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  1. Read all about it HERE!
  2. Release: Alpha Version 8.9 Hi Squaddies, We're hoping everyone is enjoying the December holidays, and as an end of year present for everybody, we're doing a special Holiday Patch with a couple goodies and bug-fixes to keep you all entertained over the break. Localization Squad is now available in a variety of languages! From this initial localization pass we have Russian, Traditional & Simplified Chinese, Italian, Polish, Turkish, German and French translations. Big thanks to our community for coming together and helping to translate and input text for Squad in their native languages. Simply go into Properties when launching Squad from Steam and select the Language setting! SPG-9 Kopye Recoilless Gun The SPG-9 is ready for action! Emplaced or mounted to a technical, it is capable of firing High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) rounds at velocities faster and ranges further than the RPG-7. However the gunner and weapon are extremely exposed when engaging the enemy, making this kind of weapon unsuitable for head-on direct combat, and more suited for hit-and-run tactics. 80 Player Servers The hardcoded limit for maximum player count per game server has been lifted to 80 players. This is because there are many servers out there on powerful hardware that can very well handle 80 players. The minimum CPU clock speed for servers wanting to get licensed for 80 players is 4 Ghz base clock. Servers not meeting this requirement will stay at 72 players or less depending on their hardware. Setting an inappropriately high player count on weak/old hardware may result in OWI revoking that license. Veterans Day Items Due to technical difficulties, the Veterans Day event items did not drop as intended during the November 11th event. As compensation for that, we're running the drop event again for these items until January 2nd. So to get these all you gotta do is jump into Squad and play for an hour to get these special weapon skins! Note that these are non-transferable or tradable. Changelog Assets Added the SPG-9 recoilless gun as a deployable for Militia and Insurgents. It is limited to 2 per FOB and costs 350 construction points. Currently this emplacement only has access to HEAT rounds (similar to your RPG-7) but it packs a bigger punch and it shoots it a lot faster, further and straighter. Each reload is 50 Ammo points at a FOB. Added a SPG-9 version of the technical to Militia and Insurgents. Losing a SPG-9 technical will result in a 12 ticket loss for your team and a 8 minute respawn timer. Each reload at an ammo depot is 50 Ammo points. It holds up to 5 people. Gameplay Changes The S5 rocket fired from the Improvised Rocket Artillery Technical has had a minor buff to its explosion radius. The ammo cost of reloading the Improvised Rocket Artillery Technical has been lowered from 300 to 250 ammo points at a FOB. Lowered the respawn timer of the Improvised Rocket Artillery Technical from 18 to 15 minutes. Militia Medics now has the AKS-74 as their main weapon rather than the AKS-74U. To further emphasize the mobility play style of the unconventional factions, as well as their light vehicles being a constant annoyance for US/Russia, we have lowered the amount of tickets lost on a DShK armed technical from 8 to 6, and lowered the respawn timer from 6 to 4 minutes. Added more seats to various technical versions to further increase the mobility of the factions using them. Added 2 seats in the back of the Improvised Rocket Artillery Technical. Optimal for bringing your spotters along for the ride! (Now holds a total of 4) Added 2 additional seats in the back of the Dshk Technicals- (Now holds a total of 5) Transport Technical now holds a full 9 man squad! Full on clown car. Logistics Technicals now holds a total of 5 people. Medics will be able to apply field dressings (bandages) 25% faster, both to himself and to friendlies. Medical treatment is their specialty after all. Unequip animations for medic bag, field dressings and binoculars are now 50% faster Map Changes Added a logistics Technical to Militia on Yehorivka AAS v2 to add extra flexibility to the way the Militia team wants to play the map or the artillery. Also replaced a BTR-80 with a Transport truck for Russia. Operation First Light now has logistics vehicle for both faction as an experiment. The US has one logistics truck but Militia has two logistics technicals. Added 1-2 SPG-9 Technicals across most Insurgent and Militia map layers where applicable. In rare situations they are substituting a Dshk Technical, but mostly they are an addition to the vehicle pool. Added Kokan AAS v2 with Russia vs Insurgents Added Kokan PAAS v1 with Russia vs US Added a Conquest Layer for Operation First Light, where the flags can be captured out of order. Both sides begin with 400 tickets and tickets are constantly draining at a rate of 4 tickets per minute per flag owned by the enemy team. Essentially the more flags you own, the slower the ticket bleed will be for your side. