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  1. Those who know which eastern european maps feature this tank, please share what maps (+layer) you've seen it on (other than on Gorodok AAS v1). I have the feeling either admins barely run eastern European maps with Militia + T-62s or we have a lack of eastern European T-62 maps.
  2. Why, Get Rid of First Light ?

    Thanks, just realized they really removed it, damn. But glad that we also get explanation on why they removed it.
  3. Question about developement process at Offworld

    Google Chrome? For what, and why not Firefox?
  4. There's no RAAS layout with Militia currently (for T-62 combat). Please add very soon.
  5. This is what currently can happen to players: Player joins a server, creates a squad, takes a logi truck, then sees an abandoned logi in the field and wants to check if it still has supplies in it. This is what happens, can check the abandoned logi, but is unable to get back into own logi after having checked for another entire 120 seconds.
  6. Up to OWI to implement... I mean, I even included a basic optimization-pseudo-source-code for that feature right there... http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/28143-movable-and-destructable-curtains-for-squad/?tab=comments#comment-298098 There is a Tutorial video, even with the Blender scene included (video description): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-YpFlyhpHo
  7. So that gunner actually always knows where front of vehicle is. And a hotfix soon with this feature would be great.
  8. oh? I thought such a small addition almost only requires some drag&drop of a bit of code (as other vehicles have such indicator already).
  9. Skirmish v1 Night isn't night, it's daytime.
  10. Kinda disappointing that v13 didn't include a customizable ping-limit or country filter hate to see those chinese and australian servers popping up in my list
  11. These will be awesome features, so players can join a server in which a match already runs for a long time and the next map will run soon, and every player can play their favorite map! With a timer where it shows how many minutes ago the "nextmap" was changed/set.
  12. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    oooh yeeeah. But I skipped like 1/3 or even 1/2, only read the parts I deemed very important
  13. Additionally, a customizable country filter would be nice, to only show servers not located in China/Australia (way too high pings to those countries).
  14. What is it about the chinese, are they all soldiers IRL and the chinese army trains their soldiers in Squad? It's just that surprising since there were very few chinese Project Reality players back then, and now this game (Squad) seems to RULE the chinese gaming market! It's both awesome and surprising to me.
  15. ok messaged him too.
  16. Ok I messaged "YYBL", hope he replies soon.
  17. Lol even Vimeo and Dailymotion, w t f... those are NICHE video hosts aswell, w t f. @Noobgamer do you know the uploader of those videos? Then I could upload them to YouTube for the rest of the world.
  18. Wait, YouTube is also banned in china? -.-
  19. yes, now that he mentioned it, I remember this...... I witnessed it on YouTube once, Battlefield 3, there chinese players play as USA faction vs USA faction (hilarious!!) instead of USA vs China... here you see the special DVD version I guess https://www.play-asia.com/battlefield-3-english-chinese-language-version-dvd-rom/13/704g46
  20. Damn, probably gonna end way too fast for us western-world players, like their chinese table-tennis, 10x faster than in our hemisphere In Squad maybe just the same, one big rush, flanking, and 1 hole team death after just 5-10 minutes... o_o
  21. Now let's look more detailed, "Top 7 milsims in china", surely Squad will be amongst theTop 3 And yes, that's 10 Squad servers in China alone! And STILL no Chinese faction mod in the works... come oooon chinese playerbase!
  22. Many players keep losing connection from the server, says "server closed connection" but server still running, just loosing connection to the clients it seems. Hope that the server admins can get it stable again very soon.
  23. Ingame on european servers I sometimes have 130 ping. But when running tracert with the server IP in cmd.exe, it reveals that my true ping only is 34... why is ingame score chart then showing 130 ms instead of 34ms ?