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  1. [WIP] Sarau Desert (Revamped and reworked) [vanilla]

    What are "splines"? This or sth. else? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smoothing_spline?wprov=sfla1
  2. [WIP] Sarau Desert (Revamped and reworked) [vanilla]

    Oh ok. Imo the chinese tanks and APCs are BEASTS!
  3. [WIP] Sarau Desert (Revamped and reworked) [vanilla]

    I find the chinese army (see Project Reality) in Squad 2x more interesting to play than the MEC. (also china will get us many chinese Squad players! )
  4. [WIP] Sarau Desert (Revamped and reworked) [vanilla]

    What does BP stand for?
  5. I found battlemetrics really useful, there you can save links to search for specific maps, I use these for example (to search for APC maps only lol. sometimes you have to press F5 again to refresh page when it is stuck on "loading..."): Mestia: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/search?features[2e0791ae-d6f7-11e7-8461-b7cebb9fd653][or][0]=02804157-d6f9-11e7-b9ff-31090f026e05&features[2e0791ae-d6f7-11e7-8461-b7cebb9fd653][or][1]=02804188-d6f9-11e7-b9ff-31090f026e05&game=squad&sort=-players Belaya: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/search?game=squad&features[2e0791ae-d6f7-11e7-8461-b7cebb9fd653][or][0]=4190d0f0-e57a-11e7-9990-9767954e2727&features[2e0791ae-d6f7-11e7-8461-b7cebb9fd653][or][1]=0480aaf0-d756-11e7-9bc1-e9fd3e91f01c Gorodok: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/search?features[2e0791ae-d6f7-11e7-8461-b7cebb9fd653][or][0]=02804169-d6f9-11e7-b9ff-31090f026e05&features[2e0791ae-d6f7-11e7-8461-b7cebb9fd653][or][1]=0280416a-d6f9-11e7-b9ff-31090f026e05&features[2e0791ae-d6f7-11e7-8461-b7cebb9fd653][or][2]=02804175-d6f9-11e7-b9ff-31090f026e05&game=squad&sort=-players Yehorivka: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/search?features[2e0791ae-d6f7-11e7-8461-b7cebb9fd653][or][0]=02804162-d6f9-11e7-b9ff-31090f026e05&features[2e0791ae-d6f7-11e7-8461-b7cebb9fd653][or][1]=02804163-d6f9-11e7-b9ff-31090f026e05&features[2e0791ae-d6f7-11e7-8461-b7cebb9fd653][or][2]=02804190-d6f9-11e7-b9ff-31090f026e05&game=squad&sort=-players Narva: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/search?features[2e0791ae-d6f7-11e7-8461-b7cebb9fd653][or][0]=02804177-d6f9-11e7-b9ff-31090f026e05&features[2e0791ae-d6f7-11e7-8461-b7cebb9fd653][or][1]=0280416e-d6f9-11e7-b9ff-31090f026e05&features[2e0791ae-d6f7-11e7-8461-b7cebb9fd653][or][2]=0280416d-d6f9-11e7-b9ff-31090f026e05&features[2e0791ae-d6f7-11e7-8461-b7cebb9fd653][or][3]=31d16c40-0859-11e8-9e7f-03d2c797e9d8&features[2e0791ae-d6f7-11e7-8461-b7cebb9fd653][or][4]=466b9ee0-e4d3-11e7-8d41-99efc6578220&game=squad&sort=-players
  6. State of War: 41

    Would be cool if you make a discord where artists can plan and divide the work to help this mod release in (closed) alpha 0.1 soon
  7. [WIP] Sarau Desert (Revamped and reworked) [vanilla]

    1. Are there enough bunker statics in the SDK or do you need more? 2. Can you still shape the terrain and place 2-3 small valleys with bridges? (Ads diversity to the map) I recommend 8 flags (with main bases 10), suited well for PAAS mode. Here are 9 names of possible caps I came up with: Oil Refinery gas station factory abandoned airfield tunnel outpost village checkpoint Radio station (not in draft) Here a draft of a RU-Militia (my 2 favorite factions so far) layout (PAAS v1/v2 ? ) with imo nice flag placements: what do you think? (also about the 2 questions on top) The "empty" space between refinery and checkpoint leaves space for fobs
  8. [WIP] Sarau Desert (Revamped and reworked) [vanilla]

    so 4472 x 4472 m ? Also, how high is the highest peak?
  9. [WIP] Sarau Desert (Revamped and reworked) [vanilla]

    So this map is the same size, not 2x the size of Kashan?
  10. Are there? Thousands of Squad players can't wait for another v10 beta test!
  11. Plans for another 2nd public v10 test?

    Still, I'd expect them to relase progress-updates on what the remaining steps are before releasing v10... @_FISCHER_ So I honestly don't believe in a release before mid-february...
  12. Plans for another 2nd public v10 test?

    WHOA what, NICE! Can't wait to see how they fixed the collision glitch! *thumbs up*
  13. [WIP] Samland Peninsula [Vanilla]

    Steam workshop link plsss! What didyou use to create your heightmap?
  14. [WIP] Karasu

    PAAS mode with few more vehicles!
  15. So I'm thinking of getting a server, it says 5 GB RAM, is that enough for 50 slots? See here (loads a few seconds till you see the specs): https://zap-hosting.com/de/shop/?myorder=UWyA9VyaBG231pdb3p2w3GdJP2DRV6h2rFsKgx4oU7zEN38bDtPUY3SqiRGcfdVQWUFR1GjVw7DlMEa0OYOZRWFwMXmV8OBNv0%2BHVggLW4%2BwnBsSM78lFh0jc270ENzUdqt0v7%2Fd4Dzqq5tAv%2B%2Bj6%2BFhtqRf16UBE2q7PKiY4aPAM3xIHGCovoVG9k05aoHaGD47kFf75125xVADGBPMFYBAQ0Hs4gvnMMDkvuSdSp2Q%2BqRP7LeD996A0VyrGBK%2BmykMpZ%2FP6IhlizbRHk6%2FRurrhh4B71m8XLp6vs3VY2VArI6LL54CxOvaM5lc2gHXfD8VXzagkBZtrzonO16WA7xTzhg1DCczSwK2mnGzeJu8P1GjDNkbpmN19OCbSYyXLbZTXao8DB1rNTyqOlOGDecq0Fz8FN9%2BgyRt%2BPC7dYY%3D
  16. November 2017 Recap

    Where did my post go?
  17. Wiki News

    Yeah, also I learned how to make the tables look similar to each other (with the % value) and I improved the "maps" article
  18. How old are Squaddies? - Questionnaire

    18 are older than 50, wow!
  19. [WIP] Karasu

    Any plans for PAAS mode(s) ? And heavier vehicles? Awesome map!!!
  20. November 2017 Recap

    INSANE, all these new features! Can't believe OWI is making this possible!!
  21. Wiki News

    Ok guys, updated Mestia with the 2 AAS and the PAAS layouts, added flags and vehicles. Feel free to add the spawntimes, capacity and ticket values if you know them (and the invasion layouts): https://squad.gamepedia.com/Mestia
  22. Like title says, would be cool to have the small queue window in corner of screen while having ability to keep browsing in server browser!
  23. Browse servers while in queue please! :)

    Hell no, you don't wanna know enemy team's ticket stats... That's point of the game, that you as player don't know how much "reinforcements" the enemy team has, @CptDirty ... just check my other thread I created which suggests WAY better things in server browser: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/24948-server-browser-2-additional-columns-to-display-passed-round-timer-show-next-map-on-server-with-timer-when-nextmap-was-changed/
  24. change ammo crates to give limited ammo

    With v10 I hope this core inventory thing comes