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where the logistics technicals were delivering 1000 construction and ammo points rather than the intended 500 of both. Fixed two bugs that made vehicles a lot more squishy than they were in A7. Vehicles should be back to A7 survivability again. Fixed a bug where the burn damage to vehicles were up to 10 times higher than intended. Fixed an issue where all vehicles except for the BTR-80 were taking 30-50% more damage from rifles and HMGs than they should. Fixed Kokans AAS lattice not going double neutral Fixed Kokan repair and resupply point at Insurgent main base not working Fixed the Improvised Rocket Artillery Technical gunner's view being offset from the head of the soldier Fixed multiple issues which enabled you to kill the crew of armored vehicles with frag grenades and rockets. Now youll definitely have to rely on your HEAT rounds and your HMGs to deal with them again. Improved the SVDs set up a little bit. It was shooting a bit too low and a bit to the right before. It still isnt perfect, but it is better until we get a new system for handling sights. Adjusted the M72 LAWs sights so that is more useful at range. Taking shots at targets beyond 200m put the target fully outside of the ring in the sight, now that happens beyond 300m. Be aware that the projectile is slow and this adjustment has made it arc a lot, making it possible to overshoot a target at close range. Fixed player state of dead players not displayed correctly on the spawnscreen Fixed player state of players in vehicles not displayed correctly on the spawnscreen Fixed deployable ghosts of HMGs not showing the green/correctly Fixed weapons teleporting to maproot Fixed razor wire causing vehicles to go airborne Fixed server crash on round end if a demorec was running Fixed rare zombie mode bug on incap Fixed rare crash related to entering vehicles Fixed FOB radio sounds being too silent to locate FOBs Fixed a lot of bugs on Chora Fixed entering a vehicle with ADS causing sway inside the vehicle Fixed unable to kick a player from your squad if they have not spawned in yet Fixed being able to place assets on enemy FOBs Adjusted relative net update rates to address several issues with hit feedback Misc Added impact effects and audio to glass surfaces such as windows Added a unique map icon for both the Improvised Rocket Artillery and SPG-9 Technicals Camera now shakes when you fire an explosive rocket projectile like the M72 LAW, RPG7 or SPG9. Added new sounds for the M4 Rifle Added new way of handling rearming of vehicle weapons at a repair station. Before all magazines would instantly appear, now only one magazine appears every 7-10 seconds depending on the weapon. The above change allows us to better handle the Rocket Technical and Humvee CROWS 50cal weapon systems. These two now gradually fill up their magazine at a repair station. Rule of thumb is about 1 min for a full rearm of an empty vehicle. Humvee CROWS 50cal now has one big magazine of 500 rounds. Turret rotation speed limit now also applies to technicals IndieDB Awards Before we sign off, we just want to say that thanks to YOU, Squad is in the Top 100 on IndieDB's Indie of the Year! You only have a few days left to vote, but please spread the word and get those votes in. Offworld Out.
  3. Hi Squaddies, November is over, time to police that moustache and get your Christmas presents ready! In other news: What a great month it has been for Squad Modders. Alpha 8 of Squad is out and with it the new version of the SDK. In addition to this, the first community map was integrated into the game officially! Now, lets see what has happened since the last time we met here: Kokan by ChanceBrahh As the admin- and moderation team of the Community Modding Hub, we also feel quite proud of this. The first community-born map is now officially in Squads map rotation! ChanceBraahs beautiful recreation of Project Reality's Kokan is not only great fun for old-school PR players, but also a blast for new players! Congratulations ChanceBraah! Ocean/Water Material Tutorial by Axton We love our community because they are quite a helpful bunch of people, which not only produce great stuff, but are also never afraid to share their ways of work and help other creators with it! Like this tutorial by Axton on using the Community Ocean Shader from the UE4 boards in Squad which you can find on YouTube. Escalation 1985 Lets hear what the ESC85 team has to say about their latest endeavors: Reuters. 22nd October 1985. A spokesperson from NATO headquarters, Brussels, has told Reuters that NATO has ordered their armed forces to mobilise and deploy to battle positions in response to the Warsaw Pact nations build up of forces on its Western borders. Reserves are being called in throughout the Atlantic alliance, affecting hundreds of thousands. Washington has denied comment so far, but the president is rumored to address the nation tomorrow. Tovarisch, We are still busy building Escalation 1985 and have a few rivets and bolts to fasten before we are ready to reveal the grand vision, but the Cold War will be getting hot very soon. Check out a small video teaser they made on YouTube. Gunsight Peak by Axton Axton is a busy man. He does not only work on tutorials but also on his map Gunsight Peak. Its a 8x8km map featuring US and Russian forces set in a beautiful mountainous environment. Serene and Norfolk Island by The Flash The Flash is in the early stages of developing his map Serene. Its Eastern European based and has some nifty little tricks in its sleeve. Serene features a realtime Day/Night Cycle with moon phases and weather. Snow can also accumulate on the map and change the terrain. He does not only work on one map though, two are currently in development by him quite the busy bee. It is a 1:1 scale representation of an island off of the East Coast of Australia. 