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  1. It's just way too unfair, as players with low effects will easily see through explosions, smoke etc etc and through foliage a lot easier with low foliage.
  2. Yes I highly recommend you to upgrade to a GTX 1060 6GB or RX 580 8GB (I went from the 1060 to 580 for VR reasons). You can even check on eBay (with PayPal) for offers of used ones which still have 1-2 years warranty (seller has to send bill with the GPU then to you). Why would you demand 60 fps? 40 is totally fine for comp, won't make you see enemies any faster edited
  3. What CPU, GPU, RAM amount do you have oTec?
  4. Thank you for your reply Gatzby! and yes embec, I agree!
  5. No, the thing about competitiveness in Squad is to show skills in communication, teamwork, coordination and also train your eyes to see small movements in grass etc. thats the thing. And no, of course alt tab and mode change won't crash the game. Unreal Engine 4 is one of the most stable game-engines around.
  6. ROFL then all I can reply is: you don't even know that THE "tournament mode" currently is a thing... it DOES exist, with super low minimum forced settings... Or did you only mean the resolution part? Ofc, technically, programming wise every condition can be checked and cause the client to not be able to connect until he changes the settings PLUS not allow him to change the settings as long as his is connected to that specific tournament mode server.
  7. Any feedback on this from OWI please? Or has it already be changed in the last patches? (This thread is up now since about 6 weeks) at least foliage on high is a must imo to not cause disadvantage. And maybe even minimum resolution must be 1280x720. (updating this as next Lvl40v40 is about to start soon)
  8. Bradley gunner view

    Please allow for an even further zoomed-out view, currently it's really zoomed in, makes me get dizzy as I don't see the ground directly in front of the Bradley.
  9. Bradley gunner HUD

    Please allow another HUD color too (on key press or so) to switch HUD color, on Kohat the HUD is barely visible due to level lighting.
  10. Why when I short-click on salvo mode it STILL only shoots one and sometimes even two bullets instead of allways 3 ? whats going on with the Squad M4A3 ? This bug has been around for months now!
  11. Please make it possible to deploy bipods in the windows (on Village Flag on Fools Road for example)
  12. Fools Road PAAS?

    Are there plans for a PAAS version for the next Squad patch?
  13. Why M4 firing modes so inconsistent still???

    Yeah lol good luck avoiding playing without a burst weapon when playing medic in US army team......
  14. Why M4 firing modes so inconsistent still???

    Really? Hm. I thought 1 frame every 40 ms doesn't have impact like that, but ok.
  15. Why M4 firing modes so inconsistent still???

    But if I TAP the trigger super short it should always only fire 1 round, not 2 !
  16. Personally, I think the next faction should be China

    And then a Battle for Quinling + Qwai River 4.5 x 4.5 km mixed map! (both these PR maps in one map)
  17. Personally, I think the next faction should be China

    IDF? Isreal? Have epic Merkava tank + UH-60 + cool looking Namer APC
  18. So that players can find out if sb. is on server that can help them/clans can get into the same team way faster/easier. (it would list the players online on server that can switch players)
  19. So from what I understood about wire guided missiles, the missile guidance would be synchronized to aim-movement irl, so that if I make a fluent move to any direction, the missile will immediately make a move to try to stay within the center of crosshair and not just fly straight at the target point... real-life soldiers who fired TOWs on moving targets, please post your experience.
  20. GERMAN SQUAD @gamerzhost.de

    Can we run forest maps like Gorodok and Mestia more often please? (and not only v1, v2, but other PAAS/AAS modes)
  21. Realistic or unrealistic guidance of TOW (Bradley) ?

    Any idea why there are 2 wires and not just 1 ?
  22. Realistic or unrealistic guidance of TOW (Bradley) ?

    Thank you!! That's exactly what I wanted to know! (Hope you didnt break any NDA here )
  23. Cause on russian servers it's hard to find an ENGLISH speaking crewman to finally join me in the Bradley... (russian server admins have no problems if u solo APCs)
  24. Realistic or unrealistic guidance of TOW (Bradley) ?

    Ok since Hughes is part of Raytheon now, I sent them a request. Lets see how soon and what they reply. I'll keep u guys updated.
  25. Realistic or unrealistic guidance of TOW (Bradley) ?

    Thanks, good intention but video doesn't show gunner aiming with crosshair (which is needed to visually confirm my theory/request to OWI). But and soldier who fired TOW on moving target could confim in this thread....