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  1. Please remove that sound, it's annoying after just a little while.
  2. Since sooo many tank drivers currently get tanks stuck on Tallil (bomb craters... ) and Gorodok (rocks, any map really) it'd be awesome if OWI can really soon implement a basic towing system to allow the following: - BTRs and T-72s to tow BTRs, MTLBs, BRDMs and trucks - T-72s to tow T-72, BTRs, MTLBs and BRDMs and trucks - Bradleys to tow Bradleys, Strykers, MRAPs and trucks - MTLBs to tow MTLBs and BRDMs and trucks - BRDMs to pull BRDMs and trucks by basic towing system maybe just a static line drawn from the towing vehicle to the towed vehicle (which updates the "draw/rendering" every 25 or 50ms?). Really looking forward to such a system. Sincerely, Daniel
  3. yep this still is requested... too many newbie drivers doing sh*t to the vehicles........
  4. generator sound in main menu

    Not helpful to this issue at all. So you mute and then unmute game?
  5. The United Front

    no "locked squads" rule, at all?? @RedItUp
  6. Please reduce that all-flags-captured ticket-bleed to sth. like 20 tickets per minute, or at least 30. Round just ends within seconds after last flag captured with current setting.
  7. -60 tickets per minute ticketbleed?

    uhmmm... isn't the point to give the defenders one last chance with their tanks respawning 5-10 minutes after the last flag was captured by the attackers? (happens quite often like that from what I've witnessed)
  8. add any feedback in this thread.
  9. ZSU Squad Community Server - Aus

    Negative, you still haven't added it into the server name that shows up in the server browser, please fix ASAP. Thank you. @Arcayngel
  10. [EU] The Coalition Server

    don't be confused by the discord-mapvote server-message, Squad's voting system apparently is broken currently, voting not working.
  11. Server at red health for 1-2 minutes a moment ago, what happened? Never seen this on this great server before.
  12. Deutsche Squad Gemeinschaft - DSG

    they fixed it, was some issue with Teamspeak server causing super high CPU load.
  13. customizable country-filter hotfix when? Seeing awesome map+gamemode-combinations and then realizing they are chinese servers is SOOOO frustrating!!! There are SOO many populated chinese servers out there, holy sh*t... it's getting very annoying.
  14. These will be awesome features, so players can join a server in which a match already runs for a long time and the next map will run soon, and every player can play their favorite map! With a timer where it shows how many minutes ago the "nextmap" was changed/set.
  15. Team ExacTed [FR]

    Terrible server, server owner seems to have VERY VERY few moderators, if not even NONE... reporting 2 griefers, got their intentional teamkills recorded, will upload soon, their accounts: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198053688429 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198320677784
  16. Team ExacTed [FR]

    No admin/moderator online, several squadleaders not doing teamplay at all. terrible at the moment.
  17. ZSU Squad Community Server - Aus

    Could you please add "AUS" or something related to the server location in the server name please, for players for faster recognizing where the server is based?
  18. Can someone please create a sticky Skorpo feedback thread?
  19. So that players can see when a server is forcing medium graphics settings/specific resolution. (as tournament mode is about to become more and more famous, for competitive Squad)
  20. @Gatzby Can you please create an official sticky Skorpo feedback thread?
  21. Royal Battalion

    Definitely one of the best managed Squad servers! Very friendly admins!
  22. BMP-1 is still missing on the following four RAAS/AAS maps: Gorodok Skorpo Yehorivka Narva
  23. ehmmm Danke. Hab den Teil des changelogs übersehen. Interessant, nur Fools Road und Tallil sind interessante RAAS Versionen...