8x8km in size it is planned to be a loose representation of the island. Afghani Map by Hatton001 Based in northern Afghanistan and designed around a high risk, high reward gameplay with steep hills providing great vantage points but leave you vulnerable to fire with very little cover. The towns and the valley floor will create a sharp contrast by comparison with plenty of cover and concealment with the possibility of being shot from any angle, teamwork is a must in these close quarter combat environments. Iwo Jima by BillNye Based off prior Iwo Jima style maps, BillNye wanted to see how a beach landing would play out in Squad. It's designed to be an asymmetrical AAS map similar to Kohat v2, with the map ending if the final point on the island is captured. Hes hoping to reach a nice balance of overwhelming firepower with the BTRs and rocket boats for the RU Forces and many hidden random to a degree generated spawn points for the Militia. Civilian still life with tomato by MadMak.41 MadMak.41 is concentrating on the finer parts of art with his newest creation. Always fun, looking forward to future illustrations! Upcoming Improvement and Expansions to Modding As you may have read previously during the November 2016 Recap, there are many changes and additions coming down the line when it comes to the inventory components and systems including some light kit customisation. If not, you should definitely go check it out here. The current systems in place are the oldest in the developer's code base, created in 2014 for the original Squad prototype. This in turn means that the systems are very limited, especially for modders. Although achieving different things is possible, the developers want to create a more flexible and robust system that can lend itself to a whole lot of different genres of content. CoreInventory (name may change in the future), will become a modable platform as well as the groundwork for kit customisation. This is great as currently creating a weapon that has different equipment attached means it has to be a whole separate weapon Blueprint in order to function which is also tied to the animation system aspect which is receiving an overhaul - what this means for the player is a swift exit for having to swap a whole weapon when youre just using the UGL (M203/GP-25) and for the modders it means youll be able to create a whole host of unique weapons and attachments in a more streamlined manner! For the general weapon behaviour, youll be able to customise attributes such as Damage Gameplay Effects which are stackable effects that can severely affect the player and drastically change the flow of gameplay - this can be tied to suppression as well. Overall, we as modders can expect a LOT more exposed values and functionality to play with in the future. We will have a lot more freedom and create all sorts of crazy weapon types and not be limited to the original genre of Squad. If anyone is looking at sci-fi oriented mods, the SDK update that includes these systems once theyre complete will be an amazing toolset for you to use. Community Contributors We have quite a bunch of talented guys in our Community Modding Hub Discord server, right now were sitting at nearly 2,800 members! To honor those who have contributed their time and knowledge to create tutorials, guides, assist others in problem solving or even get their creations implemented in game we have now created the Community Contributor role in our Discord server. So thats all for this month, hope you enjoyed the read and are as excited as we are to see all this progress in the community. See you in the new year! Squad Modding Hub Management Team Out.
  4. We're still working on it, and will take this feedback into account
  5. Read all about the month of November HERE!
  6. Ammo belts disintegrating on fire is a visual feature we'd like to hit in a later development cycle, but regarding ammo hanging off characters AND being fed into the weapon.. that's quite a bit beyond what we want to achieve.
  7. Hi Squaddies! Happy Black Friday! Two Steam sales weren't quite enough for us this month, we also wanted to do a little something extra since Cyber Monday is coming up. So if you've been holding off on getting your Squad swag, everything in the Squad Merchandise Store will be 20% off on Monday, November 28th. As always, $5 of OWI's profits from each item sold in the store goes to Stack-Up. Dont forget, were also in the middle of Steam's Autumn sale so Squad is 35% off until November 29th. Between that and the 20% off Cyber Monday merch sale, you should be able to get yourself fully Squadded up for the holidays, gifts included. Offworld Out.
