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  1. Asset Rules

    I have decided to take a very lenient approach to this new rule and just inform anyone with an APC about it, and then enforce it more strictly later.
  2. Asset Rules

    Well I am not enforcing this throughout the community, I am enforcing it on the server I manage. But I too think it will be an uphill battle in the beginning to enforce this.
  3. Asset Rules

    Actually you could even code that in python I beleive, for PR. It probably wouldnt be to hard to put into squad either. But that is up to Sgt.Ross and the team.
  4. Asset Rules

    If this is the wrong forum I apologize, I feel this is a general discussion that can be made about the squad community so I would just like to hear peoples thoughts on this. I recently added 2 new rules to the server I run, that you can claim APCs only if you name your squad APCs, and there can be only one APC squad. I also made a rule that gave anyone with squadname Logistics the ability to claim all Logistic trucks, for the purpose of building fobs and manning their emplacements. Although if no squad has named their squad Logistics, anyone can claim it. My intent with this is to have APCs be used more effectively as a team tool, as opposed to a squad tool (Although Mechanized infantry is awesome) and to give people who wish to do more fob oriented stuff the ability to support the entire team. My opinion on APCs is that if they are treated as a squad tool, they tend to be wasted faster, instead of when used as a team tool they would probably be working with other vehicles as well as being able to focus more on their tasks as opposed to the infantry squads task. Which is Transporting and light firesupport. I would like to ask, is this going to be hard to enforce? Will there negative tactical or team wide consequences to this change? If you think this is a good idea, why do you think it is a good idea? Are APCs used too much as light tanks? If we give people the ability to focus only on building fobs and emplacements will that be beneficial to the team, or will it never go to fruition?
  5. Thanks Devs!

    Well deserved. I hope they get well rested and ready for the fall.
  6. Thanks Devs!

    Having a notification to the squad or SL when someone joines would be great, but understanding that Squad is in development I love this new feature! Great work devs!
  7. Post Operational Debrief

    in Project Reality there is this thing called Realitytracker, that replays the match in various speeds. Why not have that one show at the end at a certain speed: https://storage.googleapis.com/prdemoviewer/1.3/index.html?demo=c12_prep_2_burning_sands.PRdemo Then have the debrief time be 1 minute, before switching maps.
  8. Man I look forward to having the 40mm, and a forward observer. That will be so OP! Any vehicle that gets the drop on another usually wins.
  9. Backer Tag Redeem!

    I mailed support as you suggested.
  10. Backer Tag Redeem!

    I can't seem to be able to activate it, eventhough I have squad. I bought the company Clan 10 pack for 600 $
  11. Backer Tag Redeem!

    I got the pack for like a bunch of dudes including myself. I cant recall the name of the pack. But I backed in the kicstarter Can I have the tag please?
  12. What is the player count?
  13. Squad Leaders In general

    Can't someone create a public training session for squad leaders? Or similarly, have admins on either team just go over basics with all SLs during the pre match timer or during the match. When I first played PR, the squad told me how to squad lead. They respected me because of the role I had, not because of the experience, and as some sort of roleplay they did not leave the squad. However the gameplay when I started playing PR was very slow compared to what squad might be now.
  14. PR 1.3 Standalone is out!

    IF anyone has better images for flags please share cuz those are quite sad Cept the German one .
  15. First Squad Clan Match?

    LETS DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!