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  1. the AT4 can be issued at two per squad, it's not exactly rare..
  2. i think this should be implemented, currently the US AT is lacking (3 LAWs to destroy a BTR which is a bit ridiculous) and russians can completely demolish US infantry without any response. I personally think this can be fixed by replacing the LAW with the AT4 HEDP whilst keeping the amount of LAT kits per squad at 2 and only giving one AT4 to each soldier. this will fix a good amount of the current issues; the AT4 will one shot the BTR, encouraging vehicles to stay behind infantry and stop rushing ahead without giving a **** because the crew know they can tank the damage.
  3. that's not my point at all, im saying that the M72 is not doing enough damage realistically.
  4. no the point is that irl the LAW would **** up the BTR with one hit, minimum disabled, most likely destroyed. 3 hits is way too much
  5. at the moment, the LAW is very underpowered. takes 3 LAWs to the front of the BTR to destroy takes 2 LAWs to destroy a ural. i do not think this encourages good gameplay, BTRs should very afraid of being in close contact with infantry, and neither is this realistic, BTR armour is paper ****ing thin.
  6. wtf why? thats so stupid if we cant share magazines.
  7. so will you be able to share magazines with teammates or not?
  8. i understand that current game mechanics allow this tactic to flourish, but what im saying is that it shouldnt. there should be a FOB limit of 2-3. they need to be key in gameplay.
  9. the key is in the name. forward operating BASE a base is not a radio sitting inside a bush
  10. stealth fobs are bullshit, i really hope you actually don't believe they are a valid game tactic. or you're playing the wrong game idk
  11. so what is the plan for vehicle crew then?
  12. if this is a raid map, should be at night. raids are NEVER done in the day.
  13. replace russias RPK with PKP or PKM please.
  14. what is that vest? doesnt look like an osprey nor a virtus also, british soldiers with crye uniforms with inbuilt kneepads? the ****