  8. Ready for another Steam sale? In case you or your battle buddies missed the Free Weekend and Veterans Day sale 2 weeks ago, Starting at 9:50 AM PST tomorrow, Squad will be 35% OFF! Sale runs from November 23 - 29. - Offworld Out.
  9. Hi Squaddies, What a weekend! Between Squad Up 4 Stack-Up on Veterans Day, the free weekend, and the 50% off sale, things got a little crazy - in a good way. We're proud to announce that we've raised $19,480 to help veterans through Stack-Up! The goal for this campaign was $20,000 by the end of the year, but because we nearly hit our goal on Veterans Day with Squad Up 4 Stack-Up we are confident we can make it happen a lot sooner with only $520 to go. Squad Up 4 Stack-Up On Friday we streamed 7 straight hours of fundraising for Stack-Up with dozens of prize giveaways, a Q and A session with our developers, an interview with one of our developers who is also a US Marine veteran, and of course the game itself. Thanks to all the streamers who jumped on board to help raise funds and play during the event, and to Squad Ops and Community Clan Fight Night for some great gameplay. We also revealed and launched the brand new Kokan map during the event, hopefully you've had a chance to play it! Kokan Reveal Trailer We're proud to be partnering with Stack-Up for this event and going forward - veterans are an integral part of our player base and we also have a few on the Offworld team, so finding a charity dedicated to supporting vets through gaming made this partnership an easy decision. Steam Events We made it through the Steam free weekend and 50% off sale! We saw so many great examples of people stepping up to lead squads, teach newbies about the game, and frolic in the chaos. Having a community so committed to making sure new people feel welcomed and prepared to play a game with an admittedly high learning curve is something we're proud of - those who showed up for the free weekend and decided to stick around by buying the game did so in large part because the existing community gave them such a positive experience. Special thanks to our server providers for helping to ensure things ran smoothly all weekend long - Bluefang, Multiplay, Fragnet, and Pingperfect and Vilayer made it all possible! Wrap Up The excitement may be over for now, but theres still work to be done. We're $520 shy of our fundraising goal for Stack-Up and we've given ourselves until December 31st to complete it. The Squad community proved on Veterans Day just how much power it has to help us make this a reality, and we know you can come through for the final push to $20,000. You can still donate on the campaign page or through the Squad merchandise store, where $5 from every item purchased goes to Stack-Up. Thanks for helping make Squad up 4 Stack-Up, the Steam sale, and the free weekend such a success! Offworld Out.
  10. Hi Squaddies, Enjoying Alpha 8 so far? As announced last week, to celebrate the release and our upcoming charity event with Stack-Up Squad be running its first ever Steam free weekend! In addition to our Free weekend Squad will also be on sale for its lowest price to date! We hope our friends and fans can see this as a great opportunity to bring some of their more risk averse friends into the Squad family and we as developers are treating this as an opportunity to get out there in the wilds and experience the game through fresh sets of eyes. We will be out in the community, on the servers and in the stream chat, getting to know you guys, listening and having a good amount of fun as well. Free Weekend From Thursday November 10th at 10AM PST (6pm GMT) to Sunday November 13th at 1PM PST (9pm GMT), Squad will be free on steam and we promise there will be a stack of surprises on the horizon. If you look closely and pay attention, you might just spot a few things already hiding in plain sight. We're prepared for the influx of brand new players with our partners Bluefang, Multiplay, Fragnet, and Pingperfect, who will have more than enough servers ready. Now you need to prepare too - this weekend is going to be one of the craziest for the Squad community. Please join us in welcoming the new players and helping people through their first grunt level deployment to the Squad battlefield. For the community, this weekend will mean continued growth and vitality of the player base and an injection of new faces and ideas. Steam Sale In conjunction with our free weekend, Squad will also be on sale! From Thursday November 10th at 10AM PST (5pm GMT) to Monday November 14th at 10 AM PST (5pm GMT), Squad will be 50% off on Steam. If you've been waiting to buy the game or trying to persuade friends to get it, there will be no better chance than now. Its going to be quite a busy weekend! So strap on your helmet, warm up your microphone, shine your shovel, and fire up Steam! Offworld Out.
