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  1. What does this game do better than PR?

    It looks better too!
  2. Future plan of expanding team size?

    I had some really great matches with 200 players on Project Reality: These are old videos, but if the gamedesign is good, you can manage 11 people in your squad, and 9 squadleaders. We had split the teams into 3 platoons, and the communication was to some degree split between the SLs in teamspeak. And then the global channel for SLs was reserved for priority targets and Command/Platoon leaders. I am sure if this is something that can be accomplished gameplay wise on an engine from 2006, it can be accomplished in modern day squad. But the limit is server hardware/software, and client hardware/software. 200 players is really really immersive, since it increase the potential number of good squadleaders, and commanders. And it also just fills the map/sound combat with much more conventional tactics. Well atleast in the open, CQB fights usually work the same as they do with less players. Mostly it's about seperating the players, since noone wants to fight over 500m with 200 players, there should be roles for behind the lines troops aswell as objectives that spread out the effort of the team.
  3. this is weird

    BMP3 has like a 100mm slow velocity cannon, a 30mm and multiple COaxial mounts for gunners on the side etc. etc. I don't think you can compare it to the Bradley. I would say the BMP-2M is most similar to the Bradley, the BMP-3 is more like the old Sheridan IMO. Not sure if anyone agrees
  4. https://discord.gg/cPkBN47 Normal signups are open! JOIN JOIN JOIN!
  5. Commander Signup 16th of September 1800 UTC Join Discord, and signup there! https://discord.gg/Y7UY3cX
  6. I organized an event for Commander role specifically: Would be nice to see how this event contributes to the discussion.
  7. [FCV] Task Force - Join Now!

    Welcome to the Task Force @RexRuthless
  8. [FCV] Task Force - Join Now!

    Thank you Andersson
  9. Free Candy Van

    We have organized an event, check it out here:
  10. The commander's Choice is an open event, we invite all members of the great Squad Community to help us populate and play in this event. If you are interested in commanding, squad leading, or you just want to be a grunt on the frontline, join us! We are planning on hosting more of these, so if you did not make Commander or squadleader, or even grunt the first time around, feel free to help us organize and run this event for a chance next time! Map Information: The map will be Yehorivka AAS V1 US Team assets are: 3 Strykers, 2 HMMVWs, 2 transport trucks and 2 Logistic Trucks. Russian Team assets are: 2 BTR-80, 1 BTR-82A, 1 MT-LBM 6M, 1 MTLB 6MA, 2 Transport Trucks and 2 Logistic trucks. Event Information Each Commander will be in admin cam ingame, telling their team what to do, and will play the game much like a strategy game. They will be restricted to only view their own teams positions, and not use the admin cams ability to view all. We obviously know the admin cam can be abused, and will ensure both commanders have integrity aswell as running the server behind a password. Hopefully both commanders will stream allowing complete transparency. Each Commander will also be required to make a battleplan and maintain and organize their team as best they can before the battle. Server Information The server will be running from Free Candy Van 2, we run our servers from OVH on an Overclocked i7 7700k @ 5ghz, with 64gb of DDR4 ram and 2 SSDs, which should be more than enough to maintain the server. If you are interested in livestreaming the event then you are welcome to do so, and if you want us to promote your channel as you are streaming, reach out to us, but it is not required to stream our event. We will not permit anyone else but the Commanders to use admin cam. Rules Obviously standard FCV rules apply, with common sense being mainly the red line here. All squadleaders must follow commanders orders. All squadmembers must follow squad leader orders. All players must have microphones. Any issues will be dealt with Wicca. Rushing flags is permitted. Each team may only go to the last flag of the enemy team, but may flank to either side towards the enemy mainbase to attempt to disrupt supply runs. Signup Dates & Times All signups and organization will happen in the FCV Squad discord. Commander signup 16th of September 1800 UTC [FCV] Training, Task Force & Admin team Signup 19th of September 1800 UTC Player signup 20th of September 1800 UTC Battle 30th of September 2000 UTC
  11. THE [FCV] TASK FORCE The [FCV] Task Force is a group of dedicated squad players who work together to achieve victory in the competitive squad setting. We are looking for individuals such as yourself who think you have what it takes to join our proud heritage. The FCV Task Force is obviously deeply rooted in the Free Candy Van server, where we have our home. We currently boast three infantry squads, Racoon, Razer & Shock. We are looking to expand our team with two more squads, one Support squad and one Mechanized Squad. So if you are looking for some new friends or a way to give back to the Squad community, there is always opportunity in our team. Our Command Team If you are interested in a match or have any questions, feel free to contact our staff below. Commander @Wicca#3596 Commander @MiSs ToX1c#3996 Chief of Staff @brotherrrrrrr#7260 Task Force Training at 1800 UTC SUNDAY TASK FORCE FIGHTS TO WIN When met with adversity, the task force fights with strength and courage to overpower and conquer any challenges thrown our way, even if the odd are against us. EACH BATTLE WON, IS A STEP FORWARD Every task force member has tenacious fighting spirit. That stands up and empowers our community and players, overcome obstacles both mental and do not quit until the battle is over. WHO WE ARE Tenacity, courage, and commitment are the core values of the [FCV] Task Force, that drive every member. But it’s our determination and fighting spirit that help us achieve victory. JOINING THE FCV TASK FORCE An application is attached below that you will be required to fill out. You will then be interviewed by Wicca, Brotherr or Miss Toxic. If you are approved you will then be a part of the elite fighting force. And will be expected to follow the values written above. Make sure you join our discord to join us! APPLICATION: NICKNAME: HOW LONG HAVE YOU PLAYED SQUAD: HAVE YOU READ OUR DOCUMENT: AGE: WHAT OTHER CLANS HAVE YOU BEEN IN: CAN YOU SHOW UP FOR TRAINING ONCE PER WEEK: PREFERRED KITS: ANYTHING ELSE:
  12. Free Candy Van

