14. Vehicle & AT damage clearification

    they wouldnt be useless, M2 and KPVT has an effective firing range of like 3500 metres, and the M72 LAW has an effective range of 300M with the RPG7 being slightly longer than that... if the vehicle crew are stupid enough to be in range of that it isnt the ATs fault
  15. Soldier career

    as long as its on the list