  11. Hi Squaddies, Welcome to beautiful November, it’s time for mustaches (boys and ladies alike, don’t be shy) and some more information from the Squad Modding community. Some great stuff has been going on as always, and we're here to keep you on track with all the latest news from our community. Squad Alpha 8 Good news! Alpha 8 has released and with it there is an SDK update that launched today, so prepare to backup anything you changed from the base files if you want to retain those changes. If you only added new things you should be good (but it can never hurt to back up your stuff). Fan artwork by MadMak To start of this month’s Wrench on a lighthearted tone, we want to present a funny little illustration made by community member MadMak: We can already reveal that he is also working on more of these Squad related illustrations, and we wish him the best of luck with bringing more joy to the battlefield! Forsaken Forest by Igno Slowly but steadily, Igno is progressing with his map. Latest work has been aimed towards getting the right atmosphere for his map, check out the foggy new screens. Winter Map by MapModderNOR Some beautiful winter landscapes in this environment that MapModderNOR came up with. He included a bit of blueprint magic that will change the time of day from the start to the end of the round, so better watch out for some changing battlefield conditions. Additionally a small video can be found on YouTube. Khovaro by IhanaMies Khovaro is a fictional Eastern European village on a forested hill landscape. Its main focus will be mechanized infantry combat which tanks, helicopters and mortars help to obtain control of the map. Korengal by CodeRedFox Let's hear it from the map maker himself: "Korengal is the map you love to hate and hate to love. It is being designed to be as accurate as possible while still allowing for artistic and gameplay elements. What I loved about the original was the map was small which made it a pain to get around and ease to get lost all while having to navigating impassable areas and keeping in a lookout for ambushes. This will not change as I intend to build on what I learned in its original ... especially filling in all those inescapable holes. In this reimagining I'm set to introduce multiple environments. From mountain rivers, crops, hillside villages, rocky mountain trails and snow covered mountain tops. While I don't have a cave system in my current plans yet, it's not unforeseeable." Escalation: 1985 A new mod project is on the rise, let’s best hear it from them: "1985. Public uprising in Eastern Berlin. Despite Chairman of the State Council Honecker declaring martial law and deploying military units to patrol the streets, the unrest only escalates. 7th October. Violence erupts during the Day of the Republic parade, when unknown gunmen open fire against the marching soldiers. Joachim Herrmann, the DDR Agitation and Propaganda Secretary is convinced the conflict is instigated by the West and publicly accuses the CIA and subversive groups in Western Berlin for trying to destabilize the socialist republic. Honecker orders a new blockade of Berlin. An emergency security council is held in the UN, where Russia vetoes a motion to lift the blockade. Unrest spreads throughout the Warsaw Pact countries and spills over into the Soviet republics. These events coincide with major NATO military exercises in West Germany that have sent the border areas into high alert. General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Andropov, hardliner and former head of the KGB, sees no other option but to launch a preemptive strike against NATO in order to protect Berlin and preserve the unity of the Warsaw Pact. The Cold War is about to turn hot." These guys are also hiring, so make sure to hit them up on the Squad Modding Discord if you want to help out. So that's it for this month, we hope you like what we've shown you all, see you next month when all of you are already on your christmas shopping spree! Squad Modding Hub Management Team Out.
  12. Read all about the newest release Here! UPDATE 8.8 Hotfix (25 November 2016) We are now pushing a version Alpha 8.8 hotfix. Here are the changes: fixed a bug int the anti-cheat plugin that prevented some players from joining servers modified the BTR collision body to reduce it's jumping when colliding with objects UPDATE 8.7 Hotfix (11 November 2016) We are now pushing a version Alpha 8.7 hotfix to ship our the new map Kokan. It is available for download now. UPDATE 8.6 Hotfix (10 November 2016) We are now pushing a version Alpha 8.6 hotfix release. This is planned as the last hotfix before the free weekend begins! For those curious, the free weekend will begin at 6PM GMT Thursday. Here are the changes: Enabled the "relative net updating" system in preparation for high server load over the free weekend. This allows for variable update rates per client / networked object so that networked objects that are farther away from people can be processed at a lower rate and thus lower cost on the server for little change in functionality. Fix to prevent the steam integration in unreal engine from deleting the "steam_appid.txt" file, which has proved the cause of steam being unable to start attached to the game in a number of circumstances. Cosmetic change to the way server counts work in the in-game server browser so that a server with 70 players and 72 slots, two of which are reserved, will now be shown as: 70 / 70 (+2) instead of the old 70 / 72 (2). This is to reduce confusion / frustration in newer players who are trying to join servers that are actually full when considering the reserved slots. UPDATE 8.5 Hotfix (9 November 2016) We are now pushing a version Alpha 8.5 hotfix release, here is the only change: Disabled a portion of the new EAC integration which was causing server crashing on round end. UPDATE 8.4 Hotfix (9 November 2016) We are now pushing a version Alpha 8.4 hotfix release, here is the only change: This fixes a bug in the anti cheat plugin causing server crashes UPDATE 8.3 Hotfix (8 November 2016) We are now pushing a version Alpha 8.3 hotfix release. For those curious, we are pushing out smaller patches in quick succession in preparation for the free weekend at the end of the week. Here are the changes: Fixed file integrity checks in EAC. Fixed players getting disconnected from servers by EAC without an error message. Fixed huge player models showing when watching someone switches seats in a BTR-80 far away. Fixed an invisible collision mesh sometimes getting left behind after a player dies. UPDATE 8.2 Hotfix (8 November 2016) We are now pushing a version Alpha 8.2 hotfix release, here are the changes: Added a HUD indicator which shows the names of the players currently in your vehicle. Added color coded indicators showing the status of your squad members. The statuses are: not spawned in / dead (white), spawned in and not bleeding (green), bleeding (yellow), incapacited / revivable (red). Added new player first time help messages for fundamental events, including the first time: using the map, becoming a squad leader, becoming a medic, bleeding, using a vehicle, and using a supply truck. Added the yellow spawning dot to all spawnable points to make the spawning interface more intuitive and consistent. Made toggled crouch enabled by default for newly installed copies of Squad. Made the jump key untoggle crouch when crouch toggling is enabled. Increased round duration timer on 2k INS maps from one hour to 90 minutes and 4k INS maps from 90 minutes to two hours. Changed squad leader marker distance indicator so it is less precise at longer distances. Attempted fix for a server crash relating to vehicle claiming. Attempted fix for a server crash relating to players being ejected from a vehicle. Fixes to code for preventing players from clipping through walls. Fix for the draw distance on several deployables so they don't disappear after 80-100 meters. Fix for backblast rotation on RPGs and LAWs being in the incorrect direction. Fix for NSV not having sounds on low quality in the third person. Fix for giant player models appearing for a split second in certain cases where soldiers are entering or exiting vehicles. Fix for soldier's 3p mesh being shown when driving vehicles on listen servers, EG starting up Jensen's range in local training mode. Extended the logical scanning range of shoveling to improve it's reliability. Fix for certain server functions not being called properly and causing log spam. Fixes for the spawning mechanics of weapons caches. Fix for incendiary grenades to allow for better interaction with weapons caches. Disabled texture streaming on grass textures. Replaced missing and broken statics on Yehorivka. UPDATE 8.1 Hotfix (4 November 2016) We are now pushing a version Alpha 8.1 hotfix release, here are the changes: Attempted fix for a rare memory related server side crash. Fix for players being able to see through walls when prone. Fix an issue where players would be given very large or very small scores. Fix for reserve slots not functioning properly. Fix for the EAC shield not showing up properly. Fix for Ambient Occlusion not being able to be turned off. Fix for healing sounds incorrectly overlapping each other until the sound fully completes. Fix for empty servers incorrectly showing up as having poor health. Fix for smoke trail effects not cleaning up properly in certain cases. Fix for suppression effects being disabled on low quality settings. Clean Razorwire has been reduced from 100 to 25 construction points. Militia and Insurgent Heavy Machine Gun deployables are now limited to 2 unshielded and 2 shielded DShKs instead of unlimited shielded DShKs. Reduced linear recoil pattern on HMMWV .50 and all emplaced weapons. They should be slightly more effective at long range engagements. Fix for interior engine sounds not beeing affected by effects slider. Fix for issue with KPVT 3p fire sounds dropping out. Adjustment of sound muffling when incapacited. Removed a UB32 technical from Chora INS. Added ambient sounds to Yehorivka. Updated Yehorivka AASv2 with the correct Militia Urals and removed guardrails from main roads. Fix for Yehorivka AASv2 Logi Supply Point uncappable state once capped. Fix for fences on Gorodok. Extended the draw distance of trees on Fool's Road. Fix for red and blue colored GP25s at various LODs.
  13. Hi Squaddies, Want to take Squad to the next level? Get your teams together, because there are lots of opportunities to compete coming up. Squad Masters is hosting the first massive round robin tournament of Squad in November, and with the launch of Squad Frontlines, there will be even more opportunities to compete! Squad Masters November Championship Saturday, November 12th kicks off two separate hybrid round robin tournaments. Theres a 12 man league and an 18 man league, where winners in a qualifying round robin stage proceed to a single elimination second stage and then the championship final. In the first stage, groups of four teams compete seperately and winners proceed to the second stage. The top two participants are saved from each group, and when teams are tied theyre ranked by the number of wins each had against the others. The second stage is a single elimination tournament. So gather your troops and get your clan ready - registration is open until November 7th! Registration, rules, and more information can be found here. Squad Frontlines Squad Frontlines is a brand new free tournament based around Squad. Unlike any other clan ladder or online tournament, anybody can join and players participate in a simulated war called a campaign. Campaigns stretch over the course of several months with weekly battles. The tournament includes commanding officers, divisions, and a grand battle map on the front page showing the progress of the war from week to week. Divisions are self governed and members can climb their way to the top to command their own company of soldiers or even become a general! Squad Frontlines is built on a foundation of leadership, dedication and organization. Team play is the rule, not the exception. Every soldier in the tournaments participate in making their division a well-oiled machine making their weekly battles some of the most intense and rewarding ways that Squad can be played. Registration for Squad Frontlines will be live very soon, with weekly battles starting soon after on Saturdays! Rules and more information can be found here. Get out there and have fun! Between the November Championship with Squad Masters and the launch of Squad Frontlines, next month will have a lot going on! Both of these events are operated independently outside of Squad and Offworld Industries, but we love the enthusiasm and the opportunity to play the game in different ways. Enjoy the tournaments! Offworld Out.
  14. Hi Squaddies, You've been asking us for ages, and we've finally done it. Squad Merchandise is a go! Starting Tuesday October 25th, you can pre-order your Squad gear and feel good about it, because Offworld Industries is donating $5 (our profits) to support real veterans with every purchase. We're proud to announce our partnership with Chinatown Screen printing of Vancouver and Stack-Up, a charity aimed at supporting US, NATO, Australian and New Zealand veterans through video games to offer a selection of Squad merchandise to friends and fans of the game. Meet Jordan, the guy creating all the goodies. Established in 2013, Chinatown Screen Printing is a full service studio in Vancouver that focuses on merchandising and brand development. Jordan, the owner and operator of the company, has worked in the visual effects industry for three and a half years producing custom crew merchandise for some of the many feature films produced in Vancouver. Jordan hand screen prints every piece that goes through his studio and is very excited to be working with Squad to create quality apparel we know you will love to wear! As part of Jordans commitment to our charity work he has offered to add customizable Kit badges so you can keep your squad identity outside of the game. You will be able to choose your role for most of the swag. (Hats excluded) Stack-Up Charity Partnership We're also especially proud to be partnering with Stack-Up to donate $5 from every item sold in the store. Founded and run by a combat veteran who has personally felt the impact gaming can have emotionally and psychologically on veterans, Stack-Up is a the only charity supporting military and veterans through video gaming. They send supply crates full of video games to combat zones and military hospitals, as well as sending disabled and deserving vets to major gaming events, and creating local communities to support vets. Stack-Up wants to raise morale to fight the effects of depression, combat injuries, and post traumatic stress, all while bringing vets together through in a supportive and understanding gaming community. Stack-Up at PAX West Research shows that trauma sufferers have a significantly reduced number of flashbacks while focusing on highly engaging visual-spatial tasks - in essence, video games. There are also profound therapeutic effects both for soldiers in a war zone or who are readjusting back into society following deployment. Video games provide soldiers a friendly competitive environment after work hours; instead of soldiers disappearing back to their bunk after a shift, theyre interacting with others and having fun. The charity functions as a stack. In the military, a stack is a slang term for when an assault team forms up single file along the entrance of the room where they believe a threat is located. With Stack-Up, their stack represents a strong community of friends, family, brothers and sisters-in-arms, and supporters. We're proud to be a part of a community coming together with the common mission of helping veterans through video gaming. Here is where it gets really interesting As an extra incentive to raise the bar, on Tuesday October 25th at 12pm noon (21:00 GMT) you can start pre-ordering your merchandise and the first 100 orders will receive a free Squad Steam Key! Set your alarms! (First orders will ship approx. November 8th) So by popular request, Squad Merchandise is now a reality. Thanks for helping us support Jordan's craft and Stack-Up, a great cause that aligns well with our values. Enjoy the merchandise and thanks for your support! Offworld Out.