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  1. Current bullet damage system

    System is very bad!
  2. i have crashes after v13. macht end's at next map start load i think and crash, but i cleared cashe manually and i think it's ok now, well i will start now my daily game rutin, will look at it. Try to use DDU to wipe your GPU driver and install the fresh driver.
  3. Hi again, Gorodok RAAS V3, server was full, after map loads, for all player map was just BLACK, only players was visible in map and vehicles. Maybe it’s server...
  4. Maybe it’s server I don’ t now.
  5. Hi all, yesterday we did try to play Gorodok insuregncy v1, and in the Russian team, no single player could not spawn after stagnation time.
  6. Steam Account Linking

  7. server closed connection

  8. Server connection problem x2

    reinstall easy anti cheat
  9. Server connection problem x2

    SERVER CLOSED CONNECTION every ten minutes..any server..HELP!
  10. server closed connection

    same here, and sometimes straight to desktop. in 4 days 20 times
  11. Nvidia GeForce Experience

    yes same here, i keep scan my pc and he just not found it, please help.
  12. Ping increase on activity

    I have same problem to, i7-7700 o2.8 Ghz, 8 g ram ddr4, gtx 1050
  13. yes same for me, i try go to engine file and found and change to 1001 later i get diferent FX.MaxGPUParticlesPerFrame must be greater than or equoal to 1,048,576, Please help me, laptok is IntelRCoreTMi7-7700HQCPU 2,80 2,80ghz, Memory: 8192MB RAM, DirectX 12, Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, Display Memory: 6065 MB Dedicated Memory: 2009 MB Shared Memory: 4055 MB
  14. What setting can I run it on.

    i did buy and play, so fps is ok, but i got lag, in server my ping ok, at the mucht start no lag until fight starts, explosions, shots and its freeze sametime for a moment like to tree, twoseconds, i read forum and found disable radio, turn off steam, shadows low, i copy paste to the bottom of squad files, it was at config i think, texture files, i did everything at low and off, still get that freeze in battle, and fps like jump to red, in that moment, soory for my English,
  15. What setting can I run it on.

    I have laptop it's Chipset Intel® HM175 GeForce® GTX 1050 with 2GB GDDR5 Memory Type DDR4-2400