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  1. Little typo

    Check this spacing out: https://prnt.sc/q4gz02 Give me 100 push ups!
  2. Alpha 9.12 Released

    See it as a good option. This will keep the weirdos out of the serious servers and mass serious players into servers that want to play fair. I remember in PR when this was not implemented, someone grab your vehicle the server would hunt you down, give you a shouting and kick/ban you. Then I guess 9.12 is not much of an add so they just had to add something so ppl could talk about 9.12
  3. [Suggestion] Engineer role

    Is this kit still in the planning?
  4. How much does the price drop to during sales?
  5. Joining

    Yo mamas! I have been playing PR since 2005 or so. Went over to ARMA a year ago as PR wasn't hipster anymore. Wasn't that impressed of Squad from the beginning, but I know what the devs can do, and looking now at v10, I'm eager to pick it up when it arrives.