    [FCV] Official Game Server Feedback thread Free Candy Van Our Mission: Create a server that provides both serious and laid back gaming, in the form of events, trainings & public gameplay, as well as a strong culture. Our Forum Our forum is a subset of bluedrake42s forum you can find it here: https://forum.bluedrake42.com/index.php?/gc/2-squad/ Our Discord Please join our discord to talk and play with us! discord.me/fcvsquad Be aware that there might be memes and similar weird stuff there that might not be to your taste, you have been warned. Our Server We currently have a server with an i7700k OC to 5ghz and alot of other jazz, we heard squad needed that, it costs us about 120 dollars a month, so if you can help pitch in do so here: https://forum.bluedrake42.com/index.php?/store/ Everyone who becomes a backer receives a reserved slot on our forum, simply request it here: https://forum.bluedrake42.com/index.php?/forums/forum/164-reserved-slots/ The server is located in Canada, more specifically Montrèal. Our admins We have around 40 admins ready to serve you and help you if you have any issues ingame, our system focuses on active admins on either team in admin cam that simply deals with ingame issues. And the rest are found squadleading or playing as squad members in various squads. You can also help us out and become an admin by signing up here: https://forum.bluedrake42.com/index.php?/forums/forum/127-admin-application/ Our Training Team Our training team works dilligently to train new and old players alike, if there are any part of the game you feel is unknown to you, check this forum out and meet up to our trainings on discord: https://forum.bluedrake42.com/index.php?/forums/forum/159-training-team/ Our Task Force We have a nack for competition, and because of that we wanted nothing less than the ability to field 40 men, or one team on squad. This team is currently under development and we need fresh recruits! Join us by signing up here: https://forum.bluedrake42.com/index.php?/forums/forum/156-fcv-task-force-application/ Our Rules We permit players to lock their squads at 4, other than that use common sense and check this thread and our discord for rules updates: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YNRdsrFG0wHwYH8VJWd9d7fnAtk6ZhftQMxIUaIMGC4/edit Our players We welcome you all to our server, and hope you have a good time, bring a mic and a healthy dose of humor and hopefully you will have a laugh or grin, and some pretty squadtastic moments with us. Cheers! PS: Here are some videos of us playing: