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  1. Alpha 9.14

    Ah ok, I thought he had to play free weekend because of free game
  2. Alpha 9.14

    @Psyrus can you please answer my question on page 1 ?
  3. Alpha 9.14

    Meh I just upgraded from i5 6600K to Ryzen 5 1600X, veeery worth it considering UE4 excellent use (afaik) of 6 core/12 threads. Wait, don't you own Squad? O_O
  4. So that ammo crates only contain a specified amount of ammo, and the fob needs to be rearmed by a logi time if the crate is "empty" to "refill" it
  5. Alpha 9.14

    Very very very true... but still waiting for Yamalia remake to finally get released to public
  6. change ammo crates to give limited ammo

    Well but its common for russia 7,62 , US 5,56, ... , ...
  7. Alpha 9.14

    This was some static object issue I assume? (as no details given)
  8. Hello, hope the devs change the "dead player 3D name color" to red instead of green as it currently is... Best example: You walk upstairs (smoked staircase), see 3 green names ahead of you, you get shot and then realize your 3 teammates were dead already... if these 3D user interface names get red it's easier to realize.
  9. "Untrusted system file ..." error

    Didnt fix it, but restarting PC ("restart") and moving Squad to other drive fixed it!
  10. Cannot launch Squad anymore (after I cancelled the Fall Creators Update at 99%), I now get: "Untrusted system file C:\$WINDOWS.~BT\NewOS\Windows\System32\xapofx1_5.dll"
  11. To be able to create maps and get them out there onto the players computers and servers very fast!
  12. [Poll] What is the most wanted mod by the community?

    New factiooons pleeease! Dutch faction (looking for teammembers to join my team btw) and german faction, but FIRST OF ALL, chinese faction! (awesome weapons, vehicles etc just look at PR ! )
  13. [WIP] Samland Peninsula [Vanilla]

    what did you create the heightmap with?
  14. The Wrench - August 2017 Edition

    Yeah, Khe Sanh I even remember from BFV (Not bad company 2 vietnam, just BF Vietnam, the one after 1942 ) was aaaawesome map. Let's see how good the copy is (if it even resembles the BFV map ) And Yamalia in next release too please? (We've waited veeeery long since that map is finished)
  15. The Wrench - August 2017 Edition

    What about the other maps that are finished? When will they finally get into Squad? (the factory map, forgot the name but afaik it was 100% finished sometime few months ago already...)
  16. Community Roundtable Discussion, 9/9 22:00 UTC

    "actively participate" meaning only listen, not being able to speak?
  17. Squad Mod France: OPEX SERVAL

    Actually, when a handgrenade explodes inside a container there should be a "blown" 3D model... (doors flying away and more tube-formed container)
  18. Missing PAAS for Fools Road. It's a lot more fun when SLs have to work together to spread forces around the caps.
  19. Yamalo 8km [WiP]

    Awesome, can't wait for it to be included into next patch... (Hoping for it)
  20. win-statistics on Kokan?

    So I wonder, since I think it's way harder to win as Insurgent team than it is with US team, is it true, does US team have over 75% win rate currently on Kokan? Or is it really more near 50 % ("balanced") ?
  21. Ryzen 5 performance vs i5-6600k (stock)?

    Great feedback, thanks!
  22. So did anyone buy yet/is anyone planning to buy a Ryzen 5? Does Squad make good use of 6 real cores? Will I get higher fps (Squad obv.) than with my i5-6600k (even if OC, which I couldn't yet as Intel tricked me with my wrong no-OC H170 mainboard) ? Would rlly like future games to be optimized for 6-real-cores-CPUs! (Even though some people on the Internet still claim that there will be future AAA games that won't be able to use all 6 cores of a CPU... Wtf u guys)
  23. Squad Mod France: OPEX SERVAL

  24. Devblog: Squad Motion Capture Session

    Can't wait for crouched walking animation!
  25. So, many players (me too) have enabled "toggle stance" in settings (I have ctrl button set), the thing is, it always shows "standing" when player has activated "crouch" though, while he is running... So it should show "crouched" while running/walking, if "crouch" has been toggled.